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A Snowy Picture Book Weekend. (A Grateful Heart)

January 25, 2016


Anyone still snowed in? East coasters?? I want to hear all about everyone’s snowy weekend adventures. (West coast readers, we hear you over there with all your “sunshine and clear skies all day everyday let’s go to the beach!” talk. And we’re real happy for you, ok?)

My snowy weekend started out with picking up Christian from the airport around midnight – mere hours before the storm hit Nashville. I thought for sure his flight would be cancelled but he made it home and just in time! He was gone for most of this month, which brought back so many memories of his Night Ranger touring days. I had some great girl time in his absence (clearly) but was happy to have him back.

waiting for x EG

That night, we laughed about how Nashville was freaking out about this supposed impending storm. People were already throwing around terms like Snowmageddon and I laughed as I thought, there is no way. I know what Snowmageddon is (remember, Chicago??) and there’s no way we’ll get one this far south. And while I wouldn’t have put it in the same category as the Chicago snowstorms I experienced in my years there, we woke up the next morning to A LOT of snow.

We made blueberry pancakes and then went out and played in the snow. I love our neighborhood; there is a beautiful walking trailΒ only steps from our front door, complete with a creek and the most beautiful, tall, old trees you’ve ever seen. By now you all should know my love of trees, as documented in many of my Instagram photos, as well as in this space. With all the snow on the branches and the birds flying around, I felt like we were in a real-life snow globe.

pancake EG

Us snowy date EG

snowy sky EG

me in snow EG

(Yes, the Quilt made an appearance!)

I spent the late afternoon and early evening in my office, painting and novel writing. The reflection from the snow outside my window seemed to make my newlyΒ painted lavender walls glow in such a way that aΒ newfound burst of creativity poured from every part of my being and in no way am I exaggerating. (More on all of thisΒ later.)

office 1 EG

painting in office EG

Since the south doesn’t believe in snow plows or salt trucks, most of Saturday was spent “stuck” inside and I’m telling you, I think I left my bed only twice. And it was glorious. I watched movies, I read books, I flipped through a magazine of old pictures of Paris that X bought for me while on our Paris trip, I did research for my novel, and I wrote so much – like on actual paper and with a pen – my fingers were throbbing as I fell asleep around 2am. (PS- Anyone else love in love with their bed? It’s one of my favorite places.)

bedroom 1 EG

With the snow came new inspiration, a call to create BIGGER things and with more passion. And so, that’s where I’m at for now. (I hope it lasts forever.)

For all of this, my heart is grateful.


PS- Don’t forget! This Wednesday is the Twelve Months of Bliss linkup & recap for January’s ‘Own It’ challenge! I’d love to learn about the goal you set for yourself this month and how it went!

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  • Your weekend sounded glorious! Many find being stuck inside such a negative thing, but I loved it. It gives me an excuse to be productive and lazy at the same time. Like you we spent most of our time lounging in bed, and me writing a bit for the blog and for my novel as well. Thanks so much for sharing these winter wonderland pictures and for hosting us this week, Emily! Have a fantastic rest of your week πŸ™‚

    • How awesome that you’re writing a novel too, Maria!! Best of luck with that, I’m finding it to be quite the process – definitely a fun one though. Hope you have a great week!!

  • Sounds cozy and relaxing for a perfect weekend. I understand the manic in southern snowstorms. Here in NC, like today, we are on a school delay and yet, the roads and everything melted. Never will understand it here. I’m from NY and like you, living in Chicago, we KNOW snowstorms. Yet, it does add a sense of excitement to an otherwise dull winter around here. I am so glad Christian was able to be home in time to enjoy it all with you. Trees, I have a huge fascination with “winter trees” in particular. I love looking at them when new fallen snow has arrived. In our case, ice. Which is just as beautiful. Thanks for another grateful heart Monday.

    • Yes! Many schools here are still cancelled, crazy. Don’t you remember hiking it to school with snow up to your knees and then having to undress the 2983762 layers once you got to school? I told Christian last night, our kids are going to think we’re so old and weird when we tell them those kind of stories πŸ˜‰ Wishing you a happy week, Michelle!

  • I so needed a weekend of being stuck inside. Part of me wishes I had been more productive but I also needed time to simply be. We southerners struggle with winter, weather like this doesn’t happen enough to constitute buying the right equipment and thus our cities are often paralyzed. My neighbor from Minnesota came over to help me shovel (because he couldn’t listen to another Disney movie) and I asked him not to laugh at us! πŸ™‚ Your pictures are beautiful and I’m in love with your office. My goal for February is to redo mine.

