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Twelve Months of Bliss, Jan.: Own It.

January 4, 2016

Alright, confession time. Did anyone else sleep ALL weekend?? You guys- other than church yesterday morning (and catching the Colts game in the afternoon), I literally slept all weekend. I’m talking like 16 hours on Saturday. I’d like to blame it on the new flannel sheets I put on our bed but really I think it’s because I loooove to sleep and also BECAUSE I’M OLD AND CHRISTMAS ABOUT DID ME IN. I suppose a full week of partying with family and eating cake for breakfast will do that to ya. I hope you all were able to find some rest (and flannel sheets because – LOVE) this past weekend because Hello, Monday!

I’m so excited to combine the Grateful Heart linkup with January’s Twelve Months of Bliss challenge for today. Whether you’ve joined me in previous monthly challenges or not, this month’s challenge Own It is something I think we all benefit from taking part in. January’s challenge is going to challenge you to make ONE goal (or take one goal from your already-made new year’s resolutions list) and accomplish it. Here are the details…

Own It Jan 2016

If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.       -Thomas Edison

JANUARY 2016: Own It

Challenge: If you could choose one goal for yourself this month – what would it be? Once you’ve decided on one, write it out on a piece of paper. Then, underneath your one thing, list 5 steps that will help you reach your goal. Keep your goal and this list somewhere you will see it daily: a mirror, desk, car, refrigerator, etc. Finally, find an Own It Partner – tell this person what your goal is, how you intend to reach it, and check in with them at least once a week. (Your partner does not have to take part in the challenge, they just need to be someone who will help encourage you each week.)

How often: You will make one goal for yourself this month. Don’t forget to check in with your Own It Partner once a week though!

What you will need: A goal, an Own It Partner, and a willingness to succeed – you can do this!

Why?: I think a lot of us start out with the best intentions each new year – we want and hope for better things for ourselves but as hard as we may try, it’s easy to lose that fire and ambition as the year continues on. This month should prove to you that 1. sometimes it’s easier to start out with one goal vs. staring at an entire list of them, 2. you do have people around you who want you to succeed & are willing to encourage you throughout the process, and 3. you are capable of reaching the goals you set for yourself.

[For those of you keeping a 12MofBliss journal: Were you able to accomplish your goal this month? If yes, does this encourage you to continue making and “owning” goals for the rest of the year? Did it help to have an accountability partner? Did your partner take part in the challenge with you? If you were not able to accomplish your goal this month, will you try again next month?]

January’s Linkup: This month’s linkup will take place at Ember Grey on Wednesday, January 27th. This linkup will serve as a place for all of us to share our thoughts and reflections on this particular challenge.

Psst!… I’m going to tell you all right now what my goal is for this month! This month, I am going to wake up every day at 5:30am. EVERY DAY, even on the weekends. This is something I’ve wanted to try for awhile now and my reasoning for this goal is because I think I could get a lot more done each day if I woke up earlier. Clearly if you read the intro of this post, you’ll know this is no small feat (sleeping is only one of my top favorite things in life) but I’m determined and ready to own this. I’ll let you all know on the 27th how it works out 😉 #fortheblog


Today, I am SO grateful for the opportunity to do these monthly challenges with you guys. I’m grateful that we live in a country where going after our dreams and setting personal goals is possible and that we can find others around us to encourage us while on our journey. If anyone would like extra encouragement to help reach your goal this month, please leave a comment below or shoot me an email (found here) – I would love to be your cheerleader!

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What are you grateful for?

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  • Oh how I need a challenge to own it!! I did not sleep all weekend and instead have been organizing and cleaning. I have one more day off before I start the new year with my feet on the ground at work and there are so many little things that I’ve been needing to do around here. I can sleep at my desk on Tuesday right??

    • Oh yes- I will be organizing and cleaning this week for sure! Good luck this week, Shelly! (And yes, I think Tuesdays are perfect nap days.) 😉

  • 5:30!! Even on the weekends! You are amazing! I love to sleep in, but I have to say…those early mornings when Jude gets me up before the sun, I love them. I feel like I get so much accomplished when I’m up that early. Good for you…can’t wait to hear all God does in those early mornings!

