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12 Months of Bliss, May: Celebrate Together.

May 2, 2016

GUYS. This is the final Twelve Months of Bliss challenge – can you believe it? This year has flown by and I have enjoyed every single month with you all as we’ve worked our own ways through and to bliss. Since we are nearing the close, I thought it was only appropriate to go out with a bang – who’s ready to celebrate everything and anything with me this month?!

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May 2016: Celebrate Together.

“Celebrate we will because life is short but sweet for certain.” -Dave Matthews Band

Challenge: There is much to celebrate in life and this month is all about celebrating together! Whether it’s simply getting through the work week, or someone’s greatest dream coming true – we are so much better when we lift each other up and share in each other’s good things. Grab dinner with a friend, treat yourself and a coworker to cupcakes, clink a few drinks, or throw a party with cake and champagne. It doesn’t matter how you celebrate this month, as long as you do it with others. (As a bonus this month, I’d LOVE to see all of us in the Twelve Months of Bliss community celebrate together. Share your moments worth celebrating on Instagram with the hashtag #Celebrate12MofBliss – at the end of this challenge I’ll put all of the pictures together, along with a link to your Instagram account, and share it in my recap post!)

How often: (At least) once a week.

What you will need: A joyful heart! It takes a joyful heart to celebrate the things in your own life, but also the things in the lives of others.

Why?: Life is to be celebrated. I am absolutely certain about this. Even if we’re going through a hard season in life, we can (and truly, should) still celebrate our friends’ accomplishments and good things. We each have the power to choose joy!

[ For those of you keeping a 12MofBliss Journal: What did you celebrate each week? How did you celebrate? Did you most enjoy celebrating the joys in your own life, or celebrating others? ]

May’s Recap: This month’s recap & celebration will take place at Ember Grey on Wednesday, May 25. While there will not be a linkup, I hope you’ll share your post/experience in the comments section, as well as via Instagram!

Alright, so tell me. What can I celebrate with you today?

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  • What a perfect way to top off the last month! Today I celebrate you for creating this (a second time) for all of us. It caused me to pause in so many ways this year which was a much needed thing. Thank you!

  • YES to the DMB quote 🙂 Just when I think I can’t love your posts any more than I already do! Haha! 🙂
    I’m so excited for this challenge!! Yay!

  • Liz

    SO love your heart! I look forward to each post…especially love this challenge!! <3

  • I think I can get on board with this! Today I celebrate my 29th birthday!!!

  • thefashionfolks

    What a lovely post, love positive and happy campaigns! Xx

  • Just wanted to stop by and say that I love this! “We have the power to choose joy.” So true and such a powerful statement. Thanks for always being such a good reminder of this!

  • This comes at a great time. I am looking to get more purposeful about finding joy in the small things and taking time to take care of myself.

  • I love this so much, there is so many great things to celebrate in life and I love when it happens. Celebrate we will Emily!

  • Okay, what a way to go out – with a BANG!! Will begin celebrating this weekend as my girls and I and tugging along my granddaughter too for a Mother’s Day getaway. All weekend with just my girls! Uninterrupted and so look for my Instagram photos! Let’s do this…

    • aw! Your Mother’s Day getaway sounds perfect! Wishing you the best time, Michelle!

  • Consider this done, done, and done 🙂 And will keep doing too!

  • So looking forward to this!! We begin celebrating this week in Kentucky with a little thing called the Kentucky Derby!! 🙂

  • 1. I cannot believe it’s been a year since you started this challenge (and only partly because that means I’ve probably blogged only a handful of times in that year….eek) I had such BIG intentions to do each and every one of these challenges! I did *do* some of them, but failed to write about most of them. Sigh.
    2. However, I will choose to celebrate the wins instead – like surviving my first 6 week session of D Group and rather than beating myself up for the days when I didn’t get all of my reading done, instead continuing to accept grace and find my soul utterly refreshed from diving into the Word on a mostly-daily-basis! That’s my celebration this week (at least of my *own* situation) =)
    Love that you are ending your challenge on a celebratory exercise!!

    • Sometimes all it takes is one of these challenges to make a positive impact in our lives, you know?! So I think you did a great job!! Thanks for sharing your celebration, friend – I’m celebrating with you!! 🙂 XO