    • haha- yes, I felt for all of our friends with little ones. I think by last night they were all praying school would start back up today πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to see your office redone if you share it, Sheryl!

  • I agree with Sheryl- apparently I need a weekend where I’m stuck inside. I swear, every time I have a free weekend I immediately book it up and commit to a million things. Your creative, productive weekend is my inspiration to just leave Saturday and Sunday open, and enjoy that time at home!

    • Yes!!!! So excited for your weekend now πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ It feels so strange at first, to just be and relax but funny how you settle into it then fairly quickly πŸ˜‰ By Sunday I had no problem watching yet another episode of Gilmore Girls.

  • Here in metro ATL we got a few flurries and that was it. I was really looking forward to a snowy, cozy weekend but was seriously disappointed. It looks like you had a dreamy, cozy and delightful weekend! I’m so envious/happy for you!

  • Katie @ A Beautiful Little Adv

    I love that the snow inspired you so much!! That’s awesome that you got so much writing done. We are still snowed in up here in PA, our street has yet to be plowed of the lovely 29 inches we got. So enjoying working from home and the extra snuggles.

    • Oh girl – I bet you guys are still clobbered with it! Hope you’re staying warm with your snuggly babe!!! πŸ™‚

  • I’m in love with our bed too! It’s the most perfect place in our entire apartment. We stayed in it most of this weekend too, but I was also inspired by being “stuck” indoors and began writing a new piece as well!

  • I love your office colors! We don’t get that much natural light at my house, so I tend to leave the colors pretty light on the walls. I love how cozy it looks though – and I can’t wait to see the outcome of your creativity!

    • Thank you!! Our house sits on a corner and we get a ton of natural light. Not ideal for sleeping but perfect for creating πŸ™‚

  • Delightful. We got approximately two snowflakes, even though one county south of us had a foot or two. Sigh. So I pretended we had a snow day and stayed in most of the weekend watching Netflix.

    • aw! haha! Glad you were able to pretend and have a restful weekend anyway! πŸ˜‰

  • I love love love when the weather brings inspiration and creativity like that. It’s just the best.

    • Change of any kind often brings a creative shift for me. I have to remember this, you know. Because a lot of times I freak out over unplanned change. Still learning πŸ˜‰

  • I so love that ya’ll were able to get snowed in! The pictures are gorgeous πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, lady πŸ™‚ I had to limit myself to only posting a handful of the pics on here. It was easy to go picture crazy out there!

  • Your office is a DREAM space! Totally just pinned one of the pics πŸ™‚ Glad you were able to enjoy and make the most of the snow!

    • oh girl thank you!! I love it – a lot of the things in my office were inspired by our time in Paris, which in turn inspires me to be creative. I’ll be posting more pics of my office in the next couple of weeks! Can’t wait to see yours one day!

  • I do not like snow so I am glad it never made it to Oklahoma. Jack is disappointed though! ha. Also…can you can your man be any more adorable? Seriously.

    • You know, I’m okay with the snow – it’s the cold that seems to drag on forever that I can’t handle. I am definitely a summer kinda gal though too πŸ™‚ The hotter, the better. (And thank you!) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • I am seriously so envious of that weekend! I am just trying to get a snow day weekend up here! can we talk soon about how to survive with the husband gone that long? mine is about to take a new job which will have him down south for about three months (back for some it but not much) and I will need advice…

    • aww! Well for one- you email me ANYTIME you start to feel lonely! I think the key is to plan things throughout the weeks ahead of time. I planned lunches with girl friends, had my mom come visit for a few days, and then planned solo writing days out (coffee shop, library, etc.) for myself. I also pinned some new recipes to try (although, warning- this would be a good time to invite friends over because otherwise you’re eating it all) and when all else fails- start a new series on Netflix. Also, Christian and I decided to FaceTime vs just texting/emailing/or even phone calls – it helps a lot!

  • My husband and I just moved to Knoxville last year. He is originally from here, but I’m from Missouri. It cracks me up how they call school out here before the first flake ever falls. Yet, I remember in MO as a kid, we’d be praying for school to get out with five inches on the ground and STILL having to go! So, when they said there would be six inches here this weekend, I stocked up on groceries and prepared to stay in. Even though I’m quite confident in my abilities to drive in the snow, I’m not confident in other people here. Ha! We woke up Saturday morning to just a light dusting. I’m like, “Where’s snowmaggedon, people?!” Definitely a different experiences from our snows in the Midwest, for sure!