    • I mean, let’s see how well I do before we get into name calling, ok? 😉 ha! There IS something about being the first up, even in your neighborhood. It’s 7am and already I can’t believe how much I’ve gotten done.

  • What an awesome goal! Good luck, my love!!!

  • Your goal is achievable.I know. When the girls were little, the only way I was able to have any time to myself, especially taking care of a special needs child, was to get up way before them. I set my alarm and was off. Just like you are seeking to do. Long story short, over 20 years later, my body automatically wakens everyday (weekends too) at 5:00. No alarm is needed. I still get up for that time to myself even though my girls have left the nest. It can be done. I’ll be cheering you on because for those that love to sleep (I have a daughter who likes to sleep) it is no small task to achieve. Good luck and thanks for continuing the Monday link up this new year.

    • oh man – I hope my body doesn’t get TOO used to this! haha! I have always loved to sleep- my mom said that when I was little (like 3), I would ask her if I could take a nap… it’s in my blood 😉 BUT- I also love to feel productive and I think this will help. Thanks for the cheers, Michelle!!

  • Flannel sheets will do ya in EVERY TIME.

    • I may need to put those babies back in the closet, seriously. No one can get out of our bed – even Oooj and Cleo have found their spots. They’re just too good!

  • I’m half tempted to copy your goal, but I have one in mind that will benefit me and the two fur-kids in my house 🙂 I think my goal will be to take a walk with the dog EVERYDAY. Even if it’s super duper freezing cold out. (They have jackets and booties if they really really need them… but one’s a husky mix so she’ll be good.) We all get cabin fever and it messes with our head to be inside all day, so even if it’s 5 minutes, we’re gonna go out and walk! Good luck with 5:30am, lady! You can do it!

    • SO funny- walking Oooj every day was something I thought about doing too!! (Still something I’m going to attempt to do more of, for sure.) I love that you’re going to do that – wishing you lots of happy walks with your babe!

  • This past weekend was just what my soul needed to rejuvenate itself! Em, I swear your challenges each month always seem to line up with where my heart is at in that moment. Thank you for always being such an inspiration!

  • I get up at 5 every morning during the week and holy moly I can’t imagine doing it on the weekends. Go you!

    Also, totally was in bed with Netflix all weekend and it was glorious. Happy New Year, beauty! xoxo

    • I used to get up this early every (week)day when I worked my corporate job so I know I can do it!! Just might take me a bit to get back in that habit, whew!

  • Eeek good luck with waking up early! I wake up early M-F, but Saturday and Sunday I sleep until about 8. But I agree, having extra hours in the day is awesome!

    • It will be interesting to see if I go back to my sleeping in ways come Feb! 😉

  • Oh boy! I just made my 5 small monthly goals too, haha! I guess I’ll have to come up with something specifically to focus on… but this is a great idea for a link-up/challenge, especially to kick off the new year! I have a similar goal to yours this month, actually, because I have to get up by 6 most mornings, and I want to try to get up more like 5:30-5:40. So we’ll be sleep deprived together! 🙂

    • 5 goals/month is awesome, wow! Are you a coffee drinker?? I think that’s the only way I’ll survive! ha!

  • I love this! Good luck with the waking up early! I actually wake up about a hour before that every morning (it’s awful, I know), so if you need someone to keep you in check, I’ll be awake, haha! But I totally understand it! I need to keep myself on an early-ish schedule on the weekends too because I love how productive I feel on days where I’m up earlier.

  • Flannel sheets sound heavenly. I used to wake up really early and get a work out in and then go about my day and loved it. I think the craziness of my work day makes me want to sleep until the last possible moment before I have to get up, but I would like to change that. It’s better to get up and enjoy some of the day before I’m rushing out the door! Happy New Year Emily!

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who literally slept the entire weekend! After Christmas and New Year’s I seriously needed to recover. I’m excited for this month’s challenge, I think it’s a great way to stay on top of New Year’s Resolutions!

