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Bringing back the bliss.

March 25, 2015
Is everyone having a good week so far? We have family in town this week (and are seriously having the best time, Go Predators!) so I’ll continue to be a bit MIA until Friday but I wanted to pop in to talk about a new series I’ll be bringing to Ember Grey this summer.
Last week, many of you expressed interest in taking part in the Twelve Months of Bliss challenge/project so I have decided to start it up again beginning this June! I’ll send out another post reminder (and recap as to what this actually is) as we near the start of the first month’s challenge but   TO ALL OF MY NON-BLOGGING READERS: please know that you do not need to have a blog to take part in the Twelve Months of Bliss project, you simply must make a choice each month to give your all to each challenge. (Most of the challenges will be free/cost you nothing, fyi.)
While this can be a personal and private thing if you want it to be, I will be hosting a linkup at the end of each month for us to come together and share our own experiences with each challenge. (If you decide to take part in the actual linkup, you will need to have a blog). 
I’m SO excited to start this back up and am really looking forward to doing this with you all. Stay tuned… more details to follow in a few months 🙂
In other fabulous news, I wanted to update you all on the winner of last week’s DIY Rose print Address Book – 
Congratulations to Kelsey of The Blonder Side of Life
Thank you to everyone who entered! I’ll be back with another DIY soon! 😉 

PS- Looking for a mid-week pick-me-up?? Check out these happy and inspiring Grateful Heart reads from fellow AWESOME bloggers! 

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