    • ha! Yes!! I remember trekking it to school with a full snowsuit on! And I totally agree with you- the driving down south is wayyyyyyy different than what we’re used to. I don’t dare drive, sometimes even if it’s raining hard.

  • I love everything about your weekend!! Amazing that Christian made it home before the storm wreaked all its havoc on travel, what an answer to prayer. I especially love the inspiration you clearly found in all of your writing – and painting! (I dont’ think I knew you painted, how fun!!!)

    • I was SO glad he got home in time! Adventuring in the snow wouldn’t have been as fun if I’d done it alone. (I don’t really paint… πŸ˜‰ My mom does though so sometimes I just get that bug to create. My work is questionable. haha!)

  • What a great weekend. I love the snow pictures!!

  • Enjoy the snow (well, you obviously do) and stay warm and safe! πŸ™‚

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  • Loved all your pictures and it seems that you had a great time even the storm. I watched everything on the news, since I live in Puerto Rico… but I have a lot of family in the east! – You did very productive things that normally we wouldn’t do if it wasn’t for the storm. Thanks for hosting also! I’m grateful today despite the circumstances! Blessings Ember!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Tayrina, and for this sweet note! Enjoy your warm weather for all of us over here in the cold! πŸ˜‰

  • What great pictures–love the scenery. Can we also talk about your office-how calming and gorgeous Emily! Good for you for getting inspired- I love a good work day like that.

    • oh thank you, girl! I’m looking forward to sharing more of my office in the next week!

  • I so love your creative space!!! Just pinned it….I need to make a space mine. Right now the kids keep taking over. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Shelly! I’ll be sharing more photos next week. I can’t wait to see YOUR space once you get it the way you like it!

  • chall1018

    Beautiful and dreamy snow pictures! I am so jealous of all of the snow since we never get any here in Texas. And when we do it’s mostly ice with a dusting of snow. I want to be in a real life snowglobe! πŸ™‚ And yay for your sweet hubby making it back before the storm hit! You two are just precious and it makes my heart happy every time I see pictures of you guys. Your space is so cozy and nice!!

    • I felt the same way when we lived in LA, Crystal! I thought for sure I wouldn’t miss the cold and snow and I became so homesick when the first snowstorm hit back home! xoxo

  • This sounds so beautiful and ideal and so inspiring! I can;t wait to see what is ahead for you. And I know I say this all the time but I love the cuteness you and X exude…your love and happiness shines through in each and every photo of you two!

  • Eunhee Stella Jang

    Hi, Emily, I am an amateur poet and I stumbled upon your picture while googling for “snowy sky” to use as a background for my poem. Your picture resonated with me and I am asking for your permission to use it. My instagram account is @boggeul and if you mind my using your photo, please tell me right away. Thanks and I really love all your photos, they have a charming and enchanting quality to them:)β™‘

    • Hi Eunhee! Thank you so much for your note! Yes, feel free to use one of my photos from this post for your poem. Can you share with me the poem in English? I’d love to read it. You can find my email in my contacts page, or feel free to reach out on Instagram- embergreyblog. Thanks!

      • Eunhee Stella Jang

        For roofless days,
        Temperature fluctuates no more,
        Already as cold as it gets, no colder.
        No place to dwell, no place to thaw,
        The sky is a crematorium, shooting white hexagons
        At the barest skin.

        Ladders oiled, climbing hampered,
        Bony fingers float about
        Only to illuminate
        The futile leaping of the legs.

        No longer am I the innocent child
        Whose heart would flutter
        At the sight of white,
        Whose hands would reach
        For the flying jewels.

        He who was born roofless will work to shine the roofs
        of those born under roofs and will still die roofless.
        To the once innocent child,
        Snowflakes are cold tears, fierce daggers
        That let him in on his own lack of a roof.

        Those who are roofless will wither in snow,
        Legs unable to climb, fingers unable to point.
        Children denied innocence will be chosen
        not to be born.
        Those who are born roofless
        Will die roofless, and fall in snow-white ash.

        -Cremation of the Roofless, Boggeul-

        • Eunhee Stella Jang

          I just tried to translate my poem into English, but I have never wrote poems in English before and English is not my mother tongue so it might look stupid haha
          What I tried to convey is that in our society(South Korean) it is almost impossible to move up to higher rungs of the social ladder. Hope you get it… hope my poem isnt a mess lol
          And Thank you btwβ™‘

          • I just read it; it’s beautiful ❀ Thank you so much for sharing it with me and for translating. Don’t stop writing, Eunhee xoxo

          • Eunhee Stella Jang

            Thank you, that is a most wonderful, empowering compliment! Thank you again:)β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