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Billion Family Dinners Challenge

Billion Family Dinners Challenge grateful heart monday snapshot of the soul the everyday moments

A Billion Memories.

September 28, 2015

What is it about the dinner table that somehow encourages us to lay our hearts right there next to our food? Clearly I’m speaking metaphorically here but when I think about some of the most important or meaningful or sweetest conversations I’ve had in my life – I’d say 90% of them have been at the dinner table. My favorite snapshot of the soul moments? Most of them happened over food, at the table. Maybe this is because we tend to talk…

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Billion Family Dinners Challenge grateful heart monday sponsored post

Family Dinners – Making the Time & Joining the Movement.

September 14, 2015

When you’re married to someone who doesn’t work a 9am-5pm job but rather more like 8am-midnight, finding each other at dinnertime can be tough. When you’re BOTH in a job that is more of that 8-midnight schedule, finding each other to share meals can sometimes be near impossible. Christian and I have pretty odd schedules; we work at odd times and while both of our offices are in-home, when your jobs are creative, you basically work when the creative bug…

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