Are you a no-reply blogger?

April 15, 2014
I remember reading that when I first started blogging – Are you a no-reply blogger? Two thoughts immediately popped into my head. First thought was – Um NO, absolutely not. I know what I’m doin’ here! Second thought? I have no idea what a no-reply blogger is. With a quick investigation I discovered that yes, I was a no-reply blogger. Oops. I’d been commenting on quite a few posts and never heard a single reply – turns out this was why. 
So what is a no-reply blogger? Well for one- this only pertains to Blogger bloggers. It basically means that your information (email) is not connected to your account so if you leave a comment, I may get it in my inbox but I can’t just hit Reply and respond to you. I have mentioned in the Comments portion of this blog that if you are a no-reply blogger, I will reply to you on the actual post – but for you to see my reply, you’d have to go back to my post. Perhaps some of you Blogger commenters prefer it this way, but I’ll tell you- not only is it easier for me to respond to you via email but it’s a lot easier to carry on a conversation too. 
So – how do you find out if you’re a no-reply blogger, and if you are and want it changed, how do you change it? Well let me show you! 

1. Go to your Dashboard and click on your Blogger Profile (very top right)
2. Click Edit Profile (top right)
3. Place a checkmark next to “Show my email address”
4. Finally, scroll to the bottom and click “Save Profile.”

And that’s it. *golf claps for all*

*UPDATE: For any of you WordPress bloggers, Caitlin from The Siren’s Tale included some helpful info in the comments below. For your convenience: Here is a tutorial of how to become a reply-blogger through Blogger, even if you’re a WP user. Thanks, Caitlin!! 

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  • Thank you so much for sharing this! I'm going to have to double check to make sure I'm not a "no-reply" blogger. I want to talk to all my frannnsss 🙂

  • Thank you for writing this! I audibly groan/sign when I get comments from no reply bloggers for the sheer fact that to me it halts a conversation and relationship. After all, isn't blogging about conversations and developing relationships within our community? I always wonder if the no reply bloggers go back and check for responses or if they think I am a rude blogger for not responding to them when in fact I did on the blog.

  • I have been seeing a lot about this, but I use WordPress, so how does it work when I comment on a blog using my gmail account?

  • It is a conundrum for people who love to comment and love google + ( yea I know but some of us are fans). I keep bouncing back and forth on my profile, so i figured my best fix is including my email address in my comment and hopefully it is not to inconvenient for people. We need google + to fix this. Great explaination though, next good one to tell people to turn off word verification and gow to do it.

  • For the longest time, I rolled my eyes when I heard about the no-reply blogger issue. I was convinced that I was a yes-reply blogger everywhere, and that no one was responding to my comments! Haha, oh how wrong I was. I'm now proudly a yes-reply blogger and mastered the silly steps of Blogger! Great details here 🙂

  • I just recently discovered this myself… life changing! Thanks for linking up to Tea Party Tuesday… excited to have you co-host next week!
    Keep Calm and Blog On

  • Same thing happened to me. I followed that and I was a no reply blogger again after a while, so I switched my comments to disqus.

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