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A dog named OJ.

January 8, 2016

Oooj Winter

Oh guys. I’m not gonna lie, ok? I’m so tired I feel like I could sleep for a few months. I’m serious, this is not just me being dramatic. (I mean, maybe a little.) My Own It goal this month was to wake up earlier each day – 5:30am to be exact – and while I only made it up at 5:30am on the dot ONCE this week, I was up no later than 6:15am all the other days (crazy that there are only 4 of those “other days” – feels like a million of ’em) and yes. I’m tired. And yes – I can see those of you who get up that early normally and you’re rolling your eyes but listen to me – I am a night owl by nature! Not only did I get up earlier this week but I also continued to stay up incredibly late too – like 11:30pm was my earliest bedtime. My body hates me right now. I blame it on Gilmore Girls and Making a Murderer (I can’t even, ok? I’m so upset by that show, I made it to the 5th episode and vowed to never turn it on again, I’ve never gone to bed so angry and depressed, holy cow. Corrupt people with lots of power, I don’t know if there’s anything scarier.) Anyone else on the Netflix crazy train?

I will say though, as tired as I’ve felt, I’ve also gotten SO much done! Crazy how waking up even a few hours earlier than you normally do can change your entire day. There were a few days this week where I was done with my entire to-do list before noon. And THAT feels amazing. (Think it’s possible to be an early bird and a night owl? I mean, they’re both birds so I don’t see why not.)

In other random news, because that’s just how I’m feelin’ this Friday, I got a call from PetSmart yesterday – they were checking to see if “OJ” needed to come in for a haircut because it’s been 6-8 weeks since he was last in. Um, excuse me?? My own dog is on a better hair cut schedule than I do. And secondly, OJ? Like OJ Simpson? Like Orange Juice? Because I was so sleep deprived and because she called poor Oooj “OJ,” I responded to her with, “I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong number ” to which she said, “You don’t have a dog named OJ?” It was then that I burst out laughing, clearly because the thought of someone naming their dog OJ was hilarious to my sleep deprived brain, and it only got worse as I literally couldn’t catch my breath and was SNORTING into the phone from laughing so hard. This poor girl from PetSmart was so confused, still asking me if my dog’s name was OJ. (PS- Did you guys know it’s Pet Smart and not Pets Mart? Because I just learned that recently.)

I’ll see you all back here on Monday for the Grateful Heart linkup! Have the greatest weekend!

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  • So I just laughed out loud imaging you on this phone call!. I think that is funny without being sleep deprived.

  • Poor Oooj. But it is funny.
    I am an early bird. Like my work schedule used to be 5am -4 pm. I honestly go to bed about 8-9 every night. But I also suffer from insomnia so I get my sleep from 8-11 or 8-1 depending on the day 🙂
    I feel your sleepy pain when I have to stay up much later than 9 ha! I always say I am a very old person trapped in this body.

    • Man. I think that’s my problem – I’m so used to staying up late, it’s hard for me to fall asleep early enough to make me not want to cry at 5:30am! 😉

      • I hear you! Good luck with the rest of the own it challenge. You have no idea how grateful I am that you come up with these. I think I have grown so much in the last few months.

  • Well, I’ve been wrong my entire life, then. Totally thought it was Pets Mart!

  • Hahahah – OJ? Poor Oooj!!

    I am still working on finishing Gilmore Girls. I think I have maybe 1.5 seasons left. I stretch it out so I don’t finish and feel empty.

    I’m such a night owl and I miss it terribly. I have to get up at like 5:15 for work so I’m in bed pretty early most nights. I hate it. I want to stay up late so badly…but I would never make it through work like that.

    • haha!! Steph, I am right there with you “don’t want to finish and feel empty.” Just last night I added Parenthood to my Netflix faves so that when I AM finished with GG, I can still get my Lauren Graham fix. She’s amazing.

  • Haha that is funny – especially when you are so tired! I really need to make Gilmore Girls a priority in my life… maybe this weekend!

    • Hope you got some GG episodes in, lady!! (PS- did you guys get snow??!)

      • I got through 5 more! No snow, sadly. I need just a little in my life!

  • Haha, I wish I could have seen the PetSmart girl’s face while you laughed and snorted on the call!

