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20.52 (+ Wednesday Wishes!)

May 14, 2014
Hiiiii!!!!!!!! Well, vacation was awful so I decided to come back early. 
No, no. I’m just kidding. I’m still on the beach, soaking up everything that is Vacation. BUT- I thought I’d drop in and say hello, as well as share with you some of the photos from my flight 🙂

Project 52: Weekly Walk Flight

I never take the window seat. In fact, I always take the aisle seat when flying, which is super sweet of my 6’3″ husband to give to me as he takes the middle. I think it’s a claustrophobic thing, the reason I’ve never liked the middle or window, but this trip- I decided enough was enough. I’m a blogger now so I should be sitting next to the window to take pictures and document 😉 I was so glad I took the leap and did it. I saw some of the most beautiful views out my window on the way to our vacation destination. It really does feel like a whole other world up there, above the clouds. Here is an excerpt from my journal: 

I look out the window and see a tiny other plane wayyy down below, closer to Earth. How vast it is, even up here- right where I am. A reminder that I feel closer to God not because perhaps I’m closer to the heavens up here, but because He is in my heart and meets me where I am.  

Sometimes He raises me up above the storm, for some deeper breaths and quiet time with Him. What a pretty, bright place He’s met me at this morning. I am so grateful for such a beautiful and sweet God – who searches my heart because He desires to. He gives me great rest. 

I’m looking forward to sharing many other photos from my trip in the next week. Have you guys been enjoying the guests on Ember Grey so far?! I hope so. Be sure to stop back by EG the rest of this week as I’ll have more amazing guests sharing their stories. (Preview: my mom will be sharing one of her wildlife animal stories on Friday!)

I’m so excited to link up again with Anne for Wednesday Wishes!! It almost feels wrong to wish for anything right now, I am just SO grateful for this special time in the sun with my family. Taking time away, especially with those you are closest to, is so important! But if I had to wish for anything right now it would be:

  • That time would freeze and this week could last forever
  • That the dolphins would come back to our beach (highlight of my day yesterday for sure!)
  • That I could continue to eat vacation (soy) ice cream every night and not gain 230497223952 pounds
  • That the weather would continue to be as it’s been: perfect
  • That my family & I will continue to have the best time together, as well as a safe flight home
  • Last but not least, I really wish the rumor that Phil Collins is truly coming out of retirement (and writing with Adele) is true. Fingers, arms, and legs crossed. 
Love the Here and Now

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  • Those views are amazing! Love that you shared you journal with us. It means so much to me that you link dup on vacation! Looking forward to your mom's guest post and hearing her stories. Enjoy your family , laughter, and treats!

  • Happy vacationing!!

  • Gorgeous photos!! I wish that I was on vacation right about now. Also, vacation calories totally don't count 😉

  • Looking out the window of the plane is one of my favorite parts of travelling – you get to see the coolest things! I'm glad you made the switch 🙂

  • absolutely breath taking pictures!!

  • Lovely pictures from the flight! Hope you're having a great time 🙂