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The beauty in seasons

November 21, 2016


Happy Monday, all! I’m a bit late with this today – story of my life lately, haha. But, I’ve learned over the last few months that going with the flow of life seems to be less stressful than trying to cram ALLTHETHINGS into schedules and routines that just kind of don’t always fit like they used to. I’m learning that there are a lot of things that can feel like top priorities but to really grow any of them, you must recognize the ones that are truly the most important to you… and then remember that there are seasons to life… that seasons change… and that that’s how it’s supposed to be. (In other words: this is all normal!) Family and relationships and growing a loving and joyful environment for my family are a few of my top priorities I’ve chosen in this season in my life. And so… sometimes I am late with and to other things that I still care a lot about but have just lovingly moved to the list of “other.” All of this sounds basic, perhaps, but when you’re in the thick of it, somehow it’s the basics that we tend to forget. Funny how that happens.

Are any of you struggling with trying to cram ALLTHETHINGS into your day to day? Are any of you struggling with the change that has knocked on your door, asking for you to let it in? Maybe you needed this reminder on this Monday, and especially as we approach the busy holiday season, that perhaps you’ve entered into a new season of life… and instead of fighting it or trying to control it, it’s best to instead focus on the opportunity it gives to grow and change yourself. (And then remember that with change, comes beautiful things!) Isn’t it funny how terrifying personal change can feel and seem as we’re going through it but if we each let ourselves look on our own life from the outside… if someone asked us what some of our personal goals might be – most of us would say that we would hope we’re able to be a bit more open minded… a whole lot more loving… and that we might be able to grow our hearts and minds and bodies and souls for the short time we’re on this earth? And when you look at it that way – the global picture of it all – for me at least, it kind of helps when I’m actually going through the change itself. Like – oh yeah! Change itself might feel really uncomfortable but the end result of the shift is what I’m aiming for anyway. It’s where the personal beauty lies.

Today I’m remembering that the beauty within might look more like simply opening my hands to the change, instead of trying to grasp a hold and force myself to embrace something I’m not yet familiar with. I’m remembering that I don’t have to know everything and that if I’m truly going to grow myself into a better version of myself, it’s important that I allow it to do just that… to change me. Which might mean things I’ve always known to be a certain way might look different now. I’m remembering the extreme importance of choosing a grateful heart. To be grateful for the new moments – the ones I’ve never experienced before.

As we approach Thanksgiving, my wish for all of you is that despite any change that might be happening in your life or in your heart – that you choose to have a grateful heart. That you choose to at least be open to changing, to letting the change of seasons refine you so that you might shine bigger and brighter and more colorful than ever before.

Happy week of giving extra thanks, loves 🙂

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  • Change is so uncomfortable but it’s also a time when we experience the most growth. Although it’s difficult to go through seasons of change, I believe there is always something good to come out of the process. Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving! <3

  • We definitely have to be flexible when our lives change in big ways…priorities change too! I struggle with this now, as I’m currently “not working” and trying to find my new groove as a freelancer.

  • Oh my, I remember learning this when I had Amelia…and it’s just the reminder that I needed right now with #2. Thanks for getting the words out for us to read!

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