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September 19, 2016

Happy Monday, everybody! Did you guys have a good weekend? I continued to spend mine being a mom blob, which has been the best! Crew is starting to smile and make super cute noises which you know just absolutely melts me into a puddle. Speaking of noises though… last week was a bit of a rough one in that Christian was out of town for work and poor Crew has been experiencing colic from 6p-9p every night (oh. my. gosh is it intense!) I ended up taking him to the pediatrician because I was so concerned and wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything else (that could be helped) and the doctor said, nope- it’s definitely colic and I’ve already tried everything he would have suggested I try (yes, I have researched and tried everything)… and then he reassured me that there’s nothing you can really do for it except ride it out. Which was both comforting and horrifying news, haha. So needless to say, I was ready for X to get home for so many reasons 😉 My heart is so, so grateful though – for all of it. We love our boy so much!

Today for the grateful heart linkup I am giving extra thanks for that husband of mine – I am grateful for the grace he gave me the minute he stepped through the door, for the countless Chipotle runs he’s made in the last two weeks, for all the times he says to me, “You’re a great mom, Em,” and for the grace he reminds me to show myself on the days I don’t quite feel like myself.


Today, in addition to the linkup, I thought I’d jump on the Blogtember challenge bandwagon and share with you all a list of some reader favorite EG posts (and some of them are my favorites too). If you’re new here, or maybe you missed some of these, or if something pops out at you, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read!


The Past Has Passed. (It’s Time To Twirl)

“I had protected my soul for quite some time. Like, consciously protected it. And not (always) in a defensive way, but in a way that I knew nothing could touch me. Nothing could break me. (Even if I felt like I was breaking.) I was safe. I made it so. It became my job. I got really good at faking a smile. I was a pro, actually. To where even those closest to me didn’t know that I was… tired.”


The Long Way.

“Oh, how we might miss the beauty God gifts to us, simply because we want our own way. The way that appears to be better because it’s faster… shorter… easier. But that’s just it – life is not a straight shot. It’s winding and jumpy, in certain places zig-zaggy. There are even times we have to turn around and start back at the beginning. But He meets us there, He does. He meets us in the winding, in the messiness, and in the times we have to start completely over.”


He Pulls Me Higher. 

“There I sat – on the middle school gym floor in those awkwardly hideous shorts and shirt- both of them too big for my super tall and gangly body. Our gym teacher was explaining how the boys would soon go to their locker room and the girls would go to theirs and we would all be checked for this thing called Scoliosis. I’d never heard of it before and as the teacher explained to us what it was (an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine), I looked around the room, wondering who might have it.”


Pushing Past Your Fears For The Sake Of Your Dreams. (Hold Them Tight)

“What if the next time the voice in our head starts to pipe up, we tell it to pipe down? And what if during the times it gets really really hard, we fight for it harder? Because maybe, just maybe, reaching our dream is just on the other side of that fear. There will be times you “fall off the horse.” But the important thing is that you get right back on. Again and again and again.”


The Parts We Choose To Share.

“Can we be recovering perfectionists without having to hashtag it in every pretty picture we post? Can we share happy posts and let them be just that, without throwing ourselves under some bus at the end of it to remind people we’re not living perfect lives? Can we celebrate all of the “perfect” moments without having to remind people that we are still honest and genuine?”

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What are you grateful for?

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A Grateful Heart with Ember Grey

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  • This is hard Emily. There will be days you are physically exhausted and your mind will play games. Wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart, and wait for the Lord. Proverbs 27:14. My go-to verse when I would rock babies, clean up messes sleep deprived or wait for a teenager to arrive home. He’s got this and SO DO YOU! Thanks for letting us share our grateful hearts this week.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your go-to verse, Michelle! I mean, I’m also really enjoying this early chapter of motherhood. My heart is grateful all around.

  • Em, I don’t technically “know” you but I do know you and you are a beautiful, wonderful, blessed, charming, happy, fantastic mommy to baby Crew. Just so you know. I know days can be hard, as with anything, but trust the Lord even more than before (which I know you do)
    Have a blessed week and thank you as always for hosting GFM for us all

    • You are SWEET, Brittany! Thank you for your encouraging words – it’s all good! My heart is grateful. Thanks so much for linking up!

  • I’m so happy that you have your little boy now. I know how hard the adoption journey is (we are in the middle of it ourselves) and I love seeing you appreciate every moment of it. It’s such an encouragement to my heart.

    • oh girl. Praying for you guys!!! That middle part is not easy – just remind yourselves that even when it feels like nothing is moving, it really is. Please email me anytime if you need anything!

  • You and Christian are the greatest team! Crew is so darn lucky to call you guys “mom and dad”!

    I absolutely love your The Past has Passed post and I just read Pushing Past Your Fears… for the first time! So scary but such a life changing moment! I had a scary horse moment and I did NOT get back on. But I know I still should…

  • Such a sweet hubby of yours! I love seeing all of Crew’s sweet smiles – so precious!

  • I really hope your sweet boy grows out of the colic stage soon! Man, that is so rough. You really will look back on it as just a phase, but in the moment it feels forever long. Thanks for sharing these old posts and hosting the linkup!

  • The fussy evenings are so rough. Phoenix tends to have them during the late afternoon. Do you have the wonder weeks app? Apparently, Phoenix is going through another developmental leap which is helpful to know when he just seems inconsolable at times.

  • Poor Crew, and poor Mama! I hope he gets through it soon. THinking of you both, and loving all your snaps together, he’s so sweet.

  • Poor little Crew! (And poor you!) I hope the colic-y phase passes quickly.

    • Lady ME TOO 😉 He had a good night last night and a good day today – I’m hoping this continues! 🙂

  • Girl! The Parts we Choose to Share is so good!!! And I’m so sorry your little buddy has colic-ugh that is the worst. 🙁

  • hope baby crew is feeling better soon!! sending love and prayers