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The only PM moisturizer I’ll ever use. (Like, ever.)

July 10, 2017

It’s been a few weeks now since I told you all about my favorite nighttime moisturizer on Instagram and I’m finally, just now getting around to posting it on EG so the rest of you can learn more about it, or so you can watch it again and laugh with me over the hilarity of how tired I was single-momming it that week. (Also, longest sentence ever?)


In the video I touched on why, in the past, it’s been so difficult for me to find a nighttime moisturizer: the ones I’ve tried or previously used were either too thick (in which case my skin couldn’t breathe through the night), or it was too greasy (in which case I’d wake up the next morning with a million breakouts).

Nighttime moisturizer has always been one of my top most important steps in my personal skin care routine. Why? Because it’s the one time during the day my skin isn’t either being touched by my own hands or outside elements, and is also the only time my face is truly relaxed, while I sleep. This is the best time for a product to work on your wrinkles (moisturizer), as well as resetting your skin (#3 Balancing Oil, which I talked about here. It’s my number one favorite skincare product ever.)

Beautycounter’s Nighttime Moisturizer from their Rejuvinating line has been the best PM moisturizer I’ve ever tried and used, and if they ever discontinue this stuff, I am going to march straight to the BC headquarters and demand they bring it back OR ELSE. (Yes, I worry about these kinds of things in life.)

Check out my video below for my of my thoughts on the moisturizer cream and as always, please let me know if you’d like to try/order it, or anything from Beautycounter. (You can also find more ordering info at the very end of this post!) As a reminder: Beautycounter has a 60 day return policy, which is AMAAAAAZING. So if you ever aren’t a fan of something you try, send it back within 2 months of purchasing it. (I typically know if something is going to work with my skin within a month of using it, fyi).


What is your experience with nighttime moisturizers over the years?

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**How to order a Beautycounter product through me (thank you!!) –

  1. Please let me know first! Shoot me an email or post in the comments below. I’d love to say thanks and keep in touch to see how you like it!
  2. Click here ( to go to my Beautycounter profile page. A pop up will show with my photo on it. Before you leave this page, click the Shop Emily’s Socials drop down and choose this month’s social. (It will read something like EmilyBCJuly – or whatever the current month is). Then, on this same page, click START SHOPPING, which is located to the right of my photo.
  3. You are ready to shop! Have fun!

Again, please let me know if you choose to purchase something from Beautycounter, I’d love to say thanks and answer any questions you may have.

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