The Day I Married Ember Grey

June 2, 2017

  Hey, Ember Grey readers! Christian here!

I asked Emily if it would be ‘ok’  if I could write a post today for our five year wedding anniversary.

You should have seen her face.

She lit up with excitement and was like “….really?!”

It was that same type of “really?!” on Valentines day in grade school when the kid in class you liked dropped

you a

Spongebob Squarepants Valentine .. and you could literally die.

Most of you know her as “Ember Grey”, but I know her as “Bird”.

It’s a name I started her when we were first dating.

Part of it was because she brought with her a beautiful song when she came in to my life.

The other part was that she loves salt like a bird loves seed.

I used to joke with her and ask her say “Beep Beep Beep” and eat salt out of my hand.

While we were dating, I quickly learned how dynamic, sweet, drop dead funny, compassionate,

hard working and strong of a person Emily is. We both think back to the time dating and would both agree

that it was seriously the most fun we’ve ever had courting someone. It was kind of easy because she told

me the previous guy she had dated reached across the table at dinner and started to eat her

french fries and ketchup without even asking.

I can tell you, Mr. Fry Guy, that she’s not a fan. Hahah.

I always offer my food as a sacrifice to the Fry Gods.  I’ve gotten off topic…



My eyes were open to a love that I knew in my heart and soul was possible,

but God had me wait for.

Like a heavenly friend whispering “Hold my beer”  – He had something so special

for me that was far greater and profoundly beautiful that I could ever imagine.

Needless to say, we got engaged and a year and a half later – on this day today – I married Ember Grey   Emily.

((Side note: I’ve ALWAYS wanted to use that ‘strikethough’ function like Ember Grey does – she uses it to such great effect, no?))

And that brings me to the whole point of me asking to post in this space today….


((  Wow!  Is she not freaking stunning? ))


  June 2, 2012

I married Emily on the porch of her parents

beautiful country home in Indiana.

She smiled so bright

Her eyes shined like crystal

Holding her hands as the sun peeked

thru the clouds

Time stopped for a moment

And our souls recognized each others

And we cried

Tears of joy

Knowing that God has put us in this place

To take care of each other

To laugh

To remind each other what is important

What is good

And on the days when it’s hard

When we feel tired and feel like giving up

We have that day

5 years ago, today

That was perfect in every way

And know that God gave us

A glimpse of what time feels like in Heaven


Emily, this next part is for you. And if you’re already sobbing, (I know I am)  I’m sorry. 🙂

I have always loved you and I always will. Thank you for being the best mother Crew could ever have.

Thank you for always wanting better, for your humor and laughter.

Thank you for choosing me to spend your life with

For your joy and lightness.

You are my soul’s match.

And God knew what he was doing

When he whispered in my ear

And said:








((  these are salt specks I use to lure my Bird to the punchline in our letters ))











” … Don’t eat her French Fries”

Happy 5 years, Em! I look forward to many, many more filled with laughter, love and having fun together.

Love ,

Your X





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  • The tears are just rolling over here. What a sweet post! I always love reading love stories but it is really special to read from his perspective. Happy five years, guys! <3

  • Lisa M. Thomas

    Wow, I have goose bumps! Happy 5 years to you both 😉

  • STOP. IT. As someone who just celebrated five years with her husband yesterday, I’m feeling especially mushy over this today. what a sweet gift. happy five years to you guys!

  • Jae

    What a sweet, sweet gesture to read this from X’s perspective! Cried happy tears for both of you! Happy wedding anniversary!

  • Wow, what a sweet tribute to your marriage!

  • This is too adorable!!! Happy anniversary!!!

  • Oh y’all! Happy, Happy Anniversary! Hope you’ll eat some salty fries to celebrate!!

  • Aghhhhhh! So sweet. Adore this love letter – you deserve to be surprised with sweetness! Knowing that feeling of finally being surprised that someone God made just for you could be so amazing…well I definitely cried too. Cheers to the wonderful ways He surprises us in life! And wishing you both the most wonderful anniversary ❤️❤️

  • This is so sweet. Happy anniversary you guys!

  • THIS IS THE BEST. Happy anniversary you guys!

  • Hellllooooooo the rest of us are crying too. Happy wedding anniversary and X, you nailed it! ❤

  • HAHA I loved the ending. What a sweet post. Happy anniversary!!

  • Y’all are just precious and you are a lucky girl.

  • This is, by far, the sweetest post I do believe I have ever read 🙂