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All the Little Things (A Grateful Heart)

May 4, 2015
If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile now, you’ve probably heard me say that a grateful heart is a grateful heart, it doesn’t matter if it’s a really big thing or a really little thing that you’re grateful for. Today I’m feeling grateful for a lot of little things… 
 Warm, sunny days and local walks. The weather in Nashville has been nothing short of gorgeous! The forecast for this week is mid 80s and I am one happy camper. I am a big fan of hot weather so 80s and 90s are my kind of summer days. There is a walking trail that goes behind our house/neighborhood and alongside a river and it’s SO beautiful. Christian and I walk about an hour each day. (Gotta stay fit for my brother’s wedding in a few weeks!)
 The perfect summer nail polish color. It’s true. My heart is grateful for this nail polish. Ulta’s Nail Lacquer in Fuchsiamania is my new favorite pop of pink polish! Note: the color shown in the link is not quite the true color so I’ve included a personal pic of it below. This polish is AMAZING. Aside from the awesome pink color, this stuff goes on so smooth, dries quickly, and is chip-resistant. Oh, and did I mention it’s ON SALE right now for $2.00?! 
 Organization. Does anyone else actually truly enjoy organizing rooms? We had a rainy day last week and I spent literally hours in my office, organizing all of my crafts and papers into plastic bins and labeled folders. Christian kept asking me if I’d rather go out to eat or, you know, do something FUN but my Type A-ness was all too happy to find a spot for each little item. My office is SO clean now!
 Our backyard. I can’t tell you how many years I dreamt of one day having a backyard… you know, with GRASS and TREES, and a deck I could actually sit out on and just… sit out on. Living in Chicago for so long and not having an outdoor space made summer evenings not quite as enjoyable and I am so thankful for our deck and backyard in Nashville now! We also found out this week that we have a rose bush in our front yard… 
*no filter! Would you look at that crazy awesome color?!
 Movie Previews. Christian and I saw Insurgent this past weekend and ugh, I was pretty disappointed. I felt like the acting went way downhill compared to Divergent. Shailene Woodley was great, as she always is, but I wasn’t as impressed with the rest of the cast. Regardless, my favorite part of going to the movie theater is actually the previews. Anyone else?! The previews are just really exciting and it’s hilarious to listen to the audience say after each one, “Oooh. That looks good, we gotta see that.” Every time! Ha! Can we talk about the preview for the movie Max though? For the LOVE, within SECONDS (no exaggeration) I was crying. Like, trying not to bawl my eyes out. Looks like I’ll have to watch that one in the comfort of my own living room.  
 New friends in the blogging community. I had such a fun time with all of the gals who took part in the virtual Blogger Pow Wow Hangout last night! This community ROCKS and I’m so grateful to be a part of it!

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What are you grateful for? 

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Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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  • I wasn't talking! Why am I the big photo….yikes?! I took time this weekend to just sit outside and I can tell you, it's amazing. And relaxing. So happy you now have this option (and gorgeous blooms too!).

  • I know what you mean about finding a place to sit outside and just "sit." Even if it is just a corner in the yard near roses (yours is beautiful and yes, I agree the color is perfect) it calms the soul. Great way to wake up in the morning and see your post! Have a great day.

  • Liz

    I love this! Your nail color looks exactly like my favorite too <3 Ummmm…I think organization is what is hindering me from packing up more quickly…and YES to a beautiful backyard surrounded by nature. Love it all…hopefully I can join in the pow-wow next time!! xoxo
    P.S. Will be checking out the new sponsorship opportunity as well πŸ™‚

  • If we're not grateful for the little things I don't think we can fully be grateful for the larger things in life. I love love movie previews. I have friends that never want to be there early when we go see a movie and I always insist we see the previews! The best! I hope everything is going so well! I know I haven't been around as much! Oxox

  • I swear the universe wanted us to meet! Lol. Movie previews are seriously my favorite part. Josh and I will sit on YouTube and watch previews. Some people have podcasts… We have previews lol. And that nail color is amazing!! Can I formally request a tour of your backyard in pictures??
    PS: you were an amazing hostess last night!! So much fun!

  • The little things are always the best!

  • I love the previews! I hate when we're late to a movie because the previews are half the fun of going! I hadn't seen the preview for Max but I just watched it and now I'm sitting here bawling. It looks amazing. Glad you had a good weekend!

