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Inspiration for a Backyard Oasis

May 13, 2016

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Happy Friday!! I am gearing up for a fun weekend with Christian and my dad; my pops is coming down to help me plant a few trees and flower beds in our backyard. Prayers I’m able to keep everything alive! ha!

We have a fairly large backyard at our new house – enough space for multiple spots for flower gardens – and we have a deck (still no table though after our second one was destroyed by a storm!), and then we also have a really weird triangle shaped space of grass that’s in between our deck, house, and fence. So the plan this weekend is to work on the flower gardens, and then most likely next summer we’ll get started on making the triangle space into a lower patio – separate from the deck.

I can’t wait to share actual shots from our beautified space after this weekend but until then, check out my sources of inspiration below, courtesy of Pinterest of course!

Patio 375


flowers3 375

Succulents 375

flowers around tree 375

flowers 1 375


Do you have a backyard oasis? Where do you get your outdoor inspiration from?

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  • Ahh, I can’t wait to see some before & after pics! Right now our backyard is just a large square of grass (with a few dirt spots and holes from the dogs). I have SUCH PLANS to add a deck and some flowerbeds! I’m really, really hoping that this summer is the year we get some of it done! (Just waiting on the extra funds to be there, lol!)

    • BEFORE pics!! Thank you! I would have totally forgotten to do that! 🙂 It really is fun to plan the flowers, etc. This was my dad’s bday present to me (from my bday in Feb) – otherwise I would be in the same boat – having to wait for extra funds! ha! Have a great weekend, lady!!

  • I love the look with the string lights! It’s so pretty 🙂

  • So pretty!

  • Cannot wait to see it! We’re slowly but surely pulling ours together. My problem is I’ve got an idea (no thanks to Pinterest) and then when I actually start to put it in place, I change my mind again. It makes for a very confused brain, bits and pieces scattered around, and an adoringly (hot) husband with the patience of a saint. LOL!

    • haha! I’m pretty sure your hubby knew what he was “getting into” when he met you 😉 You’re wonderful!

  • Oh hello, just tying over that table linen.

    I can’t wait to see how your yard turns out!

    • Right!? LOVE! I will be sure to share an update once the flowers have bloomed! 🙂

  • So darn pretty! I love that our yards can be turned into an oasis…our own private getaways!

    • It’s just the best – especially after years in the city when we didn’t even have our own grass or trees! 😉

  • I love your inspiration – can’t wait to see what you do with your own space! We have these mulched beds around our deck in the back but after over a decade of apartment life I have not figured out how to garden successfully so I’m at a loss with what to do with them…plus Jack pretty much digs holes all over our backyard and I know he would trash anything I do to try and beautify the space lol.

    • Oh I had no idea either, that’s why I was so glad my dad came to help design it all. I’ve had to train Oooj to not pee in the flower beds – they just seem to HAVE to do it, don’t they?! ha!