  • Girl….I have no idea how you do it.Jack and I are such a late sleepers and I am trying to get up by 7:30 so I can have a couple hours to myself to get some stuff done. I am struggling. I am beyond proud of you for totally rocking this up by the crack of dawn thing. props to you!

    • Jack = my dream kid. haha! 😉 This weekend has NOT been easy, getting up early, but I really have felt so much better by the end of the day.

  • this whole night owl thing is exactly why I don’t want to start making a murderer! that’s a recipe for disaster, especially when my husband is out of town on business!

  • I hate 5:30am. I hate it so much. Good for you for hitting it one day this week! I’ve walked my dogs every day except yesterday because I just didn’t wanna. My husband scolded me for slacking. Lol. Poor OJ 🙂 People always call Lylee (rhymes with “Kylie”) Lilly or Lyla, lol.

    • haha!! I hate it too, lady! But then at about 9am, when I’ve gotten so much done, I love it 🙂 Good for you and your walks! I took “OJ” 😉 out for a walk yesterday and thought about you.

  • Holly

    Oh my goodness! You had me snorting along with you! I’m a night owl too so I completely understand not being able to function before 8am! 😉 So proud of you for sticking with it (and letting us share your journey!).

  • This post made me laugh on so many levels and I needed it.

    • SO glad 🙂 I have another hilarious share on Monday, fyi. Hope you’ve had a restful weekend xo

  • OJ the cutest wittle puppy in the world with the best hair scheduling…. LOL! So I’m going to be kicking myself in the butt soon but I’m about to start the whole wake-up-at-oh-dark-thirty each morning so I can do devotionals because #letsbehonest… It’s not happening any other time of the day. LOL!

  • My massage therapist was telling me today about Making A Murderer and knowing I won’t watch it, for lack of Netflix and that stuff spooks me, she told me about the story line. Freaky. She was getting upset. I received the benefit from her getting worked up about it and had additional pressure applied to my massage. Yeah! Anyways, me, the early riser…your body will adjust and get use to it. In time. Meanwhile, lots of coffee!

    • So funny your massage therapist was telling you about the show while giving you a massage! That show would make anyone tense up!! Thanks for the morning encouragement, Michelle! For my first week, I think I did pretty well. Looking forward to doing even better this next week!

  • Wow 5:30 am? You go girl! I have been so horrible with sleeping in the past week (blaming it on vacation hangover…), but between you and Lindsay’s posts about getting up early (, I think I have just enough motivation to start a new routine… next week 😉 Have a great weekend!

  • I am an early riser by nature (wish I wasn’t) but on the flip side I am my most productive then. Everyone else sleeps and I get stuff done. Win/win. Funny…I was reading this post thinking to myself I thought her dog’s name was Oooj. I must be wrong! Glad to know I wasn’t losing it!

    • hahaha! I mean, I get that “Oooj” is an odd name, but I think the thought of anyone naming their dog OJ is what got me hysterical.

  • Okay we were TOTALLY on the Making a Murderer train. Just finished on Thursday. What a sad story….Kyle is still mind-blown over the whole thing.

    • Girl I couldn’t even finish it. I got to episode 5 and just could not continue – so sad, the entire thing!

  • Haha! At least the girl from PetSmart got an interesting day at work out of it. I always love crazy phone calls!

  • Getting up early is like finding extra hours in the day!! It’s always amazing how much more I get done when I do that (voluntarily, not because of an awake-who-should-be-asleep child). I really ought to start doing that again…!
    (How does Oooj come out OJ??)

    • Seriously…. my only thought is that maybe they had it spelled wrong in the computer??!

  • I wish I was able to get up early to tackle my to-do list instead of going to work. I do feel rather accomplished when it’s 12 pm and I’ve already had a full work day!

  • OMG…I just got a visual of you talking to the girl at PetsMart. 😉 And I hope you called it that as you snorted in her ear that she said OJ! 🙂 Sorry…I’m a jerk…but I seriously just lol’ed picturing how this all went down.

    • hahaha! Laughing over here…

      (ok but really- you always knew it was Pet Smart? I feel like Pets Mart makes more sense.)

      • I mean, I totally did. But spelling was always my thing, So nerdy!!