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12 Months of Bliss, March: Don’t Wait.

March 1, 2016

Don't Wait EG

MARCH 2016: Don’t Wait.

“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.” — Marshall McLuhan

Challenge: Get outside. Spend time in nature, connect with it. And then, take action to care for it.

Here are just a few ideas of things you can do this month – plant flowers, plant a tree, spend an afternoon picking up trash around your neighborhood, set up a recycling bin/station at your home, grab a friend and take a walk during your lunch break, walk or ride your bike instead of driving short distances.

How often: Daily, Weekly.

What you will need: Self-discipline, action.

Why?: We, as a society, have gotten into a lazy rut when it comes to taking care of our planet. We have become self-entitled inhabitants, assuming that we deserve even the tiniest part of this place we call home. Just like any living thing, our planet must be cared for daily. We must open our eyes to the beauty around us, we must learn how to connect with it, and we must take action every day in order to preserve and protect it. We must take action for the sake of 100 years from now, yes, but also for today.

[ For those of you keeping a 12MofBliss Journal: Before this challenge, how would you grade yourself when it comes to recycling and taking care of our planet? How do you plan on improving your methods? How can you make these actions permanent in your weekly routine? How did you attempt to connect with nature this month? Did it work? ]

March’s Linkup: This month’s linkup will take place at Ember Grey on Wednesday, March 30. This linkup will serve as a place for all of us to share our thoughts and reflections on this particular challenge. Hope to see you there!

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  • Great topic xxxx I can’t wait! x

  • Oh, perfect topic for the upcoming spring season!!!

  • I love this! Can’t wait to plants some flowers and walk or bike to work this month!

  • Phew … An easy one after last month’s. I have to tell you something…. I have friends who read my blog and in today’s meeting at work, that post on last month’s Negativity was the talk of the meeting. It apparently opened everyone’s eyes to exactly how much time they spend gossiping. God is good! Now if we all can keep our mouths quiet when we should, it will have been even more successful. This month’s challenge, let’s just say, piece of cake. I am the queen of recycling. People laugh at me and you probably would too if you saw how I recycle…OCD anyone!! Hope you are doing well. I miss your weekly posts.

    • Thank you so much for sharing that with me! Wow, so cool. I’m excited to learn about your methods of recycling, Michelle! It could come in handy for those of us who don’t always remember to do it! XO

  • Today it is snowing. Two days ago it was 50 degrees. I am confused. But I can’t wait to get outdoors. Here is hoping mother nature also does 12 months of bliss 😉

  • Such a good way to give back, and do some good for the world we live in! Picking up trash is so easy, so are the rest of the things you mentioned. I love being outside and am looking forward to enjoying the weather and getting out there more!

    • My mom picks up trash every time she goes on a walk. They live in the country and unfortunately there’s a lot of it that gets dumped out there – so sad! But she just puts on gloves, grabs a trash bag, and walks. It’s always inspiring to do the same!

  • YES!! One of my top 5 goals for the year is becoming WAY more eco-friendly. We slipped badly into poor enviro habits when we moved back here. The US is nowhere near as advanced as the EU on protecting the environment! I miss my weekly compost collection and the oodles more recycling options that existed!! Another reason I think I could easily move to San Fran 😉
    My subgoals: Trying natural, homemade cleaners so less chemicals end up in the groundwater. Eliminating food and consumer waste (buying *way* less packaged foods and products in general – the reusable k-cups came in here!). Reusing everything that can be. Recycling everything. Upcycling what can’t. This world will belong to our kiddos someday and I don’t want to treat it like I don’t care what condition it’s in when it’s theirs!

    • I have noticed that with your posts lately!!!!! 🙂 (That you have made this goal, not that you guys have slipped, haha). I am really excited to talk to you more about San Fran, lady. 😉 Looking forward to see all of your creations and changes and am sure I’ll be picking your brain about them all!

  • I like this a lot!! <3

  • This is on my list to do next weekend! So excited to be back into the swing of planting again 🙂