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The blurry & grainy moments. (A Grateful Heart)

November 2, 2015
Ember Grey Halloween 2015

Ember Grey Halloween 2015

And just like that, not only is it Monday again but it’s a whole new month. Woo! Did you all have a fun weekend?! We had the best Halloween, the entire evening spent celebrating our sweet friends’ wedding! As I looked back at the pictures we took of the night, I realized that most – if not all of them – were either blurry, grainy, weird angles, someone’s eyes were closed, or they just weren’t quite in focus. And I couldn’t help but smile because I thought – Yeah. That’s exactly what it’s like. That’s exactly what living life looks and feels like most of the time. Sometimes the best times in life, the best times together, just turn out that way.


Living life shouldn’t look like perfection and if it does, you’re not living it enough.


Today I’m remembering to embrace the blurry and grainy and out-of-focus moments in life. I’m remembering to embrace the weird angles – the wrinkles on my face that have surfaced in the last few years, the curves that come and go due to the times I’ve chosen to eat that second donut, and the days that don’t always go as planned… the days that sometimes just feel weird and blah. I’m going to attempt to embrace it all in the moment in which they happen and let it all go when it becomes an unneeded distraction.

Today I choose to be grateful for the blurry, grainy, out-of-focus, weird angle and imperfect days… it reminds me that I’m choosing to really live life. And that’s not a bad reminder for a Monday.

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What are you grateful for?

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  • Jae

    Blurry/grainy or not, you two still look adorable! Cheer up, my friend!?

    • No cheering up needed, Jae! Do I seem blue?! 😉

      • Jae

        Haha! What was I thinking? My bad, my bad!

        • ha! I was like- “I’m cheery! Didn’t you read my post?!” 😉 Happy Monday, Jae!

          • Jae

            The words, “just feel weird and blah”, were probably what made me think you’re having a bad time or something. Hahaha! Totally misunderstood.

          • Some days just feel that way but it doesn’t mean we’re not still having a good time, right?! XO!

          • Jae

            Touché! I feel so stupid. Hahaha! Have a great day, Em!

          • oh girl, NEVER! Hope you had a happy Monday!!!!!!! 🙂

  • I love this!! Loving the parts of life that aren’t perfect is so important. Thank you for hosting this linkup!

  • OH how I enjoyed reading your description of life’s moments. I was working on your post last night and funny, this is exactly how I summed up what I was saying about you. “Living life shouldn’t look like perfection . . .” is the God’s honest truth. Because life is grainy, imperfect, wrinkled, fine lined and everything in-between. And it is good!

  • I needed this today!! Trying to come to terms with those new wrinkles and the weight that won’t leave as easily as it used to. Thankful for what I have and always trying to be kind to myself (which sometimes is more of a struggle than not). Happy Monday my friend!!

    • Some days those things just seem so much bigger/louder than they really are in the grand scheme of things, don’t they? I try to keep this at bay as well 😉 YOU are beautiful, just remember that. Have a great Monday, Sheryl!

  • You both look so dapper! I’m glad you had such a wonderful weekend- the very best pictures are the grainy, blurry, action shots!!

  • This is definitely a perfect reminder for a Monday. Also, I’m constantly bothered by grainy photos, but your take makes me love those snap shots now. They’re usually taken because that’s when I’m having the most fun, or it’s a moment I want to capture most.

  • I’lll embrace it with you (I’m digging the font size increase!) I think you are just swell.

  • I’m embracing this right with you – a great reminder for any day, but Mondays especially!

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  • I love this perspective so much! The blurry photos are often my favorites later on down the road.

  • This is such a funny post. I took tons of pictures during one of our weekends outings. My husband tends to be goofy and just doesn’t take serious pictures. Out of all of them I took I got one semi-decent picture of us. But like you said, “Sometimes the best times in life, the best times together, just turn out that way.”

    • I’m telling you- most of the best times end up having the worst quality of pictures (but they end up being my fave anyway)

  • “Living life shouldn’t look like perfection and if it does, you’re not living it enough.” I love this!

  • Needed to read this today. Thanks, Emily!

  • I love this perspective. Living life isn’t all about perfection.

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  • chall1018

    What great perspective. I am loving this. And I too, will embrace in those grainy moments.

  • I think there is so much gratitude to be seen from seeing the imperfections in life too. So many times that is when I actually find what I am grateful for. I am a firm believer in contrast and the lessons it can teach us!

    Thank you for the wonderful link up! I started a link up last month that is on the last day of every month and focuses on people posting something they were happy about/grateful for. I’ve loved looking through all of the posts on here and being inspired 🙂

    • Lessons, and gratitude, within the contrast – that’s so true. I’m glad you’ve joined us, Autumn! 🙂

  • What a great analogy! I swear, every day feels so grainy and out of focus, but I love it!

  • I love the blurry and grainy moments because those most often are the most impromptu, the most unplanned, and the most cherished of all!

  • If they’re blurry, that just means you’re living in the moment…not striving for perfection. Love this post.

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