5 Things, Part Four

April 16, 2015

This week, while I’m out of town, I’m sharing one of Dan Wilson’s 5 Things for each day as well as sharing my own thoughts on each one. I really encourage you to read his article in full in addition to reading along here; not only is it an interesting read about the music industry in general, but is incredibly encouraging and inspiring for anyone who is passionate about their craft.

This is a life you’re trying to create here, an artist’s life. It’s not a windfall, or a payday, or a brand. Your biggest and most complex project is the creation of an artist’s life. And one thing that makes an artist’s life worth living is the wonderful company of other artists.”    – Dan Wilson

I briefly touched on my “Tribe” in yesterday’s post but am happy to go into more detail today. Having a Tribe, no matter your craft, is so important. I rarely talk about blogging with my non-blogging friends… I talk about blogging with my Blogging Tribe because they understand, they’re in it too. Even though I only post completed posts on Ember Grey, that doesn’t mean I’m not frequently reaching out to my blogging tribe to bounce around ideas, or to ask a technical question, or sometimes to even say, “I’m seriously having an ‘off’ day… anyone else?” and within seconds I have a response from at least one person from that tribe, attaching a technical how-to, encouraging me or offering to send me a bottle of wine (true story). We have monthly Google Video Chat hangouts (something we have since opened up to YOU!) where we chat a little bit about blogging, but also spend a good amount of time just talking about life.

Extending your creative product to people outside your creative network is good, yes, but having a group of people who share similar talents is just as – if not more – imperative. Do you have a tribe for your craft? Do they provide you with constructive feedback and positive support?

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  • Love this one, and it really is important to have a group of people who understand and appreciate your art. It's inspiring and supportive. I know I do the same with comedy. I have people to bounce off jokes to, and I know they'll be honest with me about what works!