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A Simply Grey Coffee Tour: Six. (Well, Kind of.)

July 31, 2015

Oh hey, guys. Remember when I went to this famous joint to drink coffee & lunch and then didn’t drink coffee or lunch? 
Let’s start at the beginning of this tale.

I’ve been wanting to try out The Loveless Café for so, so long. Christian and I live really close to this famous spot and each time I’d drive by I’d stare longingly at it, imagining how amazing their cornbread must be. This past week was SO crazy for me and before I knew it, it was Thursday- the day before the Simply Grey Coffee Tour and I’d yet to actually tour a new spot for this post. That’s when it was decided: TODAY WOULD BE THE DAY. I was going to The Loveless. Unfortunately, because I was such a procrastinator, I didn’t have anyone who could go with me so last minute so I’d be making this trek alone. I was fine with this.

I parked my car, immediately ran over to the iconic sign and proceeded to take a selfie while old men who were sitting on the front porch of the café had a good laugh over it. I was fine with this. (#fortheblog)

I finally walked inside but the line to put your name in was so long, I decided to walk around and take some pictures so that I wouldn’t have to while I sat down to drink my coffee and eat my lunch.

I wish you could smell the smells in this place. It smells like Little House on the Prairie mixed with BBQ and cobbler and more burning wood smells… and IT’S AMAZING. I feel like the longer I walked around this place, the more I believed I could actually start cross-stitching.

Once I was done taking pictures and making everyone around me uncomfortable as they sat at their table trying to eat, I moseyed my way back up to the front to officially put my name in. I was eating here, no doubt about it. I was going to eat cornbread and drink black coffee – just like real cowboys do. This was happening.
“I’m so sorry, ma’am… it’s a two hour wait.” 
Um, excuuuuuse me?? I’ll ignore the fact that you’re calling me ma’am and making me feel like I’m officially an adult woman but TWO HOURS?
“Oh, it’s just me though. Just a table for one.” (You know, just like a real cowboy. The Lone Ranger.)
“Yes, ma’am, it’s still about a two hour wait.”  
So I did what any adult woman would do: 

I hightailed it to the Starbucks drive-thru and was helped by this fabulous human of a being, Annie. When I began to tell her about my day’s adventures, that I’m a blogger, and would it be okay if I took her picture to document this – she didn’t even need for me to finish my random request – she just struck a pose. God bless her. 
Oh, and since we’re documenting things for this tour, I got the Oprah Cinnamon Chai Latte. Because it tastes like Chriiiiiiistmaaaaaassssss! (You gotta say that like Oprah.)
Don’t you worry though. I will be returning to The Loveless very soon to, you know, actually sit down and try the food. For a REAL café / coffee date captured and documented, you might want to head over to my sweet friend Nelle’s blog 😉 
Happy weekend!
Once a month, my friend Nelle (from Simply Love) and I come together to share some of our favorite moments from some of our favorite cafés and coffee shops. Our hope is that you will join us too, on the last Friday of each month, by linking up to share a few of your own personal favorite spots from your own town or travels. 
Simply Grey Coffee Tour

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