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2016 Christmas Home Tour

December 7, 2016


I had so much fun doing a Holiday Home Tour last year, I thought I’d do it again this year! Apparently this is the only time I get around to posting an actual tour of our house; I promise it doesn’t look like this year-round. (Although I kinda like the idea of twinkle lights 12 months of the year.) Obviously this post is photo-heavy… but it’s supposed to be, right?


I love our home. We’ve been in it for two years now and while we STILL have yet to put much up on the walls (it’s always been my downfall – there’s something about putting a nail into fresh drywall that screams YOU ARE COMMITTING TO THIS RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW), but despite the bare walls – our house feels like home. Plus, add a fire and candles and greenery on the mantel… did I mention twinkle lights?… and it’s pretty much a cozy place I never want to leave. I love this time of year. In an attempt to make this Christmas season last as long as possible, I decided to decorate a bit earlier than I usually do… we actually got our tree before December 1st – gah! Something I’ve never done but this year it just felt right.


I bought this (fake) green wreath at Target over the summer and decided it would be one I’d keep up all year. I love greenery around the front door and it’s been really easy to simply switch out whatever I hang on it (like this “C”) for different holidays.


Confession: this photo is actually from last year’s Holiday Home Tour and it’s because I haven’t decorated our front porch yet. BUT, I will and when I do, I will be adding the bows again like this.




Again, pay no attention to the bare walls… although we do have ideas for it (a series of 3 black and white family photos). The poinsettias are fake (real ones are unsafe for kitties!) but I like the pop of color it gives to the hallway you see right when you walk in the front door.


I also used the photo from last year to show you how I decorate our banisters: I take all of the Christmas cards we get from family and friends and clip them to yarn. I love how it warms up the space with lots of faces we know and love!


This entryway table was purchased years and years ago (I want to say via Wayfair?) and the things on top of it in this photo are pretty much always there, I just added the church light on the right.




Our family room is super cozy. It’s a bit smaller than we’d originally wanted but for our family right now, it’s perfect.


The serving tray on the ottoman is always there and I just switch out what goes on top of it depending on what time of year it is. (For those wanting to know, our ottoman was purchased at a shop here in Nashville who actually ordered it from a place in Los Angeles. I know, I’m not much help. But, I’ve seen very similar ones at places like Wayfair and Overstock.)




I was so excited to get Crew’s stocking!! It was purchased via Pottery Barn Kids.



I didn’t do a ton of decorating in Crew’s nursery, mostly because he isn’t sleeping in there yet, but I did put a few things up. One of my favorites is a glowing star in the window. It looks so pretty at night and reminds me of Peter Pan (second star to the left and straight on til morning…) so I kind of want to keep it up year-round!


Crew’s too little to actually play in his teepee reading nook but he does like to lay on the lamb pillow and stare up at everything. I can’t wait until he’s old enough to actually know what it is though.


Anyone recognize this little stocking? You may have seen it in last year’s holiday home tour – it was hung up on our fireplace because at that point we were waiting to adopt! I love that it’s in Crew’s room now 🙂


I also added a Christmas reindeer stuffed animal to the shelf above his changing table. (Other things to note: amazing mobile purchased from The Wonderland Studio, and the very talented and sweet Amber from Amber Thomas Makes gifted Crew that beautiful globe with the words “you are my home” hand painted on the front of it. I tear up every time I look at it.)


I always put this little tree in our bedroom. I’ve had it since 8th grade and put those red bows on there myself. I love the glow it gives at night!


I put up this little DIY in our laundry room! It’s super easy; you can read more about it here. Whoops! Except you can’t. I thought for sure I did a tutorial on this but I never did. Add it to my list!



Gotta love the dollar bin at Target, which is where I found this pillow a few years ago. It is currently sitting on the chair that’s in our game room.


Another thing in our game room… my Michael Bolton tree! Oh yes. You read that right!


Love you, Michael.


