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Blogger Love Linkup Friday Favorites my best gal

Friday Favorites, with a side of Beyonce.

January 15, 2016

Happy Friday, all! I’m spending the day today with one of my favorite people, My Best Gal (she also goes by “Mom”) – she’s visiting for a long weekend and we have all kinds of exciting things planned like watching Big Bang Theory reruns and Matthew McConaughey movies and planking for 60 seconds in a turtleneck and eating Skittles in our pjs… also, roaming the aisles of antique stores and trying to convince the other person that you came up with…

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Blogger Love Linkup EG recap

Dear Ember Grey readers… (xoxo)

December 11, 2015

Friday! We made it. It’s going to be 75 here in Nashville this weekend which highly confuses this former Chicagoan’s brain. How am I to feel Christmasy when I’m applying sunscreen and wearing a t-shirt?! (Alright I guess it’s not that bad.) We still haven’t finished decorating our house and poor Fred is standing in our living room without any lights or ornaments or anything. He’s just a big green tree and he’s beautiful but I can’t wait to Christmas him up 😉…

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Blogger Love Linkup Friday Favorites

Friday Faves + my Fave Giveaway!

September 11, 2015

This picture has nothing to do with today’s post, other than the fact that he’s my favorite guy. It’s blurry and grainy and totally looks like I’m missing a middle finger (I have no idea how that happened, I can assure you it’s still very much in tact) but I cherish these random date nights, out late together… even if it means we’re dead tired the next day. I also can’t continue on with this post without recognizing the hard…

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Blogger Love Linkup

In Her Shoes.

July 10, 2015

Did this week fly by for anyone else?! I have a fun and busy weekend ahead of me, tagging along with Christian for this year’s NAMM parties & events. (I had the absolute best time last year. It was also a year ago this weekend when X and I decided to move to Nashville!) You can follow along in my “musical” adventures this weekend here 😉  I’m linking up with my girl Meagan today for some Blogger Love.  Here are a few…

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Blogger Love Linkup celebration EG recap


July 3, 2015

Happy holiday weekend! I hope most of you are out of work already and celebrating?! Christian flies home today and my parents are on their way down to Nashville to spend a long weekend with us – and wouldn’t you know we’re currently being blasted with the worst thunderstorms we’ve had since moving here! I’m praying the storms somehow miraculously go elsewhere so we’re not just left with beer and boardgames, but either way the party must go on, because…

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beautiful places Blogger Love Linkup Do it #fortheblog EG recap

Friday Favorites, with a side of #fortheblog

May 1, 2015

Happy May!! I have been looking forward to this month for quite awhile: my brother is getting married May 16th! Plus, I am a BIG fan of summer and I feel like May is the introduction to just that. It will be my very first southern summer, I can’t wait. Everything here is already very lush and green and the skies are that really deep summer blue… it’s beautiful! This week has been a busy one at EG! So in…

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Blogger Love Linkup EG recap my style

Friday Ramblings with a side of sass

February 20, 2015

Wow, is it finally Friday?! It’s been quite the week down here in TN, what with the 248720 inches of ice that fell for what felt like 2937652 straight days, and another storm brewing as I type this. Christian and I will most likely continue to be stuck indoors, as this city doesn’t seem to own any salt trucks or shovels. (I know. I’m incredibly dramatic & sassy today. The Chicagoan in me is all, “C’mon, Nashville! Get it together!…

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Blogger Love Linkup the babes

Lounging for Days.

February 13, 2015

This is one of the first weekends in what feels like forever that 1. Christian and I are in the same state and 2. We’re not traveling anywhere. So praise for that because I think all of this moving and traveling and shower throwing has finally caught up with me… I am exhausted! (I do have so many fun bridal shower details to share with you all next week though!) This weekend, I am looking forward to finally hanging some…

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Blogger Love Linkup EG recap us

Emoji Song Blitz (and some other stuff)

January 16, 2015

Christian is still out of town so I’m keeping myself busy with blogging, more decorating, and hopefully a few trips to a coffee shop to finally start on my novel (nope! Haven’t even started yet, I just have a million emails I’ve sent to myself – full of notes.) Anyway, so with him being away, we text a lot more than we usually do. A few days ago, he came up with a game: Emoji Song Blitz. It’s SO MUCH…

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Blogger Love Linkup

Friday Reflections

January 9, 2015

Ohhhh, guys. TGIF amiright? It’s been a long week but the good news is that all of the moving boxes are now out of our house and I no longer have to scold Cleo for trying to build a fort out of them every morning at 2am.  I have lots of fun things planned for this space next week, one of them being a review on my new Firmoo glasses. I have very strong feelings about these bad boys! There…

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