faith Praise Project 52 Wednesday Wishes

26.52 + Wednesday Wishes: Up Through the Trees & Straight to the Clouds

June 25, 2014
Project 52: Weekly Walk.

Lately, on my walks, I’ve noticed a new trend when it comes to snapping pictures: trees + sky.  I suppose this isn’t really a “new” love, since I’ve always been one to look up, but recently I’ve started documenting my view and, much like the flower trend in so many of my other Proj 52 posts, this one is quickly taking over and I’m pretty okay with that. This can be tricky, looking up and taking pictures while walking, and sometimes I wonder if the neighbors watch me from their windows thinking, Oh here comes that poor girl, staring up at the sky and tripping and stumbling her way through the neighborhood.
When I was little, I would lie in the backyard and watch the clouds gently glide across the sky. Did you ever do this? It always felt like I was out there for hours, when in reality it was probably only like 10 minutes. I remember doing this with my parents, telling them what I thought I saw in the clouds each time they changed shape. (It was always a dog or a cat, never anything else. Even as they changed, it was just “Oh, it’s a fat dog now! That other one was the skinny one.”) (I took the movie All Dogs Go to Heaven quite literally, clearly.) But I also remember just lying on the grass, by myself, and looking up through the trees… dreaming. 

There is something so comforting about the sky… the trees… the clouds – all of them together. Like a reminder that even when life feels stuck, you can look at the sky and be reminded that it’s still moving forward. It’s a reminder that when life feels out of control and crazy fast, you can look at the sky, through the trees, and be reminded that everything up there is in the present moment, perfectly placed. And you remember – you are safe, and right where you’re meant to be.
Thinking back during times in high school or college, during times when I just felt lost and not sure which direction in life I was supposed to go – I always looked up. I remember shortly after I moved to Chicago, I took Oooj to a park, we sat down under a tree, and I must have stared up through the branches for a good 20 minutes… just thinking, dreaming, feeling safe even when I was unsure of my path. 
This week, as we’re wishing for things to slow down, or wishing for things to pick up; as we’re wishing for blue skies and answers to all of our life questions, I hope we remember to look up. I hope we remember to keep our eyes on Him, knowing that even though we may trip or stumble along the way – that doesn’t mean He’s stopped leading us, up through the trees, up to the blue sky, to dance in the clouds, to be closer to where He is.
Love the Here and Now
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  • I love photos like these. When I go to the park with my dog I always end up with a few "looking up" photos. They always turn out so great. 🙂

  • Amen. I do the same thing at night. The cool and the quiet of the nighttime, looking up at the sky and the stars – it makes me feel so small and that God is so big, that He created everything in our world, so how could I ever worry that He doesn't have everything in my life under control?

  • It really is the small things in life that are really the big things. God is so close to us at all times, you just have to pay attention. Beautiful photo!!

  • Okay, I definitely laughed out loud at your neighbors commentary. I think of that all the time when I'm walking around taking pictures of the craziest things. Your pictures put me at ease. Even though I am sitting at work i feel like I'm outside looking up at the sky. Thanks friend! ox

  • I love this… always write just what I need to hear. One of my favorite pictures of my daughter Taylor is one where she is lying on a sidewalk on a hill in Albany, NY with her camera, taking a picture of the sky through a tree. Your post made me think of that and the day we took it. Thanks for bringing that memory back and for making me smile. Thanks for linking up!

  • I love this–and your tree + sky pictures!

  • All Dogs Go to Heaven is such a great movie 🙂 I love these pictures, and great reminder to keep looking up to him.