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12 Months of Bliss, April: Disconnecting (to Reconnect)

April 4, 2016

Happy Monday!! I want to first thank everyone who has been taking part in this year-long journey-to-bliss with me! Can you believe we are almost done?! Seriously crazy, I can’t believe it’s almost been a year. I’m very much looking forward to a 12 Months of Bliss recap in June – I’m planning on having a big linkup where everyone can link up their most favorite challenge/recap from the year, and I’ll have a few other fun surprises to share with you too.

Alright. Are you guys ready for April’s challenge?!

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April 2016: Disconnecting (to Reconnect)

“ When you’re together, you learn more about others. When you’re alone, you learn more about yourself. You need both. ” -Unknown.

Challenge: Two FULL days each week (Monday-Sunday) of going social mediaLESS. This means absolutely no Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Log yourself out, delete the apps from your phone- whatever you have to do to disconnect. (Hint: to make this easier, plan out your social media-free days for the month now: go to your calendar/planner and circle the two days each week for the month of April.) 

How often: One day (a full 24 hours!), two times a week. By the end of this month, you will have clocked a total of 196 hours of social media disconnecting!

What you will need: Some serious self-control.

For those of you keeping a 12MofBliss Journal: How hard was this challenge for you? Which social media channel was the hardest for you to disconnect from? What did you do with your “free” 48 hours each week? Were you able to better connect to other people? To yourself? Do you feel like it might take more than two days each week for you to really disconnect and therefore reconnect on a deeper level to others and to yourself? ]

Why?: I think we could all agree that we have become accustomed to busying our minds constantly, and – truth – this is mostly due to the time we spend on social media. While social media-ing isn’t always a bad thing, perhaps you have unknowingly allowed it to not only dictate your time and the ways in which you connect with others, but also your thoughts and opinions as well? Answer these questions right now: How often do my opinions of others come from what I see of them on social media? How often do my opinions of myself come from the time I spend on social media? If you’re not sure how to answer those questions, I’m willing to bet the answers just might reveal themselves to you while taking part in this challenge this month.

Take your eyes away from the screen this month and instead onto the people sitting right in front of you. Re-learn how to connect with others and yourself once again in other ways than social media. Allow yourself to disconnect so that ultimately you can reconnect! Spring is a time of renewal; allow this new season to bring a renewal to your day to day life, to your relationships, and ultimately, to your soul.

April’s Linkup: This month’s linkup will take place at Ember Grey on Wednesday, April 27th. This linkup will serve as a place for all of us to share our thoughts and reflections on this particular challenge, and to meet fellow 12MofBliss-ers. Hope to see you there!


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  • Congrats and good job. You have spread joy through your blog for sure.

  • Oooh, this really IS a challenge! I so often catch myself mindlessly scrolling through IG or watching SnapChats!

  • I only recently discovered your blog but I would love to take part in this month’s challenge! Being on social media too much is something I struggle with a lot even as I am aware of it. I like that you are focusing on multiple days throughout the month instead of just one day. I think that you really need to practice this over and over in order to really understand the benefits.

    • Yes, girl! So glad you’re joining!! 🙂 Confession: originally I was just going to do one day but then as I was writing it, I thought – that’s not a challenge, that’s not hard! 😉 Not sure if two days is or not… we shall see!

  • This is the toughest one for me. I want to do it and could do it for myself but I use it to monitor my kids bc they are on social media daily. That sounds both stalkerish and like an excuse (both true I think). I need to just do it. Love that by disconnecting we can completely Reconnect! Thanks for pushing me outside of my comfort zone….love this challenge!

    • haha! I was just telling X the other day, after seeing that new commercial about the tracking device in the car for parents to watch their kids, I’m SO glad that wasn’t around when I was a teen! hahah! And then he said, “Yeah, we’re not gonna do that to our kids” and I was like “Oh we totally are.” 😉 Well – maybe just don’t let your girls know which days you’re taking off? Maybe this will help build a new form of trust?! Can’t wait to read your recap!

  • Ah! I know this is so necessary but I don’t know how I will do this with my business, especially in my growing phase. But I can definitely cut down!

    • Oh girl I know! Look at your planner though… just two days a week. Could be a random Tuesday and then a weekend day like Sunday?!

  • I quit! No, kidding! This will take SERIOUS self-control. I will have to leave my house for two straight days. Better get planning!

    • haha! This made me laugh 🙂 I am making one of my days each week a weekend day (most likely Saturday) – hoping it will force me to go outside and DO things with people, vs. be on social media 🙂

  • Does this mean work on our blog too?

  • Serious self control, for REAL. I mean…even though I deleted the FB app from my phone a while back I still feel the need to log on once a day to check it. And FB is my least favorite. This is going to be challenging indeed. But I have had this on my heart for a while – from beginning to read “Hands Free Mama” and feeling like I get easily distracted when I’m spending the day with my girls – so I’m hopeful that the whole family will feel the benefits of this one!!
    So here’s the question: what all is included in ‘social media’? Is it just the ones you listed, or our own definition? Because things like wikipedia, youtube, amazon, squarespace, wordpress, netflix, etc are included if you look it up…and when I was picturing it as FB, Twitter, Insta, Pinterest etc I knew it would be a challenge but if I include Netflix and the rest it will be SO HARD. But maybe that’s the point?? I’m starting tomorrow – best to do one day and see what the challenges are so I can plan better for the next ones!

    • Sorry for the late reply, Rebecca!! It’s JUST social media (Instagram, FB, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.) It’s not internet as a whole. (I mean, unless you want to do that!)

  • I’ve become aware of how string of a presence social media us in my life and I don’t like it. Not going to lie, this will e difficult but I’m going to try!

    • Isn’t it crazy how quickly social media becomes such a huge part of our entire day?! Good luck, Sheryl! This is a hard one for me as well!

  • This is SERIOUSLY fabulous and needed in my life. Here goes nothing!

  • Taking this one, one hour at a time. I REALLY REALLY need it and I think it’s gonna make me more productive at home (and with my writing too!) Thanks for the challenge. And definitely ready for it.

    • It has definitely taken major self-discipline on my end! Good luck, Maria! Glad to have you joining me! 🙂

  • I love connecting and being connected but it’s true that social media can really get a huge chunk of your life especially when you do it everyday. I got to be more disciplined about this. I’m going to try the challenge!

    • So glad you’re going to try it! It’s actually been harder for me than I thought it would be. But it IS doable. Good luck!!