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And we’re off! (+ my Friday Faves!)

August 8, 2014
It’s Friday!! We made it! Christian and I are headed to St. Louis this morning for a big family reunion (his side) for the weekend and I’m SO excited. I’ll finally get to meet a lot of his extended family I’ve yet to meet, plus my brother and his fiancΓ©e live there so we’ll meet up with them as well. Someone who’s not so thrilled about us leaving this weekend, however? Poor Oooj. 
Couldn’t he totally be “the face” for Touch of Gray – Just For Dogs. ?! I mean, right?!

Okay! A quick EG recap from this last week…
* Ashley from The Grits Blog, and Betsy from Heavens to Betsy (both Soul Provider sponsor on EG for the month of July) debuted their very first Vlogs.. I have really enjoyed editing these and sharing them with you guys – I feel like you get more of a personal glimpse as to what the blogger is like. It’s one thing to read a blogger’s post, but to hear their voice and see their mannerisms is so much fun. (Not to mention, I’d had no idea that Ash has the cutest southern accent until her video!)
* Speaking of southern accents… in case you missed my BIG news on Wednesday, you can catch up here πŸ™‚

* I welcomed quite a few new fabulous sponsors this past week! My Soul Provider sponsors this month are the lovely Lindsay from Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos (is that not the cutest blog name?!) and my sweet friend Rebecca from The Adventures of Bug and Boo! πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to the intro posts with you gals!

All The Joys Friday Favorites

I’m linking up with the lovely Meagan from All The Joys to share w/ you all some of my favorite posts from other bloggers this past week. 
* Sarah from Seriously, Sarah? reminded us this week that even in her trying times of sickness, she is one hilarious gal. Side note: I’m always so impressed by you all who find the most perfect gifs for your posts. I have yet to do this (plus, I’m pretty sure I’m still pronouncing it “jiffs”)

* Loved this post from Rachel over at Our Yellow Door about How To Become A Morning Person. For someone who used to be a night owl, turned morning person, and now I’m kind of somewhere in-between, I could really relate.

* Megan from All The Joys shared what she likes about your blog and explained what elements of other people’s blogs (her “regulars”) keep her coming back each day. This post served as somewhat of a checklist for my own blog, not to mention just interesting to hear what another blogger enjoys about blog reading.

* Adoptions Questions Answered by Danielle at Take Heart was not only interesting and informative, but honest to God really did answer some of the things I’d wondered since recently following their beautiful journey.

* How To Convince Your Husband To Buy You A Puppy by Chelsea at The Girl Who Loved To Write. I mean do I even need to explain why you should read this post? In need of a puppy or not, this was the cutest story. (I wonder if these same 6 steps will work to convince your husband to buy you a baby alpaca….) 

Have an awesome weekend! 
I’ll see you all bright and early on Monday for another edition of the Grateful Heart linkup! πŸ™‚

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  • My husband's family reunion is this weekend too, but ours isn't very far from our house so there won't be any traveling involved. Boo!! lol! We only get to see some of his family members once a year so I always look forward to the reunions! His family is hilarious and so much fun! Hope you have a great time!

  • I WISH WE COULD MEET THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!! You are going to be RIGHT HERE! lol. I hope you have an awesome weekend!

  • Have a wonderful weekend!! (And oh my gosh I love that blog name – I feel like you get a total sense of personality and what she likes!! Gotta check it out) πŸ™‚
    How much do I love that face on Oooj!? Cutie patootie.

  • Thanks for including me in this!! xoxoxo

  • i loved the puppy post!

  • YES! Baby alpaca! Love that!

    Hope you have a great weekend. And if you need a little smile you've gotta check out this video of an old guy dancing, it's so cute!



  • Reunions are so much fun!! I've never met this side of his extended family before so it should be a great time. Hope you guys have fun at yours!

  • I know!!!!! We literally have a schedule of things we're doing with family otherwise I'd say let's meet up! I'll be back that way at some point to spend more time with my bro, so we'll have to do it then!

  • Haha I know! He has the most expressive faces… Most of them pouty. Thanks lady!

  • I love St. Louis…so many awesome places to eat! My Hudson was in the hospital at Cardinal Glennon for 5 months so I found many things to do!! Have a great weekend!

  • Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you. Poor pup! Those sad little eyes! I'm dog-sitting for weekend myself, and they currently have me surrounded and severely outnumbered, 4 to 1!

  • Ooo I haven't been to a family reunion in eons! I hope ya'll have a wonderful time πŸ™‚

  • Why shucks, thank you! I'm honored to be included πŸ™‚

    And yes. Your dog could totally be the "Touch of Gray" spokesdog for the canine world. What a classy gent.

  • I'm planning on doing some more with that guy! πŸ™‚

  • Xoxo!!!!

  • I think we are heading to the zoo today with all of the nieces πŸ™‚

  • Haha! Good luck, Kelly! πŸ˜‰

  • He IS pretty classy, I must say! πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks, kel!!

  • WAIT so I totally missed the big news and we may be coming to Nashville for New Years!

  • We'll have just moved in! πŸ™‚ Want to come over and help us unpack?!?! πŸ˜‰ … kidding!

  • I'm so late with this but thank you for linking up and featuring me!! I am finally getting back to all things blog after my crazy weekend. Sounds like yours was fun too πŸ™‚

  • oh, no need to even explain!! πŸ™‚ Glad you had a great weekend!