  • I’m loving the red nail color on you and it’s perfect for spring! I too love movie previews and whenever we go out to the movies I always have to be there early so we can get good seats and not miss any previews. The hard part is that you can almost watch any new preview online but it’s still fun to make it at the theatre. πŸ™‚

  • I LOVE organizing! It's so much fun for me. I also love unpacking, which makes me really weird. I'm so sad I couldn't come last night…missed you guys!

  • Ooooh lovely nail color!
    I love the movie previews when I'm at the theater and get really sad if I'm late and I've missed them…however, I do not like watching them when I'm watching a DVD…

  • Love that nail polish! That rose is gorgeous!! We're having great weather here too and we're loving it! Oh and I totally get that organizing can be fun, I'm the same way!

  • I like that shade of pink of your nail polish, it looks a lot like the rose. Last week here was quite rainy, but I do enjoy rainy days as much as I enjoy the sunny ones. I think this week should be a bit more sunny.

    Personally in the Divergent series, I like the first book best so Insurgent lived up to my expectations. lol. I do enjoy seeing the previews for movies before the film starts, I'm one to stay to watch the credits even if there is nothing afterwards. It a habit I picked up in one of my film production courses. πŸ™‚

  • Ok, I love that nail polish. It is fantastic, I may have to track it down myself. It was so nice speaking with you at last night's hangout. I enjoyed talking to everyone so much!

  • That nail polish, LOVE. And yes for back decks and yards in the spring and summer. We love grilling out and having so much space for the babes to play. So sad I missed out last night!! We'll have to catch up after my finals are over!

  • I ate lunch today out on my deck…I LOVE SUNSHINE! Yay for all the warm things, and that nail polish. I'm jealous of your hangout chat…such a great group of ladies πŸ™‚

  • Grateful for you too! Thank you for having me! I need a rainy day to organize!

  • I love organizing too! I'm about to pull everything out of my closet and might get lost in there one day this week. Something about spring makes you want to just clear everything out!

  • That nail polish is awesome! I needs it!

    I love movie previews too. Saw the trailer for Ant-Man this weekend when I went to see Avengers and now I'm way more excited about it than I was before.

  • I organized this weekend too! It feels so good to have a clean room and not be cluttered. Hope you have a great week!

  • Loving afternoon walks too! Organizing… not so much, but I recently forced myself to rearrange my classroom and re-do the filing system. I have to admit that it's made my life MUCH easier.

  • Aw yay! I am grateful to YOU for the chance to participate in yesterdays hangout and meet so many wonderful, intelligent bloggers! I guess maybe I should participate in the link up.. haha. Hope you're having a great Monday, Emily!

  • haha!! You look SO pretty! Thank goodness it wasn't me… my body temp was most likely 2309862 degrees, as I was as red as a lobster!

    So glad you had some time outside this past weekend… for the harsh winter you just endured, you deserve some warmer weather!

  • It for sure calms the soul. I have yet to spend any mornings out there, only evenings. I will have to change that πŸ˜‰

  • It's such a great color for summer, I think!

    Liz, I'm laughing over here because you + me packing would = HORRIBLE. haha! I'm the exact same way— try to be organized but by the end of it, it's usually just me throwing crap into boxes because I can't stand it anymore! I am so hoping you are able to relax soon!!!

  • Agreed!! And yes, Christian knows that we MUST be there on time so that I can see the previews.

    (I have missed you!!)

  • I am still new to the grass, flowers, real live plants a part of the yard thing so I may need some suggestions on what would look best where πŸ™‚

  • yay!!!!! haha!! Oh my gosh, sounds just like me and X. We'll sit down to watch a movie On Demand and seriously like an hour later all we've done is watch all the previews and end up not even watching anything. It's a problem!

    I will have to get a house tour on here soon!! Yes!

    PS- thank you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xoxo

  • awww!!!! I KNOW!!!! I'm telling you, within 3 seconds of it being on I looked at Christian and said, "nope nope nope nope… I can't do this." Looks amazing but by myself haha πŸ˜‰

  • Thank you!! I rarely do bright colors on my nails and it feels fun to switch it up! And I totally agree – the previews in the theatre are the best… I love hearing everyone's reactions after each one.

  • You're totally not weird, I also love unpacking! We missed you, lady!!! Next time for sure! Can't wait to see/hear more about the new place!

