Do it #fortheblog vlog Wednesday Wishes

A Thanksgiving Vlog.

November 14, 2014

Well, I did it. I Vlogged. Partly because I was harassed by Faith (kidding, I love her), and also because Cassie from Sage the Blog did it (which totally gave me some courage), but mostly because I couldn’t have the only Vlog I shared on EG have to do with dunking special edition Oreos in wine. (Amy, I can hear you now- why not?? And you would have a point.) I digress. So here we go…. and you all are being warned now – I completely veer off topic at the end with a super important question. And I fully expect answers in the comments, mkay?  (#skullet)  (Do it #fortheblog)


I was a total slacker on Wednesday and didn’t get a chance to post for Anne’s Wednesday Wishes so I would love to do that today! TODAY, my wish is that YOU have a happy heart today. That you feel beautiful from the inside out, knowing completely that you are loved. That you are worthy of love. And that even when you don’t feel loved by this world, you are fully loved by someone so much greater. He – King of all kings – calls you His beloved. And if you believe in anything today, believe in that. You are worthy of His love. He says so.

Proudly linking up today with Faith for the Golden Vlog Series and Anne for Wednesday Wishes

Happy weekend!! I’ll see you back here on Monday for a Grateful Heart Linkup!

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  • LOVED this!!! Mmmmmkay, so here's my thoughts (since you asked…)

    Cinnamon roll apple pie? AMAZING. Yes. PS – please post the recipe!

    #skullet? NO GIRL! NO! Lol. My husband does this and it drives me batty. I'm always like, 'whyyyyy don't you just take the extra two seconds to change your shirt too?!' But hey, to each their own right? Most days I'm not even showered until after lunch, so who am I to judge? (PS – that's not out of laziness, just the life of a parent with a million things to do in the morning!).

    Your gorgeous and totally a vlogging babe now. Have a fab weekend!


  • hahaha!!! I ONLY do it when I'm facetiming or Skyping (hence the name Skullet) at night!! So hilarious. I totally feel where your husband is coming from. (And ps- even if it WERE due to laziness on the days you're not showered til lunch, I still wouldn't judge.)

    I will post the apple pie recipe most likely next week!! Happy Friday!!!!! 🙂 XO

  • So first I have to say I'm SO glad you participated!! Yay! Hope it wasn't to!

    Second..that apple pie sounds amazing and I don't even like apple pie so yea! I might need that recipe! LG would probably love it!

    And Third…I ABSOLUTELY do the skullet!! I totally did that last week when I had what seemed like 5 hundred google hangouts! Lolol! Don't get me google hangouts but I really love my pjs! Lol!

  • bahahahah!!! I am cracking up over the skullet!! and yes I would totally do this!! 🙂

    apple pie sounds amazing!! I really want to try this!

  • Eeek I can't wait until I can get off work to hear your little vlog 🙂

  • I can't wait to watch this when I get off work!! Huzzah!

  • Yay! You did a vlog. I loved it! So fun! I'm so glad it worked, Faith harassing you into it. Haha! How do you like Chicago?

  • Haha…you know me well! If your only vlog was about dunking anything in wine…brownies, sushi, burgers…I'd say it was a successful vlog! 🙂 Seriously can't wait to meet you in real life! There will be wine and we will share our fave memories of our grandparents. We do the whole go around the table and say what we're thankful for,too…my gramma started the tradition years ago, so we'll prob all be bawling this year!

  • #skullet is my go to outfit. Is that wrong? The minute I get home from work I put on my pajama pants. I'll even take it a step further…daylight savings time means it gets dark earlier. My husband and I walk our dogs every night and I wear my winter coat, my uggs, and #theskullet. Nobody can tell right? It's dark right? Just smile and nod and agree with me. Because Let's face it, once I get in the #skullet, I'm not changing.

  • hahahaha! I am dying over here BECAUSE I literally JUST had this conversation with Christian about 20 minutes ago as I went to put on my winter coat. He asked me if I was going to wear my sweat pants (with my uggs!) to Walgreens (I've been packing today.. it's been one of those days), and I said, "Yeah, no one knows I'm wearing them under my winter coat." So clearly I'm glad you understand this! ha!

  • I was just thinking the same thing as I read your comment- cannot wait for our real life hang one of these days! Well cheers to lots of crying and giving thanks this year, friend! I'll be right there with ya!

  • haha, thank you! 😉 Chicago is fabulous – but we are ready to move at the end of this month! 🙂

  • I'm going to share the recipe next week, it's SO good!!!

  • yes, lady! I'm going to share the apple pie recipe next week, ok?! It's very yummy! So glad I'm not the only one who rocks the skullet! haha!!

  • Yay, you joined! Vlogging really is fun, isn't it? 🙂 I guess I didn't really realize that you were a Midwest girl! I'm from Wisconsin, so we're not TOO far away from each other. I would GLADLY eat sushi on Thanksgiving, to be honest. It's my kryptonite. 😉

  • YOU ARE SO SWEET. So glad I could be an encouragement to you and you're absolutely my favorite. Also I think we might be coming through Chicago around Christmas!! WE COULD HAVE A SUSHI DATE bahahaha FRED

  • AHAHAHA #skullet! That's the best thing I've heard all day. I tell you what though, If I had to skype with a client I'd totally rock the skullet. and for the record, your apple pie sounds AH-MAAAZZZZ-ING!!! holy yum!

