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Why I’ll be watching the 2016 Olympics

July 15, 2016

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Imagine me in a puddle of tears after watching this video. I hadn’t clicked on it thinking – oh, this is really just going to destroy me today. Instead, I clicked on it as I took a break from paying bills, making a million phone calls, and eating a late breakfast on a morning that said it was Friday but was sure feeling like a Monday. Truthfully, the tears started to well not even 35 seconds into the video as Katy sang, I will not conform, no matter how you shake my core  and I couldn’t help but think about the continued terror in France I read about when I woke up this morning, and all of the hate and pain our country has seen this last year.

I’ve never really been an “Olympic junkie.” I grew up occasionally watching the Winter Olympics, mostly because my mom loved the figure skating and somehow sucked the rest of us into it too (that was back when Scott Hamilton was a fan fave – my mom his biggest I’m pretty sure). It’s not that I didn’t care, I just rarely watched it the older I got. Friends of mine would have actual Olympic parties, complete with brackets and contests and themes… fun, but still – I just never got into it.

This year has been different though. While I have my own feelings about the health & safety concerns of the host city for this year’s Olympic games, I’ve found myself following some of the athletes who will be attending… reading their stories and watching interviews. How did I never realize before that the Olympics not only stands for patriotism and teamwork and greatness, but that people and teams are judged on their talent – NOT on the color of their skin, NOT on the religion they claim, NOT on the background they come from. And yet we all still cheer for them, even if those things differ from us individually. I can’t think of another time EVER that this happens.

We need a reason to celebrate, to cheer, to come together – now more than ever. So yes, I will be watching the Olympics this year, and I will be cheering – not just for America, but for the greatness that still exists in the world. Champions still rise up, no matter how many times they get knocked down. Can I get an AMEN?

Will you be watching this year?

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  • I sure will be. I am an Olympic Junkie. And a proud American. No matter what color is representing the USA we are all together.
    It is truly a sad state that our country is in and I pray daily.

    • The USA is lots of different colors, just as it should be. I pray daily too!

  • Yes, yes, yes. It’s really a time of unity and celebration!

  • I am one of those Olympic junkies. My dad’s love of sports is more the love of watching people at the peak do their thing and that rubbed off on us all. It’s really amazing hearing the story of sacrifice and dedication. These aren’t overnight successes! It’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

    ps. Scott lives in Nashville! He comes to my store pretty regularly.

    • I totally thought about you as I watched that video!! I remember you telling me how much you love watching the Olympics 🙂

      Had no idea Scott was in Nashville! Can’t wait to tell my mom, ha!

  • I love, love, love the Olympics, and the Summer games are my favorite! I can still remember watching the Magnificent Seven win the gold in 96! I can’t believe that it’s been 20 years since that.. Man I am really also showing my age.. haha. But I couldn’t agree more. We need this to help bring us all together as a world and as a county. We need to get out there and have fun again. Be patriotic without it turning into some form of hate. We can only pray!

  • I don’t usually pay attention to the Olympics. I actually usually boycott them because the last few years the host cities have been pretty controversial. That said, I think the symbolize of the Olympics is incredible and so important. And the TV commercials that highlight athletes or showcase their parents sent me straight into tears every single time!

    • I hear you on that… and yes, like you I cry over the commercials too! 😉

  • Aww so with you on this video, that’s the first time I’ve seen in but I love it! I had many tears and so much emotion watching it. One of my favourite GB athletes of all time is on there too Sir Chris Hoy – he’s retired now but he was an epic cyclist for Team GB (just for those who don’t do Olympics). His tears on that video hit my heart.
    I am a huge Olympic junkie I can’t deny it, the gymnastics is one of my favourites as the grace and strength astound me every time. I just love how the Olympics brings everyone together to celebrate unity, strength and what people can achieve with hard work and more importantly team work. x

    • I love that your fave guy was a part of that video! (Seriously, anytime I see athletes cry, I cry.) I love the gymnastics too – cannot wait to watch!

  • I’m with you on this! I have always been an Olympics junkie. I grew up watching every two years and am so excited for Rio! I really hope people can unite for these games and make it a good year.

  • So darn true ands sadly I hadn’t thought of it this way…thank you for opening my eyes to it! We need to celebrate EVERYONE!

  • I just hope no one gets seriously sick from their time in Rio! I’m really concerned for all of the athletes this year.

  • Amen, my friend! Wise words – and I can’t wait to watch!