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A Soft Place to Fall

October 8, 2015
Well this week is just flying by, anyone else?! TODAY, on EG: Dear Nina from Flowers in My Hair is back! You may remember her guest post, I Will Tell About It, this past summer and I’m so happy to welcome her back to this space today.

*The following post is a guest post, written by Nina from Flowers in My Hair, specifically for Ember Grey readers. 


Hi, I’m Nina and I am not so much as a klutz as I am a person who makes poor decisions–like running in socks on a wood floor that can be slippery. Naturally, I fell, windmilling, my feet slipping out from under me. I am almost positive that I looked like the burglars in the Home Alone when they fall on the ice Kevin creates. I hit my tailbone, my back, and head. It could have been a lot worse though. That’s how I am choosing to look at it and with full disclosure, telling you I am not a doctor, I decided not to go to the doctor because it was before bed and also the next day when I was laying in bed, looking up symptoms of a concussion, I again decided not to go to the doctor. I must say, because this is the internet, that this is not a suggestion to take my advice but rather, this is a story I am telling.

Instead, I took to my bed. That used to be an expression, you know? Someone becomes ill and he takes to his bed. I was sick for awhile (still on antibiotics) and I had to take to my bed. I had a fever to the point of chills. The last time that I happened was in sixth grade. I wasn’t getting better so I gave in and got antibiotics. And then as I was getting better, my feet flew out from under me and I fell. I took to my bed.

I love my bed.


It’s not because of how it looks but because it is a safe place.

I’m an extrovert. I really am. But I am also one of those extroverts that needs quite a bit of alone time compared to a lot of other extroverts (sometimes I hate these labels because people are people and we don’t always fit in boxes but let us just use them here for the sake of brevity). Because of that and because of a chronic illness that includes pain that requires rest, I tend to take to my bed. I am writing this from bed. Which I have taken to. I have so many emails to reply to and things to accomplish. I have a lot to do and today (Monday) I don’t have the luxury not to do these things anymore because I need to make rent.

So my bed is my safe place. We all need one. I turn on a white noise app and I turn off the sound off on my phone and one doesn’t see me on social media all that much. When I take to my bed (because it can happen without a fall or illness), it’s because I need a break. I need a safe place. Excuse the pun, but I need a soft place to fall.

There are relationships like this too–the safe ones. They are important, the people you can talk to without judgement, who you can call at anytime of day or night. Lately, I have been taking refuge in another safe place: prayer, just talking to God. That’s the safest place or relationship one can have.

When this world is going crazy and the news makes me angry and sad and lonely, I talk to God.

I used to take to my bed. I used to come home from work and immediately take off my bra (too much?) and just collapse on my bed very dramatically and not move unless it was to call Jimmy John’s (that last part had to stop because the guy knew me a little too well).

I do not always carry the load well. I used to be too tired to talk (or at least that is what I told myself). In truth, I felt as if all the words in the world had dried up long ago. I knew He listened but for a lot of reasons it did not feel like a safe place anymore. It wasn’t Him and I knew it. It was me. It was that I had relationships with other Christians that became emotionally unsafe and even though I know Christians are imperfect, I had a trust issue. But He is always trustworthy. He is always safe. Now, I pray in the shower, from my bed, as I am walking…when I am doing a number of things. It’s not always possible to take to our beds in order to feel safe or comforted or to just quiet the noise in this difficult world. For me, it’s been like having laryngitis and slowly getting my voice back. It was a little awkward at first but it’s working out just fine. I had to carry things a bit differently. I had to let Him carry me.

And I had to stop running on the wood floor with socks too.




*This post was a guest post, written by Nina from Flowers in My Hair, as part of EG’s Go the Distance sponsorship. This post contains fresh content and was written specifically for Ember Grey readers.

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  • You’re a beautiful writer, Nina! I actually just got back from a women’s retreat with my church last weekend and the theme was refuge, so this post is very timely for me. I need to go check out your blog. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Tha’s so cool and what a great theme for a retreat! Is love to have you visit my blog and get to know you more!

  • Is it just me or when you read Nina’s post doesn’t it feel like she is right there in for t of you talking to you? That’s a powerful writer in my opinion. Happy to see two of my faves together in one space!

  • I remember many a time taking to my bed for comfort. Yet, taking it to God brings the best comfort. Happy to hear you came through sliding on the floor without major injury. My grandson enjoys doing that too, for the fun of it at age three. One of these times, he will be landing in my arms for comfort.

  • I love my bed too! Especially right now living in a house of 15 people, it really becomes “my” space compared to the rest of the house. I love the comparison with having God as that safe space to run to, and will try to think of Him in that way when I get overwhelmed and need a break. Thanks!