  • Elizabeth Spenner

    Haha 🙂 So much fun!! Love the quote at the end. Have a warm and wonderful weekend 🙂

  • This was so fun to get to see you and hear your voice!
    Haha- and I loved the #skullet part! 🙂

  • I think your family tradition of saying something you are thankful for is a great family tradition!

  • That's my favorite time to shop too!! (Haha, trying to get out of the house, guilty as charged) 😉
    I love sushi – it's one of the few things I miss when I'm pregnant – and I would be soooo happy if I could have some on Thanksgiving!! (YES I HAVE ROCKED THE SKULLET!!!! Love that you named it lol!!)

  • Hi! Loving your blog and your first vlog- you did amazing!! We are moving Dec 19- so not decorating either- I feel you … best wishes- excited for you! PS: My mom goes all out, too – luckily!!

  • Loved your vlog! I also love shopping during off-times because all that hustle + bustle on the weekends? No thanks. And I often rock a skullet, hahaha. I love the name you + X made for it. I have a habit of skullet selfies or skullet Face Time.

  • Loved it! The jello-pretzel thing is SO good…. is that a Midwestern thing?? Also, I would have been rockin a skullet, except I vlogged at work… so I had work pants on 🙂

  • Midwest for life!! 🙂 Even when I move I will still call the midwest "home." I tell you one thing though, I'm going to miss being able to buy Wisconsin cheese at the grocery store. SO GOOD! 🙂

  • I WOULD LOVE A SUSHI DATE WITH YOU!!! If I'm still in Chicago and you have a free 30 minutes, you just let me know! XO!

  • Yeah, I don't ever regret rockin' the skullet. Not ever.

    I am going to share my pie recipe on Wed I think! 🙂

  • Thanks, Elizabeth! 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend too!!

  • I have loved watching all of these Vlogs because it IS so cool to know what each blogger sounds like! 🙂 It makes a difference the next time I read a post.

    Hope you had a great weekend, Amy!! 🙂

  • Thank you! I do too!! 🙂

  • I can't wait for you to have sushi again!!! I bet NYC has AMAZING sushi places!!

  • Hi Nelle! Thanks for stopping by! Do you have a blog? If so, please leave me the address, I would love to visit!

    Good luck on your move, that's so exciting. We'll get through this Christmas by pinning decorations and pretending they're ours… at least, that's what I'm telling myself 😉

  • Skullet selfies!! hahah! That made me laugh out loud. Sometimes you just gotta skullet.

  • I seriously wonder if the jello salad is a midwestern thing. All this time I thought my Grandma invented it… until I started hearing more and more people tell me they make it too, haha 😉

  • The jello thing is SOOOO GOOD, right?! My mom and I will usually eat it for breakfast the next morning too. You know… to even out the pan 😉

    (Thank you for your excitement over our move, Kacie! It is fun to share that with people!!)

  • Hi! Yes, we will! Love this idea- you're so sweet and hope your move goes well! I actually added your button recently to my sidebar because I'm loving ember grey and have been working on a 'gratitude project' but never launched it- your linkup inspired me so I included in on my post Saturday- hope you don't mind. 🙂 my blog is *thanks for being so inspiring!! xo

  • Oh, the cheese… if I ever move away it'll be one of the things I'd miss most!

  • So awesome!!! I don't mind at all (and THANK YOU!) – your gratitude project sounds right up my alley 😉 I can't wait to check out your space later tonight! 🙂 XO


  • Ohhhhh, if I ever move away the cheese is what I'll miss the most! We have a cheese factory about 20 minutes from our house where we buy almost all our cheese. SO GOOD.

  • It's SO GOOD!!!!

  • I appreciate the bit at the end made me laugh! There are a few video where I rock a skullet, vlog wasn't one of them though. It was so fun to put a voice to your blog, make it even more fun reading it. 🙂

  • I am loving these Vlogs for that reason too! 🙂

  • chall1018

    First off, you are a doll!! I love that you all go around the table and tell what you are thankful for. I wish we did that. There are about 50ish of us on my mom’s side and just getting together is a feat in itself. Sushi on Thanksgiving…love it! I also love that you name your tree Fred! Too cute. Mason would love to name our tree. Cinnamon roll apple pie?? Yum! And yes…I change to pajamas the second I can!! And I love that you named
    it the skullet. I’m in pajama bottoms with a top as I am watching this! hahahaha

  • lady, this comment from you makes my day!! 🙂 I love that you were rockin' the skullet!! 😉 I'm dying to know what Mason would name the Christmas tree… I really want you to ask him 🙂

  • chall1018

    You are too sweet!! So, I asked Mason what we should name our Christmas tree and this was his response…

    "Really Mom? It's a Christmas tree. Tree's don't have names, silly."

    haha! Do I have a four year old? Or a fourteen year old?!?!? I'm really surprised he didn't say "Jake" because he names EVERYTHING that!

  • hahaha!!!!! This makes me smile. What a sweetheart! Jake is a good name, I've gotta say…