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Grateful for new smiles

October 10, 2016

Guys? Our sweet Crew has been the smiliest boy the last 3-4 days and it’s melting both Christian and me into straight up PUDDLES. His little personality is starting to show – he coos all the time now and recognizes our faces – and I’m just pretty much OB.SESSED with this bebe. Is there anything better than a brand new smile? As Crew experiences his new smiles, he’s helped me find a new smile of my own. Pure joy, this…

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A Place to Reset

June 6, 2016

I’m getting a late start on this Monday, holy cow, but you know what? Sometimes that’s just the way the day shakes and I’m remembering that we need to extend ourselves a bit of grace. Mondays are hard enough so despite waking up late and having a million things to do today, I’m aiming to tackle it all with a grateful heart. Who’s with me? Do any of you have a place you go to when you just need to…

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Shipshewana & BFFs. (A Grateful Heart)

August 24, 2015

Well, WOW. What a week I had!! If you’re catching up (much like I’ll be doing this next week), I’ll tell you that I just spent the last week in Indiana – with a few days of that spent in Shipshewana, IN with my mom, her bffs and my own bff. We stayed at (the CUTEST) Bed and Breakfast, shopped until we dropped (quite literally), and ate until we could not eat anymore. (Darn you Amish people and your amazing…

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Paris 3/5: The Louvre

July 22, 2015

Is it acceptable to do a Paris recap when the actual Paris trip happened more than 3 months ago? Oops! How in the world did that much time fly by already?! It occurred to me the other day that I still have three more Paris recaps to share in this space, and the truth is – when I think back on our time there it feels like a dream. I journaled so much while we were there (and yes, went…

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Her name was Mia.

June 10, 2015

I’d spent a week with her, playing games with her, holding hands while skipping with her, sharing giggles with her, being a friend to her and her to me. We didn’t speak the same language but we each knew a few words that the other would understand, and it was enough. Just the day before, she’d grabbed my hand and pulled me into the little house she shared with many of her foster siblings. She was proud of the purple…

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Week Twenty.

May 14, 2015

Tuesday was “one of those days” for me. It began with me waking up definitely on the wrong side of the bed (I hate it when that happens!) All morning I was in a funk – and the more I focused on the fact that I couldn’t shake it, the more frustrated I got. It was so bad that not even Michael Bolton could fix it. (I told you… BAD.) I had a million things to do that day and…

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beautiful places Paris

Paris 2/5: Around Town.

May 7, 2015

Oh, guys. Christian and I are missing Paris so, so much! In the weeks we’ve been back, I think about every three days one of us will say, “I miss Paris” in a really whiny and pathetic tone haha 😉 It was the absolute best trip together, and the most beautiful, magical place. The month leading up to our trip, I began to reach out to others who had already traveled there in hopes of getting some suggestions for our…

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Friday Favorites, with a side of #fortheblog

May 1, 2015

Happy May!! I have been looking forward to this month for quite awhile: my brother is getting married May 16th! Plus, I am a BIG fan of summer and I feel like May is the introduction to just that. It will be my very first southern summer, I can’t wait. Everything here is already very lush and green and the skies are that really deep summer blue… it’s beautiful! This week has been a busy one at EG! So in…

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#simplygreycoffeetour beautiful places Paris

A Simply Grey Coffee Tour: Three

April 24, 2015

If there’s one perfect place to really “café it,” I would have to say that it would be Paris. (So all of you coffee and café lovers need to get on over there, okay?) My goodness, I never knew my love of cafés, or espresso for that matter, or croissants for that matter, or sugar cubes for that matter, or cute little café tables for that matter, or EVERYTHING THAT IS COFFEE AND PARIS for that matter – until I was…

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Italy 3/3: Rock It.

April 23, 2015

I mentioned in detail our reason for this trip in Part One but in short: it was a business trip 😉 I mean, not for me but the Italy portion involved some “work” on Christian’s part. Of course he wouldn’t necessarily call ‘headlining a rock show’ rough work, but you know… a lot of practice and energy still goes into it. Christian’s main job is producing (records, sound design for commercials, and even baby toys) but being able to watch…

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