This is not a post about Gilmore Girls.

December 16, 2016

I had planned on writing and sharing my Gilmore Girls recap for you all today, as well as adding a linkup so we all could read everyone’s thoughts on the GG Revival but then I caught some kind of bug this week, have had an energy level of about 2, and have been knee deep in all things life. But mostly, my heart has been so very heavy for Aleppo. I could write a novel in itself about all of my thoughts and feelings about that one… how guilty and sad I feel for only just now having really – like really – paid attention to a horror that has been going on in Syria for years and years. But now with pictures of sweet, innocent Syrian children flooding my Instagram feed – I can’t not pay attention. Can anyone ignore it any longer? Is there anyone left who can honestly say with a free heart: this is not my problem.?? Because guys? Surely we know deep down that we must not turn our heads from this. Would Jesus turn His head? (Answer: He would not. And He has not.) I see the pictures of the babies and children and then I look at the face of my own son, who sleeps safely in my arms and truly, my heart just absolutely breaks for Syria. Will you all do me a favor today? Right now? Look up the images that link to #Aleppo #StandWithAleppo.

“We all wonder how we’d have responded during the holocaust, during the genocides… but we really don’t have to wonder.” – Glennon Doyle Melton

Don’t ignore it. Take it in and then do something to help: first and foremost, PRAY. Then, donate to relief efforts if you feel led. (And I hope you do feel led. Here’s an article listing 7 different ways you can help.) And then, pray some more and some more.

I know it’s a heavy intro for today but I don’t know… a post about Gilmore Girls just didn’t feel appropriate. It’s just not where my heart and head are at. I will resume with the GG Revival recap (and linkup) Tuesday of next week. Until then, please join me in doing all that we can to care for our world. Our world, y’all. Is this post late? You bet it’s late. Are we late in caring – like really caring – about these things? We are way late. But there’s still time to care for each other. To do something. Let’s do something.

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  • Because I don’t do any social media (outside this blog) and I do not watch the news because of time constraints with pushing school, I am quite oblivious to this. Thank you for putting this in your blog, Emily. I need to go out and look into this more. I am always grateful to have been born in the USA with all the luxuries and safeties it affords. Again, thank you for bringing this to (my light) even if it is “late” it may be the first time for some of us.

    • I’m sorry to be the one to introduce you to it, Brittany! It’s so important though <3 XO

  • I absolutely hate that this country has spent SO MUCH TIME looking into emails and b*tching about wars on holidays and fussing over reality TV stars when all our energies should be on stopping this genocide across the world. How can we stand by and say, “Oh the US backs the rebels” but not do a dang thing to save LIVES. How are we ok with how the world treats people?? Rubber bullets flying at native people, bombs intentionally destroying children’s hospitals, turning people away from the safety of our country because we fear those who look and speak differently than us…. I fail to believe Jesus would be ok with ANY of that. It sickens me. If Syria would like to start sending children and families to my door I will feed them and house them and keep them safe 🙁 The images of humans covered in building debris hurts my heart so, so much.

  • Thank you for speaking about this today!! The Syrian refugee crisis has been so heavy on our hearts since we were living in London (I know, it’s been going on that long…) 🙁 That is one reason that I just cannot understand people who say that we shouldn’t let refugees into this country. Why would you ever turn your back on someone who desperately needed your help? Have you seen the goodbye videos that Aleppo residents have been posting on social media? It’s heart wrenching. What would Jesus do? He’d give the shirt off his back, He’d welcome them literally with open arms, He’d love and love and love each and every one of those people. <3 <3 <3 <3
    **Charities that are aiding those affected by the Syrian conflict: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/how-to-help-aleppo-charities-and-organisations-to-donate-to-including-msf-the-red-cross-and-the-white-helmets_uk_584ff7a8e4b040989fa80770?
    More info on Aleppo & the entire Syrian crisis: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-37472975

    • I loved that link you shared on FB – I’ve edited my post to share it thank you!!!! And I couldn’t agree with you more here, friend!

  • Thank you for writing this. Humanitarian issues have always touched my heart, but with kids now, it brings me to tears to see this happen because I try to imagine what I would do as a parent in that situation. Would I be able to take care of and comfort my kids? It breaks my heart so much. The resources are so helpful!

  • Jordan and I recently donated to a few organizations who are doing work in Syria. Emotionally, I’m not able to fully deep dive into the specifics of Aleppo but I knew I couldn’t stand by and not do something. I think it’s easy to turn away from heavy situations but we can still help despite maybe not wanting to watch the news everyday.