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A Simply Grey Coffee Tour: Five

June 26, 2015
I feel like a broken record, talking about how insanely fast this week went by BUT, WHOA. Between driving my jet-setting husband to the airport (my 2nd time driving him there in one week), beginning my new (very part-time) position as Social Media Coordinator at the ever fabulous Holl and Lane Magazine (more on this later, okay?!), and doing all of the other things a blogger does M-F, by the time Thursday afternoon rolled around I was ready to kick back at a coffee shop and relax a bit. (It also helped that today is my monthly linkup with Nelle for our Simply Grey Coffee Tour – so I mean really, it was my job to relax at a coffee shop for a few hours, right?) 😉 
Located in the Hillsboro neighborhood (practically right across the street from the beautiful Vanderbilt University campus), Fido is one of my most favorite places to eat/drink in all of Nashville. The largest buyer of local ingredients in the city, it is also the only café housed in a former pet shop (hence the name, Fido.) On the walls you will find super cool, local art and will never witness any of those eye-rolls from the baristas 😉 It’s larger than most coffee shops and cafés in the city, with the line to order often times going out the back door and down the street. 
I’ve eaten here a few times now but never just stopped in for some coffee. UNTIL LAST NIGHT. I ended up getting the Macchiato Espresso (with Almond milk, of course) – and it was the perfect 3 oz. pick-me-up to get me through the rest of my evening work. I also purchased a muffin, the number one thing I tend to pair with coffee drinking, and surprised myself when I ended up buying a Vegan Beet It! Muffin made at Bongo Bakery (also in Nashville). This muffin was SO GOOD, I think it shocked me how much I liked it. (The dark chocolate pieces in it didn’t hurt, that’s for sure.) So basically it was dessert… but kinda healthy, right? Oh, and did I mention Fido carries wine too? I’m telling you- I could live at this place. 
On this particular visit to Fido, I got to do one of my most favorite things: date-watch. This is kind of like people-watching only better because you know the couple are on a date. I like to try and figure out if it’s an early dating situation or if they’ve been together for awhile. You can usually tell by how self-conscious the girl is about eating her food and whether or not it’s on her face or stuck in her teeth 😉 The couple sitting at the table across from me were definitely in the beginning stages of dating and I swear my own face blushed as the guy fumbled over his words while nervously staring at his date with the slightest smile on his face. It was the cutest freaking thing ever. 
Fido is one of five cafés under the Bongo Java umbrella and I’m anxious to try out the other four places. Until next time!
Once a month, my sweet friend Nelle (from Simply Love) and I come together to share some of our favorite moments from some of our favorite cafés and coffee shops. Our hope is that you will join us too, on the last Friday of each month, by linking up to share a few of your own personal favorite spots from your own town or travels. 
Simply Grey Coffee Tour

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  • I went on a date at Fido once in college. He got there before me and had already ordered. Then I wasn't sure if it was a date anymore. haha.

  • haha! That's SO not good. (Although that would have been an interesting one to date-watch! Wow.)

  • My husband and I are going on a date tomorrow. People that are date-watching will be able to tell when we barely talk to each other and/or burp loudly. 🙂 xo, Sarah


  • haha!! Have a great date with your man, Sarah!

  • Oh I love date watching!! Haha…always trying to figure out who's more into it, who will make the first move, etc. 🙂 And, now I'm officially creepy! Looks like an adorable cafe! Can't wait to hear about your new part time job!

  • That muffin actually does sound really good! I think it's the dark chocolate pieces that are tricking me. Ha! I love date-watching – it's just so awkward sometimes lol!

  • I love that you go date watching! It's so fun to imagine what they're experiencing.

  • Yes! We can be creepy together then! I even got Christian doing it, ha!

  • Kel, it was definitely the chocolate (although I DO like beets). We'll try them when you come visit 😉

  • It's probably really creepy looking if anyone were to catch on, but I do it anyway 😉

  • Date watching is the best! My family always ends up doing that whenever we go out. Sometimes we even try to quietly narrate the date. I guess that means we are total creeps. ha!

  • I love Fidos! And yes, date watching is super entertaining.

  • What is your favorite thing to get there, Alanna?! I'll be going back in a few weeks and want to try something new to eat 🙂

  • HA! I love it. I will definitely have to do that next time. (As long as I'm not by myself though.. because then I def would be crazy.) 😉

  • hahaha Yes. I agree. That would be a tad nuts!

  • Date watching is the BEST!! M and I will "voice over" the date when we see one in progress lol. I am so dying to get to this one new coffeehouse in town but I have no idea when I'll find time on my own :/ fingers crossed it's soon!!

  • haha yes! That's what another person said – I have to try this voice over thing! My fingers are crossed for you!! 🙂

  • Every time I went it was around lunch and I had the smoked turkey and brie! Sooo good. I need to try some of their breakfast sandwiches though.