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This Summer’s Bucketlist

May 17, 2016

TBT em and yaw yaw EG

My cousin Lauren (who I called ‘Yaw Yaw’ – because obviously it sounds just like Lauren) & me, circa mid-1980s.

If there’s one thing (of many) I’ve learned about the south, it’s that summer arrives much earlier here than it ever did in Chicago. And I’m pretty A-okay with that. I love the heat and the sun and all the time spent outdoors; summertime is my absolute favorite time of year. Now when fall rolls around, I will be reeeeally tempted to say FALL is my absolute favorite time of year (and I may even claim it to be so at that time), but my mind will still go back to summer cookouts and flipflops and pool time and summer cocktails. So. I’m sticking with it: summertime is my favorite time.

What is it about the summer that seems to go by so fast though? When I was a kid, I swear it lasted for 5 months and the days were a good 30 hours. The sun didn’t go down until about 11pm and I ate popsicles for every single meal. Okay, maybe that’s not really how my childhood summers went down, but looking back that’s kind of how I remember them. But now that I’m attempting to adult, summertime feels painfully short – like, I feel like it’s about two weekends of trying to cram in all the things I want to do and then before I know it, it’s Thanksgiving.

Well not this year, baby! Enter: Bucketlist. This year I’m going to stick to my list and try to cross off as many things as I can before I’m forced to wear sweaters and drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes (which, alright, I really do love too.)

2016 Summer Bucketlist

Do you make seasonal bucketlists? What would be on your summer list?

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( Thanks to my girl Crystal for the post idea – for those of you still in Chicago, check out her Spring Bucketlist! 😉 )

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  • Love this post!! Now that I’m attempting to adult as well summer feels so short!! Love the bucket list idea 🙂

  • I love your summer bucket list — I want to make one now!
    One of my favorite things to do in the summer is sit outside with a book 🙂

    • Yes!! Make one!

      Sitting outside with a good book sounds wonderful all the time!

  • Love your summer bucket list! I try and make a bucket list for every season, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t.

  • Your list is a summer dream! Now I’m sitting here imagining cocktails by the pool and slightly burnt hotdogs on the grill! Yummm!!

  • Seasonal bucket lists are my favorite!

  • Oh man, your bucket list has me aching for summer now too! As I sit here, looking out the window at the drenching rain we’ve had here in Richmond for the last MONTH (it seems), I feel like summer will never get here!

    • It’s started to rain and get chilly here too, darn it. I’m hoping the warm temps come back soon!

  • Let me come on your vineyard adventure!!

  • I’m desperately dreaming of summer and warm weather – Kentucky has been hit with rain and temperatures that are more like March….. Hello Summer, I’m here and waiting. I love the bucket list idea and I think we all should make one. I just told my husband we need to start going to the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays again. We try to go at least twice a month.

    • Wouldn’t you know, when I wrote this post it was very summer-like outside, but of course when this actually posted it was rainy and “freezing.”

      Farmer’s Market is a great idea! I’ll have to add that to mine too.

  • Me and my husband were just discussing some of the things that we want to experience this summer. Great idea!

  • I may or may not be stealing a couple of these ideas. Ha! I absolutely love summertime – the late, warm nights; afternoon thunderstorms; pool days and beach days; lightning bugs; and peach ice cream. LOVE it!

  • This is a really good idea. I’m all about bucket lists lately, haha, so why not!

  • I always though summers lasted forever as a kid too! Now I feel like summer just flies right by and the days are too short! I’m determined to take a week off from work this summer so I can actually enjoy it. I love your bucket list. I am all for spending the day outside on a patio with drinks!

    • That’s such a great idea, to take a week off! Now we just need to be patient for summer to arrive! 🙂

  • love your list! I am in the process of building mine now! 🙂

  • Nope! No bucket lists here. Why? Because I have summers off and I like to have no plans, no commitments and when I rise in the mornings I want no to-do list. Where ever the day takes me is what I’ll do. Bucket lists are still lists and my OCD would be crazy that I had to complete them. Love you ideas here and usually other bucket lists give me ideas to do, but I don’t write them down. Look forward to hearing all about your summer in the months ahead.

    • Good for you, Michelle!! I’m sure I’d be the same way if I had only summers off.

  • That is a nice list, girl.

  • I make a house repair bucket list every year. In Montana we really only have a quick specific season of “summer” (this year doesn’t count) so I always have one large task to do, like paint house, build fence etc.
    Yours sounds so much better.

    • oh gosh, lady – your summer sounds like a lot of work! ha! I hope you find some time to party it up a little bit! 🙂

      • ?That’s actually been most of my past summers. This one I am in my sisters wedding and am having a garage sale.
        Since starting a new job, I don’t have vacation, so they are nice enough to work with me around those few things.

  • Love your bucket list and I adore the fact that Michael Bolton is present on it as well. Because duh….Michael Bolton…..

    • Truthfully, I was imagining him being present in the form of singing from my headphones but OBVIOUSLY an in-person pool date with him would be a dream! ha!

  • I love your list and I will be stealing a few of these for myself!! I have “Get an outdoor grill” on ours so that we can do outdoor cooking a lot, and “Try to catch fireflies with Bug” 🙂

  • Summer used to be my favorite, but I’m seriously dreading this one and the Texas heat. So, my bucket list would be “go to the pool every morning” and “stay inside every afternoon”. Haha!