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A Place to Reset

June 6, 2016

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I’m getting a late start on this Monday, holy cow, but you know what? Sometimes that’s just the way the day shakes and I’m remembering that we need to extend ourselves a bit of grace. Mondays are hard enough so despite waking up late and having a million things to do today, I’m aiming to tackle it all with a grateful heart. Who’s with me?

Do any of you have a place you go to when you just need to mentally get away, rest, regroup, and BE? My parents’ house in Indiana is that place for me. It’s way out in the country and is so quiet and peaceful. In fact, the only sounds you hear (and pretty much 24/7) are those of nature: birds, tree frogs, horses, bees. It is so heavenly and, other than a beach vacation, is my favorite place to reset.

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If you follow me on Instagram, you most likely saw glimpses of quite a bit of my adventures this past weekend. Christian and I began our long weekend in Indiana by continuing to celebrate our anniversary with a nice dinner at one of our favorite places, Stone Creek (this is also where X threw my surprise 30th bday party!) We’ve had some pretty epic anniversary celebrations: for our first year we went to Maui – this was actually our honeymoon that we took a year after we said I Do!, last year we were treated to The Grand Ole Opry – where we watched the show literally on stage, but our dinner together for year four was one of my favorites. We took our time, didn’t talk about anything work related (which is harder than you’d think!), ordered drinks and apps and dinner AND dessert (something we’ve never done before, we really treated ourselves!) – it was seriously the best, we had so much fun. Thank you to EVERYONE who wished us a happy anniversary!

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The rest of the weekend was spent riding bikes with my parents on the country back roads (beyond gorgeous!), cookouts, lots of sleep, an afternoon of tasting different beers in the downtown area of the town my parents live in (hilarious & so fun), reading (still reading Joan Didion – I can’t stop, she’s seriously amazing), and of course my mom and I got our donuts on National Donut Day! (Did you catch our video?!) We even grabbed a few extras and delivered them to my Grandma and Granddad. If anyone loves donuts as much as I do, it’s my Grandma.

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Isn’t it funny how when you’re in the right location with the right people, you can still be super busy but it really doesn’t feel that way? Like, it feels completely relaxing and you’re able to refuel your body, mind, and soul. I’m so grateful to have that place and spend that time with my parents. I hope you all were refueled this weekend and that you’re feeling energized & grateful today! Stay tuned… I have some fun things to share with you the rest of this week!

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  • Sounds like you guys had a wonderful anniversary! You deserve it!

  • YES to what you said about being busy. With the right people, it manages to feel refreshing.

    • It’s funny but it really hit me (like, for the first time ever) this past weekend!

  • Aww, I missed the anniversary pics- Happy Anniversary! I saw the donut one! I’m so bummed I didn’t get donuts on Friday, although I did have one (or two) on Thursday… so I was just early to the celebration 🙂 I love that pic of the sleeping pup!

    • Thank you!! 🙂 Girl, I’m sure I ate enough donuts for ALL of my friends 😉 haha!

  • Oh yes, we all need a place to retreat! I loved your Instagram photos this weekend. Here’s to a great week ahead.

  • I love this so much! Happiest anniversary you two!

  • oh girl. first, happy anniversary to you two adorable love birds. second, yes to the way your people fill you up regardless of how many directions it feels like you’re running in. yes. yes they absolutely do.

  • I’m so glad you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend! I can see how your parents’ house would be the best place for unwinding and disconnecting. (And your awesome folks are a lot of the reason too!) XO

    • I’m going to miss their place SO much when they move! (But the plans for their new place sounds like it will be very similar, if not better! Will have to have you and Amy come visit!!!)

  • Sounds like a perfect and ideal way to reset. I agree. We all need a space where we can go to escape and recharge. We often need it more than we know!

    • Your back porch looks like the perfect place to unwind! 🙂 #porchgoals

  • My parents’ home is like that for me! What a fun weekend for you guys 🙂