    • I finally feel like I’m caught up but man… the sleep was amazing! 🙂

  • 5:30 am is rough, but once you get in the routine, it will feel so good – especially if you’re a morning person! Good luck! Can’t wait to hear how it turns out!
    Peace, Sarah

  • I’m new to 12 months of bliss and it looks like I came in just in time. I have to be honest, when I first read your post about goals, I was scrambling to come up with something big to share–monetizing a blog, getting a piece published on a major magazine–because my goals this year are fairly simple.

    So I was relieved when you shared your goal of waking up at 5:30. It made me feel better that my simplistic goal setting was just as important.

    I can tell you from experience that an early wake up is rough (5:30 was my goal last year), but once your body and your brain adjusts to it, it’s so worth it. Now, I do my best work in the mornings and that’s when I’m most productive; thank goodness for early mornings because I rarely get a moment once my 2 year old daughter is up.

    Can’t wait to write about my goal. Thanks so much for sharing, Emily!

    PS: will be joining your grateful heart mondays link up this week too 🙂

    • Hey Maria!! Thanks so much for reading and for this note – I would LOVE for you to join me in both 12 Months and the Grateful Heart linkup!! And yes- I think all goals are important.. sometimes the smaller ones make the greatest impact (and of course they’re easier to manage.) Happy New Year to you!

  • I want to participate in this one (well, all of them, actually. I’m just lazy.)! I get up at 5:00 every weekday, but honestly I sleep until around 9:00 on weekends. NO GOOD. I am not stealing your goal, but I may work on it, too! I could get so much more done if I woke up earlier. I love sleep!

    • Oh girl- TAKE IT! Do it with me – this has not been easy this week but holy cow- I’ve gotten so much done! (I love sleep too. My bed is my favorite place to be.)

  • I think my goal will be the social media free day I am planning to do. Is it odd that I am dreading it because I worry that I will fail? On the same hand, being totally disconnected will be so liberating!

    • Oooh! I love that idea! Gosh, I think I used to have a day like that a few years ago and it was awesome. Good luck, Anne!

  • Waking up an hour earlier is one of the things on my list to try and accomplish this year! I love the slow, calm mornings of the weekends and I know it would make my workdays so much better if I wasn’t rushing in the mornings. Also, eating breakfast every morning is another thing on my list! And if I can wake up earlier, I may just be able to kill two birds with one stone! 🙂

  • good for you for waking up! that is my biggest weakness…sleep just calls to me. I think it’s because I spent so long getting up at 5:30am everyday to pump and work and repeat, I feel like I’ve “earned” sleeping when I can (which is terrible). I’m going to try to just not snooze so many times…baby steps?

    • Lady, I LOVE SLEEP. I know it! Get some sleep for the both of us, ok?! 😉

  • The Hubs and I are changing our sleeping/waking time, too! But we’re going for 6:30am rather than 5:00. This month I’m hitting the ground running with immigration stuff (hoping to be in California by summer!) Looking forward to joining the linkup on the 27th 😀

    • So exciting, Patricia!!! Hope it’s a painless & quick process for you!

      • Same! We’d love to do a road trip when we get there, so hopefully I can visit your side of the world 😉

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  • Jae

    IDK if you’ve read my goals for 2016, but I’m especially focused on a particular goal this month: quit or at least refrain from spending on unnecessary/less-important items. I’ve started by unsubscribing to email newsletters from brands, so I don’t get tempted to check *new* items out!

    • Ooh! I haven’t read that but WILL! 🙂 I’ve done that too, unsubscribed to online shopping emails.. and I’ve had to remind myself that stores have “sales” all the time – I’m not missing anything! ha!

      • Jae

        So true!!

  • I made this same goal this year…but not weekends! I was pretty bushed come Friday but I felt so accomplished and was a lot less rushed and stressed.

    • I will say- I’ve had such a hard time with the weekends! I’ve done really well M-F but have realized that my body has needed some extra sleep every now and then. Lesson learned, now I know 😉