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The Ember Grey Tell-All, Vol. 1

January 27, 2015

A few weeks ago, I opened up this space for any and all* questions you might have for me and let me just say- this was so much fun and hilarious to do, you guys. There were a lot of questions so I ended up breaking this down into three posts – especially since I really could write an entire post on just the modeling questions alone (and did). So if you don’t see your question in this post, check back…

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Now open for questions.

January 14, 2015

It’s a new year and I’m really looking forward to continuing the craziness with my Tribe, as well as meeting “new to me” bloggers. Even into the first few weeks of 2015, there have been quite a few new readers quickly becoming regular (I love meeting you all via the Grateful Heart linkup!) so I thought this might be a perfect time to re-introduce myself. (Insert Austin Powers scene here)    (These pictures have nothing to do with this post,…

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about me sometimes it's random and that's okay

It’s All About Me! (You gotta sing that.)

September 9, 2014

My dad and I have this silly jingle we sing to each other sometimes and it goes, “It’s all about me!” So if I start talking to my dad about myself, I’ll tell him what I have to say and then I’ll sing that. (And he does it too.) It’s hilarious. It’s also very fitting for today’s post.  Last week, I was tagged for the 7 Things About Me post of randomness. When I went to write this post though I had…

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Free to Be.

August 12, 2014

photo source  This past weekend with our family was wonderful, but there was a special reminder that came while spending time with our nieces. While at the hotel pool, I watched them splash around and play, as they quickly made friends with other kids who had been strangers only seconds before one of them asked, “Do you want to play with us?” I’d even heard one of the girls ask another one, “Hey, do you want to be my friend?”…

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about me doppelgänger


July 30, 2014

I will tell you, I have blogged about my doppelgänger before, back when I had my private blog, but have recently had a few of those readers encourage me to share this story with you all as well. I’d thought about sharing it before, considering it’s terrifyingly hilarious, and finally found the courage to do it today. So here we go.   We all know what a doppelgänger is, yes? It’s basically someone who other people think you look just like. It’s…

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about me

What’s in a name?

May 31, 2014

A few of you have asked recently how my blog got its name, and I thought I’d answer that today. Growing up, I had quite a few nicknames. When I was really little, my mom called me “Sugar Bear” and as some time went on I gained the nicknames “Emmy Pemmy” and eventually, “Ember.” My dad started calling me “Ember” in high school and I can’t remember how this even began, but I loved it. I loved it because it…

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about me my best gal

My Wild Childhood.

May 3, 2014

I had a rather wild childhood. And I know what you’re thinking… “well of course you did, you’re a little crazy!” – which is true but that’s not what made it wild. Most kids grow up with dogs or cats, and while I had those too, I also grew up with wild animals. Of course, these “babies” (as we called them) weren’t actual pets and they technically weren’t mine but they played a huge part in my growing up. It became…

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about me inspiration personal writing

Pushing past your fears for the sake of your dreams (hold them tight)

March 20, 2014

My parents’ house: 1996^^ When I was a little girl, I dreamt of having my own horse. At every single one of my birthdays, when it came time to make a wish and blow out the candles, I would always wish for the same thing every time – for my very own horse. It was all very Black Beauty meets She-ra and I was determined to be a beautiful girl, riding a beautiful horse, with my beautiful, long hair whipping…

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about me werk.

one. five. ten.

March 5, 2014

1 Year after high school: “Wait, what is going on?” During the first college experience^^ I was a 2002 high school grad so a year after high school I was already in my first year of college and honestly, having the weirdest time. For the first two years of college, I chose to attend a small Christian university close to home and I think I quickly realized it just wasn’t the experience I was looking for – all around. During…

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about me Flashback Friday werk.

Flashback Friday: Werk.

February 28, 2014

Fall 2006: Werk. (Chicago, IL) It was Fall-time in Chicago and it was cold. I’d already had quite a few shoots thru my agency since signing with them but this was my first “big one” with a big time photographer out of New York. My call time was 4:30AM and God knows I didn’t sleep much the night before. I was excited. I was nervous. I didn’t really know what to expect. When I got there in the morning, I…

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