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And it was totally Empire Records (ish).

February 22, 2014
Happy weekend, guys!
If you live in Chicago, or- let’s be real- pretty much the entire midwest and northeast, are you SO ready for Spring like I am? I saw the first Cadbury Egg commercial of the year last night so surely that means something, right?! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I spent the one Spring-y day we had last week with Oooj in the park, but the rest of this week has been rainy, cold, and super gray. 
On Thursday, X and I bundled up and took an afternoon drive to one of our favorite record stores, Val’s Halla Records. This record store has been around since 1972 and is one of our all time favorite “date” places.

Each time we go to Val’s, we play a game: we can each pick out a couple records of artists we actually know but then we each also have to choose a “wild card.” This is just some random record we pick- maybe because we like the cover or the name- but it has to be one we’ve never heard of. I’ve picked some pretty good Wild Cards in the past and they tend to become my favorites. 

Most Record Store dates end with us going back home to make tea or a drink and then listen to the records we just bought (like I said- perfect date for a rainy day!) But this time, we were both starving by the time we finished at Val’s so we went to one of our fave Italian places and ordered huge salads and dirty martinis. In the middle of the afternoon. When in Rome, right?
To end this random Saturday post, I thought I’d partake in Holly’s linkup! Because who doesn’t like random facts?
I’m the kind of girl who…
+ could eat Mexican food literally every day and yes, I have been known to
eat chips & salsa for breakfast every once in awhile (weekly).

+ is obsessed with Before & Afters but has yet to really do one of my own only because I always forget to take actual Before pics. (Do you have any great Before & Afters? Include the link below to your Before & After post- I want to see!)

+ has a not-so-secret addiction to the shows Cops, Magnum P.I., and Golden Girls. (Full House used to be in that round-up until X called the show “smug” and then the very next time I watched it, all I could hear was him saying it was smug.) (Plus, I’m 30 now.)

+ loves reading about/seeing the different ways people organize things in their home. I think this is partially because I am always reorganizing things in our home: moving furniture around, finding new ways to stay organized and create more space, etc. It can be tough sometimes because I feel like most of the organizational bins, etc. are very…. college dorm/plastic. You know?? (Are you an organizational guru? Include your post in the comments section below!)

+ gets weirded out when I see babies or toddlers straight up working an iPhone or iPad, etc. Perhaps I will change my tune when I’m a parent and need another vice to keep the babe preoccupied but when a 1 year old handles an Apple product better than I do, it’s weird and I want to give them a chew toy. (Oh wait. Those are just for dogs, right?)
Check back tomorrow for more of my Project 52, and don’t forget about Monday’s Linkup for Grateful Heart Monday!

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  • I'm 30 too and will always live in the 80's. meaning Full House will always be fave. Even if i've seen every episode and such. no guy better not make fun of me for it b/c he can get to stepping. glad my hun likes me just the way i am.

  • I'm dying laughing at the Dan Fogelberg record..because it totally reminds me of my mom. My husband and I go on record shopping dates every few months. A section of our living room is all vinyl.