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A Simply Grey Coffee Tour: Four

May 29, 2015

I must confess something to you all. I’m afraid I may have slacked a bit in the café touring this past month. Truth be told, I only went out for coffee twice, both times at Starbucks (and it was the drive-thru), but that’s not to say I didn’t consume my fair share of coffee for the month of May.
Sometimes the best cup of coffee is the one made in your own home.
I’ve spent many mornings and afternoons standing on our back deck in solitude, listening to the birds sing, soaking in the quiet, feeling the sunshine on my skin… and all of it is heavenly. Having spent the last 8 1/2 years living the city life in Chicago and chugging my coffee as I go-go-go to the next place and the next place and the next, I often dreamt of one day having my own grass… a tree in my backyard… sweet bird songs to enjoy… and a slower pace in which I could sip on coffee at that same rate, all in the comfort of my own space… in yoga pants. And now that I have all of those things – some days the last thing I want to do is drive to sit down in a noisy coffee shop or café. 

I may not have a fancy coffee maker, or mugs that match, or interesting art on the wall; instead I have a collection of my favorite coffee mugs, a coffee maker that takes its time to brew, and the only tip of the day is the one I find in His word, which is full of great tips by the way 😉

Since Oooj is still getting used to his big, fenced-in backyard (being a former city dog, he’s still not sure what to do with it), sometimes I’ll stand outside with him while he runs around and I can take my first gulps of caffeine without anyone else around.

I can drink my coffee with cozy socks on, or no socks at all, with a dimly lit lamp the only light of the early morning hours, watching the news or doing something I rarely make time for – book reading or novel day-dreaming.

So while it may not be Paris, I’ll tell you right now that my home, backyard, and cozy bed will always be a few of my favorites places to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, heavy cream.

*The Soul Sisters mug is the other half to the set of two, found here and gifted to a soul sister indeed.

Once a month, my sweet friend Nelle from Simply Love and I come together to share some of our favorite moments from some of our favorite cafés and coffee shops. Our hope is that you will join us too, on the last Friday of each month, by linking up to share a few of your own personal favorite spots from your own town or travels. 
Simply Grey Coffee Tour

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  • Oh darn it! I totally just found the cutest little coffee shop that had the best iced Chai lattes! But I was a bad blogger and didn't take any photos 🙁

  • Coffee on my front porch is my favorite place to have coffee!! Happy Friday sweet friend!!

  • All of your pics look so cozy!

  • Sometimes relaxing at home and taking in the peace and quiet is better than anything else. 🙂 I love this linkup. I keep meaning to link up..putting it on my calendar right now! Lol!

  • Between your pictures and your words you've painted the comfy-est little picture! I'm glad you get to embrace slow, warm, snuggle-y mornings! Sounds awesome!

  • Sometimes home is the best coffee shop! Your pictures are so heavenly. I'm trying really hard to cut back on my Starbucks consumption. I have a problem. But hey, the first step is admitting it.

  • What a lovely post Emily. I agree, there's something special about drinking your coffee in bed!

  • Coffee at home is the best. I love having friends over for coffee instead of going out!

  • That sounds so wonderful and relaxing! I need to spend more time in my backyard with the dogs. They LOVE it out there!

  • My favorite coffee is roasted in a small, one-light mountain town just over the ridge from my husband's hometown. Luckily they will ship, but it gets so pricy to order and have it sent to me. There's nothing quite like having that perfect cup of your favorite blend right at home!

  • YES! I love sitting on my deck in the spring and summer in the morning letting the sunshine start my day. There's nothing like home 🙂

  • Sometimes coffee at home amd relaxing moments are just what you need. Those pics look super relaxing and cozy.
    Lovr that little Oooj has a yard now.

  • Nothing beats a cup of coffee in the backyard while the dogs play. It's probably my favorite coffee spot to be honest. Let's be real – mugs that match aren't fun. The ones that each have a story matter more!

  • You are singing my tune, girlfriend! I have been savoring the sounds of simple noncity life around me too 🙂 And I'm SO excited that we now have patio furniture – I can drink my coffee in a *comfy seat* outside instead of just on the deck steps like I have been!

  • You must have had a great time 😉 I always forget to take pictures when I'm really in the moment! The linkup will be open for another week and a half if you end up going back!

  • Happy weekend!!! 🙂

  • It was a cozy month 🙂

  • Yeah, girl! Come link up, I want to see where you get your coffee fix! 🙂

  • aw! I hope you get a few for yourself this weekend, Audrey! 🙂

  • Oh seriously. Especially when they come out with those special/secret drinks, Lord help me! (And when the Red Cups come out… then things get truly dangerous.)

  • Thanks, Maru! 🙂

  • I've yet to have friends come over for coffee – love that idea!

  • Yes! Maybe your dogs can teach mine who to be a country dog! 😉

  • BEST medicine!

  • oh wow, that sounds so perfect!

  • I love that he does too, Brittany!! Even if he doesn't know how to properly enjoy it yet! 😉

  • haha. Mugs that match aren't fun = TRUTH.

  • I'm so glad we have our own little slice of heaven! 🙂

  • This is making me all kinds of excited for summer! Slow mornings with the pup out back, babe in my arms, Claire with her messy hair chasing the pup, and mama enjoying french pressed coffee. But for the next 13 days I'll drink my coffee in a styrofoam cup made from a keurig in the teacher's lounge.

  • I've been dying to get a french press! I hear Target has a cute one…. might have to do it.

  • chall1018

    I love love love this!! Your backyard sounds dreamy. I am so excited that it's summer and I don't have the get up and drive Mason to school. He can sleep in and I can go out to my back porch, drink my coffee and do my bible study all while listening to and watching nature all around me! I'm hoping to be able to do this all very soon. We came home to damage from the storms…so right now my porch is covered with a tree that fell, a broken chiminea and yard furniture. I am looking forward to cleanup so that I can enjoy my quiet time in the mornings!

  • Ugh, I'm so sorry for the damage!! So glad it was nothing *too* serious and no one was hurt but man, that is the last thing you want to come home to!