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An Adoption Update, Before I Hiatus

February 12, 2016

nursery 2016 EG

Before I go on my blogging break (beginning next week!), I wanted to give you all a little adoption update…

…. we’re still waiting 😉

As I explained in this post, when you’re in the waiting period of the adoption process, there are no updates to give. (Other than how we’re doing while waiting – which, today, is really great.) Our Home Study has been completed for some time now and we’re just waiting to get a call from our agency, either telling us that a birth mother would like to meet with us, or that our baby is at the hospital. (Yes, the latter is the reason we have a carseat, ready to be put into action.) (It’s the cutest carseat you’ve ever seen in your life. Like, ever.) (I may walk into the nursery on a weekly basis just to squeal over its cuteness.)

nursery 3 2016 EG

There is a lot of information about adoption online, so I probably don’t need to tell you all how long it COULD take – it seriously varies and there is no “one way” of an adoption journey. Each journey, each story, is different. And I’m really thankful that I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m really okay with that. We could get The Call today or we could be waiting a year. We have always said from the very beginning we’re not waiting for A baby, we’re waiting for OUR baby. And that alone, believing and knowing that God’s GOT THIS, brings great comfort in the waiting time.

This time of waiting is such an interesting thing. It’s incredible, actually. Over the past 7 months I have learned how important it is – for me personally – to do away with comparing and any previous expectations of what “expecting” would be like for me, for us. Essentially, we are expecting right now. Which is AMAZING and exciting. And while we may not be going through or experiencing the things we would have if I were pregnant, the things we are experiencing while we wait are incredibly precious. While my belly may not be growing and expanding with each passing week, I can tell you right now that my heart sure is. (Dang it, queue the tears. I swear, I can’t even think about the ways in which my heart is already growing for our person without crying.) (See?! Hormones?! haha). While Christian may not be taking “bump update” photos of me each month, we do have pictures of all the adventures we’re continuing to go on while we wait for our family of two to become a family of three. While we may not have an official countdown – which obviously is the hardest part of the waiting – we have chosen to celebrate every day because we know that means we’re one day closer to meeting our son or daughter. Our journey may look different from how I grew up picturing it to be, but my gosh – already I wouldn’t ask for it to be any other way. Even on the hard days. And I love that all of these special things are a part of our story.

nursery 2 2016 EG

Another part of this journey that will be different is the baby shower throwing thing. My mom cannot wait to host a shower for us, but that will most likely happen after we already have our person in our arms – which really will be so much fun 🙂 But in the meantime, we have friends who are doing all they can to encourage us, support us, and celebrate with us in this time of expecting. And seriously- I cannot even begin to tell you how much that means to us.

One of my dear, dear friends here in Tennessee, who is also a truly gifted photographer, asked me a few months ago if she could throw us a Noonday Shower/Adoption Fundraiser. Are you all familiar with Noonday? Noonday is a line of unique jewelry, bags, and accessories handcrafted by men and women in vulnerable communities around the world.


photo source

This company is committed to creating sustainable, safe, fair-paying jobs that empower people to provide for their families. And guys? I LOVE companies like this. And to know that the gals who purchase items at this shower tomorrow are not only helping support our adoption fund (a portion of the proceeds will go directly to our account at our adoption agency), but that they’re also helping someone else on the other side of the world – I cannot begin to tell you how much I love that this will be a part of our story. I can’t wait to share these things with our child – what an incredible part of their story. My heart could burst.

Since I can’t invite ALL of you to my friend’s house tomorrow (although how awesome would that be?!), I wanted to share the online link you can use if you might like to do a little shopping, while supporting our adoption in the process. This link will be “active” until Feb. 26th!

This is a really exciting time for us, even though the status of Waiting remains. If you’d like to read the short version of how we made the decision to adopt, you can read more about that on our YouCaring page. This will probably be the last post I’ll share in this space regarding our adoption, until we have our babe, since that’s the next step of the process. (YAY!) I am so, so grateful for everyone’s support and encouragement – seriously, thank you.

As for this impending blogging hiatus, it’s not goodbye, it’s just a see you later 😉 Like, see you on February 24th for the recap & linkup of this month’s Twelve Months of Bliss! How’s everyone doing with that, by the way??

Have the BEST weekend, friends!

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  • Aw Emily, this is so sweet xx Congratulations, and I’m so excited for you both x Can’t wait to read about your person xx

  • Your nursery is so sweet! How exciting!! I can’t wait until your bundle of joy arrives! I know you’ll get the call at JUST the right time! Have fun at your shower!!

