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April 19, 2014
Project 52: Weekly Walk


Last week, I attended Clark Street Bridge with X (he was playing in it). 

“Clark Street Bridge is a two-hour experience that is hard to put into words. It is about reading, writing and understanding. It is story-like in nature and scored to music, performed live. And it is participatory, with a couple of writing exercises meant to increase our understanding of writing just a bit and our understanding of ourselves, a bit more.  

Some find it engaging. Taken by small things they never knew before woven into a story of something they want to know more about. Some find it transformational. Changing the way they write, the way they think, the way they go about their job. But most, simply find it inspiring. Moving them with words and music and storytelling to a different place where they feel a different way.”

That description of CSB is spot on and it truly was the most creatively inspiring thing I have ever been to/been a part of, wow. If any of you Chicagoans are interested in attending the next one, let me know! (It’s free, by the way!) It’s held in different locations each time. This one was held at the Hancock Building. The view was beautiful and the food was pretty amazing (if you’re a fan of cheeses) (which, I totally am). After the show, I took my sweet musician out to dinner for some real food and some drinks. It was the perfect ending to a creatively awesome evening.

Have you ever seen a cheese table like this? Fancy Shmancy (and amazingly good). ^^



This past week was spent enjoying life and honestly, not spending a lot of time on my phone or camera 🙂 With the temps finally starting to warm up, it felt good to put the technology away for awhile and just enjoy the sunshine and new flowers. 

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  • The flowers…the cheese table…the talented husband….you had a great week!

  • i love this post…especially the pics. so good!

  • Gorgeous! Those petals are so pretty. Your weekly walks are such an inspiration. Hopefully soon we'll see some Springtime growth in ND!

  • That table looks like a Carb lovers Dream!!! Beautiful flowers! Amazing walks!

  • Oh my cheese table! The flowers are beautiful too. Thanks for the blog love, xo