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17.52 (+ some randomness for your Saturday)

April 26, 2014
Project 52: Weekly Walk.

You’ve heard it here before and I’ll say it always & forever. My favorite place to take walks is in the country and I am in total bliss being home at my parents house this weekend, soaking up all of the countryness and its Spring details. 

**Today I am visiting The Grits Blog and telling the story of my little big day – my wedding day! Come by and say hello 🙂 
I leave you with some randomness for your Saturday, mmm hmm? It’s not quite a 3 hour drive from Chicago to my parents house but if you’re real smart like I am and decide to leave during morning rush-hour, not only does it become a 4 hour drive, but you’re also graced with a lot of class acts who still haven’t learned how to share the road with others. (I’m talking about road rage here.) (I’m also one of these class acts.) I got a lot of really important thinking done yesterday in between my judgement of other drivers’ chosen speeds and the flailing of my arms at passerby’s and thought I’d share the randomness… you know, since I’m throwing structure to the wind now. But hey, just for fun, let’s throw in some structured bullet points (because, c’mon. Baby steps.) 
  • I’m totally obsessed with DIY, only I feel the need to DIY to everything (which usually involves paint – serious love for spray paint, and 99% of the time a color that doesn’t match anything in my home) and I’ll let ya in on a little secret. I cannot truly DIY. No really, it’s almost impossible for me to do anything myself. Either X ends up constructing something for me (I’m still learning the ways of power tools in that I’ve never actually used any) or I end up watching 230952 youtube videos on how to make Pom Poms and before I know it, two weeks have gone by and I’m sitting in the middle of a pile of different colored yarn, wondering if maybe it would just be easier to knit a scarf. (Answer: it’s not easier.) 
  • Poor Oooj had to get his yearly shots yesterday and there were tears, guys. It was totally pathetic. (Talkin’ about myself here.) I asked my mom on the way back from the vet “Do you think he’s super sad right now about having to get those shots?!” and she said, “Only when you remind him, honey.” It’s hard being a dog (owner). 
  • If someone asks you if you’d like to upgrade your margarita size…. well, I think the answer is obvious here. 
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  • Enjoy your stay at your parents! The flowers are beautiful! Was it ever a question if you should upsize a margarita??

  • those flowers are so beautiful! my dad has a pretty extensive garden but his green thumb skills weren't passed down 😉

  • So incredibly beautiful! Spring is just stunning.

  • These photos are just gorgeous Emily!!! I can't wait until things start turning green and blooming here!

  • pretty pretty pretty! I hate when I have to take Penny to the vet. It is way harder on me than her, I feel your pain.