  • My heart is just exploding for you. I can’t wait to get that update that you’ve met your perfect little person.

  • I so love that God has written this adoption story for ya’ll – it really makes my heart just pitter patter. I cannot wait to hear all about it as it continues to progress. And to hopefully get some advice and pep talks when that day comes for us ha! xoxo

  • All the tears. You are so amazing. I cannot wait to hear about the day you get The Call. It will be the best day.

  • I’m so excited for you. I’ve walked this journey with close friends and know all of the emotions you are feeling. Enjoy this part chapter as it is just as important as any other. Much love to you sweet Emily.XOXO

    • As hard as parts of this chapter can be, I do know what you’re saying. It’s also really special & sweet! XO

  • You have so many big things happening! I love it. I’m so excited for you both.

  • Katie @ A Beautiful Little Adv

    Oh pure joy is awaiting you!!! You have me tearing up! It’s so crazy to think any day now you’ll get that call…try to enjoy the anticipation. Love is worth it….you’re going to be amazing mother.

  • I can’t wait for grandma photos, sleepless night photos, Christian and baby photos and so much more. I know you are going to be on break, just know – you will be missed here. See you on the 12MofBliss day. How is it going – truthfully, very difficult. This challenge is HARD! I may lose a few friends over this 🙂

    • This challenge is so incredibly difficult, I know. I’ve already started journaling my thoughts for the recap… I have lots of thoughts on this one. Looking forward to reading everyone else’s too!

  • You are so amazing, Em. I love this beauty in your spirit – your positivity and faith and hope is one of the reasons I fell in love with your writing the first time I stumbled on your blog, and remains one of the many things I love about you as a friend 🙂 I just know God has the most precious babe in store for you – and I cannot wait to share in your joy when that call happens.
    (I wish I could be there at Molly’s house with you but I have definitely hit up the shop, so many pretty things in there!!!!) 🙂 XO

    • XO. I’m so grateful to call you my friend! Making that call to you and Amy is going to be so, so sweet!! (I can’t wait to see what all you got!)

  • Your positivity is so inspiring – infectious. I cannot wait to hear when you get that call and for you to meet your person! One of my friends got that call this past weekend and will have a son in May 🙂

  • I love your heart and positivity about the adoption process. It’s on my heart to adopt one day, but I’m not sure how I would be with the waiting and the not KNOWING things in general. But there is a real peace to knowing that it’s all in God’s hands and that your baby is going to be in your arms one day (hopefully soon)! Saying a prayer for you guys right now. <3

    • Thank you so much for your prayers, Lisa – that means so much! The wait is not easy. Worth it, of course. But not easy. You just have to choose the attitude you’re going to have and then work really hard at keeping it – that’s what’s helped me through all of this. That and community! 🙂

  • I can’t believe what an amazing outlook you have with all this. I struggle SO MUCH with not knowing everything and waiting just about kills me, so I’m in awe of you, truly. I am so excited that you’re continuing to move forward each day, and that when your someday comes, you will be so full of happiness!

    • There are absolutely days that are REALLY hard. Waiting in the unknown is not easy at all. Surrounding yourself with positive people helps so much though. That and keeping busy 😉

  • Sending tons upon tons of love and prayers to you, sweetie! I can’t wait to hear the, “We have our baby!” email! xoxo

  • All the happy tears. Adoption is a truly beautiful thing that I can’t quite put in to words my thoughts. You are incredibly strong, brave and will be a wonderful mother. I love this sweet nursery and the way you have with words gives me chills. Thinking of you every step of the way. XO!

  • So neat! Can’t wait to get the word that your little one has arrived! How exciting. Any day now…

  • Such a fun day yesterday! Love you and that baby-to-be!

  • Sarah Elizabeth Frazer

    You have such an amazing outlook on the waiting! I struggled a LOT with our adoption waiting. But it is so refreshing to just feel your joy through your words. The expecting can be full of joy. Thanks for that reminder. Blessings!
    -Sarah (

  • This makes my heart so full. It’s a really beautiful testimony of the calling you both feel in how to expand your family. And I love how you described this waiting period as your own time of expectancy. Praying for you during this season!

  • Good luck Emily! I’ll be keeping you and Christian in my thoughts 🙂

  • chall1018

    Oh sweet friend! I am praying for you guys through this process. As you said, “God’s got this” and all in his perfect timing. You are going to be the best mother. Actually, you already are. Hugs!!

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  • how am i only now learning that you’re in the process of adopting! how exciting, good luck and patience with the waiting period! have a fun and productive hiatus:-) xxx