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“But seriously, though…”

December 29, 2013
is what this blog would have been called but apparently I’m not the only one who uses that phrase.
Welp. Where do I begin? So much pressure for the “introduction post,” you know?  We all know you can’t completely explain yourself in some little intro, especially without sounding obnoxious and I’m not about to start talking in 3rd person – I’d mess it up anyway and then neither of us would know who I was talking about.

hi. i’m emily.

I guess, for now, I can tell you that I’m a twenty-somethi— oh, wait. I’ll be thirty in just over a month (but
who’s counting really though) (I’m totally counting and freaking out) living in Chicago with my husband, a professional musician and the most talented person I will ever know, and our
two fur babes, Oooj and Cleopatra – who we affectionately call The

Our adventures together began in Chicago, then a whirlwind move to Los
Angeles, and ultimately right back to Chicago to be closer to our family and
friends. We love adventure… in fact, we crave it. I call them ‘Jumps.’  I’ve had a few big jumps in my life already, but recently made the jump from the corporate world to the creative land – which meant my years of blogging privately could now be done publicly. At last, I could connect with others on here, right?! So exciting. I’m really looking forward to sharing parts of me and my life with you all in this new
journey. Maybe you’ve already been following my private blog (hi!!), perhaps you were following along during my Twelve Months of Bliss Challenge (which will be coming back one of these days, yay!), or maybe you’ve just stumbled across this page.  Well however you got here (and for cryin’ out loud, golf claps to you if you’re still reading), I’m so glad you’re here 🙂
My family and friends will tell you I write how I talk. I guess depending on your preferences, you may totally get it, or be completely annoyed, and yes, there will be lots and lots of these: “……” and maybe every so often the usage of these: “!!!!!” “totally” “dude” and last but not least “but seriously, though”, so there ya go- a warning of sorts.

Oh, and before I forget, something totally important – you should also know
that I am Michael Bolton’s biggest fan (and no, I’m not kidding) -a love affair that began long
before this last MB movement rolled in and yes, I know – most likely obnoxious to most of you – but no. Let it be known that I have remained faithful
since I was 7 years old when my parents took me to my first concert. While most kids my age were going to see NKOTB, I was crying tears of joy twelve rows up while singing along to Steel Bars at the top of my lungs. So there’s that.
There’s a lot more I could say but I’m starting to annoy myself and the point of a blog is to slowly reveal things in time.  So maybe this post has served its purpose and perhaps you’re even thinking, “Gosh, this girl is kind of weird” and you just feel like you need to keep coming back.  Totally fine with me.
But seriously, though… I would love to hear from and connect with you all, so don’t be a stranger now.

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  • Bwahahaha! I have never known someone who openly admits they are a Michael Bolton fan. Good for you (can't say we have that in common! HAHA).

  • HahaHAHA just reading this– so great!

  • Lia

    Totally love your spunk and personality! I'll be returning to this blog in the mornings! hehe Great way to start off my day and even end my day!