Check out the babies in that photo! We had just started dating, so technically it was our first Christmas together.


The Rudolph card is one of my favorite decorations, I’ve had it forever. If you ever find a super cute Christmas card, keep it to use for decoration!


My mom, who is super crafty, made this glass box present years ago and it’s still one of my faves – so pretty in the window at night!


I found more window stick-ons – at Target of course! Once again, the dollar section to brighten things up a bit.


This nativity scene is from Christian’s parents – I love it!


I always hang this (fake) mistletoe. This year it sits right at the entry to the garage.


We went a bit smaller with our tree this year. No reason, I suppose. He just seemed to jump out at us. (He’s also a bit of a Charlie Brown tree… so many holes that we didn’t notice until we put lights on it. ha! Oh well.)


And of course an angel on top!

So that’s it for this year! What does your home look like for Christmas? What are some of your favorite decorations?

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  • I love home tours- especially when they’re decorated for the holidays! Yours did NOT disappoint! Our mantel is my favorite spot in the house, although there are some other key spots that I love to just stop and look at. And there are pine-scented candles all over the house just so every room feels magical 😉

    • Pine scented candles – YES!! I have a few of those too and if I haven’t used them all by the time Christmas is over, I pack them up and save them for next year. Did you do a home tour?!

      • Not yet! I’m planning on posting it on the 23rd. Confession: We don’t have a tree yet *shudder*

  • Gosh, I just LOVE all of your decor!

  • Sooooo pretty!! Please tell me you’re someone who leaves the decorations up well into January…!? ? I love Crew’s stocking but I also love the little stuffed animals showing whose is whose. What a great idea! I had all our names embroidered on ours this year and messed up the font size on mine lol. Mine is like 4 pts smaller than everyone else’s! Oops. My fave decorations are the JOY sign I made on vintage sheet music, and the Christmas pillows on our sofa, and the snow globe in our dining room ?

    • haha! Actually…. I’m that person who takes EVERYTHING down the day after. I always kind of feel a bit claustrophobic with all the decorations out all month that as soon as Christmas is over, I immediately want to de-clutter. So sad that you got the little font but it kind of makes for a funny story each year! ha! I would LOVE to see the decorations you made!

  • Everything looks so beautiful! I love the new touches you’ve added for Crew, so beautiful. It all looks so homey & ready for the holidays!

  • Your house is so festive and fun! Love those stockings

  • I absolutely adore it! You’ve done such a great job at making it feel so festive and inviting.

  • This is adorable!! I love your house, Emily!

  • It’s so cozy and perfect! I love it!

  • Such a beautiful home! We’re slowly but surely decorating ours. Lol!

  • Jae

    Your home reminds me of our home in Manila, especially those poinsettia flower pots you put by your staircase. Mom does the same…

    • aw!! It was the first year I put the flowers there – usually they’re in the windows.

      • Jae

        I’m missing home more during the holidays 🙁

  • I love your home! I think I’m going to skip out on decorating this year, but next year I want to go all out!

    • I have a few friends who skipped it this year too actually – just too much going on and especially when you’re traveling a ton and won’t even be home to enjoy it, it feels like a lot to do! Can’t wait to see your home next year! 🙂

  • I literally just want to come curl up on your couch and never leave.

  • I love all of your decorations! There’s something about the dark, chilly nights coupled with Christmas decorations that makes a house feel so cozy. Also, I love that Crew has a tepee in his room. He’ll love it once he gets a little older!

    • I think he will too! We’ve already started to lie under it and read books – it’s pretty fun!

  • Your house is so cozy! Glad to seeI’m abel to read your blog again 😉 And I totally had to lol on the non-link tutorial. haha….totally sounds like me. Have a great week Emily!

    • I thought for SURE I’d done the tutorial… I most likely just thought about doing it a hundred times. ha!

  • Beautiful Emily!!! I can feel the love in your home just by seeing the photographs. This reminds me, I need to do a post on my own decorations….. now to find the time!! XO