  • ditto!!!

  • So glad you're getting great weather too!! I feel like this is the first time in a long time I've been able to enjoy spring. Chicago typically does not truly have a spring… it goes from winter straight to summer.

  • I didn't realize until I put up the picture of the nail color and the rose that there is a definite theme going on… πŸ™‚ (I enjoy rainy days too… that's when I get all of my organizing done!)

    Even though I thought Insurgent was so-so, I'll still be going to see the next one… πŸ˜‰

  • For $2.00, I purchased a few πŸ˜‰ So glad you could make it last night, Diana!!

  • We missed you, of course!! Hopefully next time!!

  • THE BEST! (Except I'm always paranoid about the bugs… ugh.) One of these days, I'd love to have 2 hangouts a month so that other people can join! (Google only lets 10 people per hangout, darn it!)

  • XO!

  • I'm jealous that you're about to redo your closet…. that's one of my favorite things to organize! πŸ™‚

  • Get it, girl! I bought a few of them… since they were on sale πŸ˜‰

    I have not seen Ant-Man… I'll have to search for the preview online!

  • Yes, my mind can breathe when things are organized, for sure. Thanks, Erica!! Hope you do too! πŸ™‚

  • The great news is that I feel like almost everyone knows someone who loves to organize… I bet you one of your friends would love to come in and organize your classroom!

  • Same, Alyssa!! πŸ™‚ Of course, I wish those hangs could be in person over drinks or something but for now it'll do πŸ˜‰ Have a great week!

  • Well, we're getting ready to move so don't be too jealous! ha! Nothing like purging and packing for weeks on end.

  • Kelly Bonanno

    Thank you for such a lovely link up. Gratitude is powerful!

  • I love things that are organized but I can never find the motivation/creativity to actually DO the organizing! Oh well, baby steps πŸ™‚ — Lisa | Two Martinis

  • What a beautiful link up! I am a new follower and I love your blog so far! I am also a sponsor at Love the Here and Now Blog where I found your ad πŸ™‚ I may need to link up with you soon! xoxo Alexis

  • Your nail polish is adorable. I'm the worst with nail polish. I can't stand having my nails painted, but I LOVE nail polish. The only way I will have my nails painted is if I get fake nails…which I'm not a fan of spending money on. lol.

  • Thanks for stopping by and linking up, Kelly! This is my most favorite way to meet people! πŸ™‚

  • Aw so many things to be grateful for! Love the nail polish and OMG I would die for a rose bush. Or a back yard. Or both.

  • I haven;t seen Insurgent yet…let's be real….I'm only watching these movies for Four. And I love that nail color….gorg! Wish I was better about my nails…my little distraction, I mean buddy, Jude, takes up my time so this whole self care thing is out the window!! πŸ™‚

  • Oh, Amy. You are going to love the Conversations w/ my Husband tomorrow… hahaha.

    Jude can do whatever he pleases!!!!! πŸ˜‰ (Although maybe one of these days you & Claire can get out for a mommy/daughter mani?! OR just a mommy mani. haha)

  • ha! I hear you… that's how I felt when we lived in the city!

  • funny!! I'm the opposite- I feel so weird if my nails AREN'T painted!

  • Hey Alexis!! So glad you stopped by πŸ™‚ Hope to have you link up this week or next!

    ps- Love that Anne from LTH&N!

  • Surely there enough of us crazy organizers out there who would LOVE to organize for you! πŸ™‚ (True story: I have done this for my friends.)

  • You may be onto something, I need to find more organized friends – hahaha!

  • So sweet that you guys walk every day. I wish my and E still did that. We used to when we lived in England but moving, having a kid, and life just kind of got in the way! We hold tight to our monthly date nights though, super important!

    So much to be grateful for as always. :o)

    BTW, forgot to thank you for your reply comments last week and the encouragement on my writing, however minimal it may be.


  • Love this – big things and little things… you're so right, a grateful heart is a grateful heart!!

  • Yes, she's great! And I linked up today πŸ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration!

  • you're a great weird, Steph πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks for stopping by, Lisa! πŸ™‚

  • I'm thankful for the chapter we're in right now for sure. Who knows what might happen to our walking when a little one comes along πŸ˜‰ Date nights are a must though- I agree!

  • I'm horrible and just catching up on your posts. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that screenshot! hahaha