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A Very Inspiring Blogger (+ a very big giveaway)

May 2, 2014
Happy Friday, everybody! What’s on everyone’s agenda for the weekend? I’ll be finishing up a new DIY – I can’t wait to share this one with you all next week! Spring is just all kinds of inspiring, shoot! 
Well, I was quite surprised last week to have my friend Anne from Love the Here and Now nominate me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, considering she inspires and encourages me weekly! Thank you, Anne, for the nomination! 🙂 It was some serious sunshine to my week! 

Just like last time though, I’m going to break the rules and switch it up a bit. Since I’ve been sharing so much randomness about myself lately, I’m going to skip that part of the award and go straight to passing the torch to another very inspiring blogger. I decided to just nominate one person this time around, but I truly could pass this one out to so many of you gals who inspire me on a daily basis!

My nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award goes to Katie from Life Is This.
I’ve tweeted about Katie and her blog often and it’s because I’m constantly just floored by her writing. She has such a sweet, genuine, and beautiful way of telling stories, encouraging others, and the bond that she and her sister share? It brings me to tears every time she writes about it, seriously. Katie is one of those people you just think, “I want to be friends with this girl.” And not just blogger friends, but in real life. Her sweet reminders to live life, to love others, and to stay true to yourself is what inspires me lately. Be sure to stop by Katie’s blog and say hi 🙂

Next up on today’s agenda: one seriously amazing giveaway! 

Here’s what you need to know – Shane over at Whispering Sweet Nothings is celebrating her 22nd bday with all of us by throwing a HUGE 2-weeklong giveaway with over $700 in prizes! The best part? Not just one, but SEVEN of you lucky gals could win. Check out the fabulous ladies below and then check out those gifts! Good luck!

Happy Birthday, Shane!

Alisha / Chantilly / Whitney / Megan / Emma / Amy / Allison / Gentri / Emily 

Amy / Sydney / Cayli / Kelly / Jenn / Alex / Marquis / Kathryn / Nay

Brooke / Kerry / Emily / Linda / Rachael / Chelsea / Ashley / Brianna / Noor / Kate

Basic Babe

$60 Target + $30 Starbucks

Fierce Fashionista
Jewelry + handbag

Eleanor and Park, The Fault in Our Stars, The Language of Flowers, Right Before Your Eyes + Custom hoop design

Online music lesson + $15 iTunes + $10 TCBY

Beauty Maven

$25 Ulta + 3 months Birchbox + Keratin Treatment

Blogger Shot Caller

Custom blogger premium design + $35 Paypal Cash

Beautified Blog

3 months large ad Gentri Lee + $30 Olive & Ivy Designs + $15 Clarke Creative 

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  • For the record, you bring sunshine into my life all the time! And Katie….sigh….what a great blogger. I'm with you….if only we all lived closer; a meet up would be wonderful.

    Ok this giveaway is awesome! So many prizes and so many great bloggers working together!

  • Isn't Anne the sweetest?! Have a great weekend girl!

  • I was just stopping by from Shane's giveaway to leave a little love! Love your blog!

  • thanks for sharing.
    I have been inspired to share my journey
    with Huntington's Disease.
    I would be honored if you would follow as I share
    my heart.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by, Alexandra! I look forward to getting to know you better over at your blog!

  • I have no idea what advice I'd give. Maybe don't work at the job I worked at before the one I have now! haha. But actually not since I did learn a lot I guess 🙂

  • Ali

    Study harder!

  • start your 401k early, right out of college–you will thank yourself!

  • Congratulations on your award! I just found Kate's blog through the Jack of All Trades link-up & adore it 🙂