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It is time.

September 14, 2017

  Change can be scary, no? But oh, so necessary when the time is right. This space has meant so much to me over the years: a space for me to share with you hand-picked parts of my life’s adventures. A space that has held some of my most precious memories, and life lessons. It still holds all of those things. It has been a place to connect with all of you, to form genuine friendships and encourage and/or inspire…

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Friday Favorites (already?!)

August 5, 2016

If you have trouble viewing this video, click here. Oh, you know. Just some birthday Snapchat randomness. (“Got a ear of corn, put it on the grill. Cooked it up, and ate it really fast.” Welcome to my daily life!) Alright well the fact that it’s Friday again is blowing my mind. Didn’t I just share a Favorites post?? The last week has been the busiest, craziest week of my entire life (all good!) but I honestly feel like last…

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Making My Way Back to You Babes

April 12, 2016

GUYS. My blogging hiatus is nearing a close! Truthfully, I don’t actually know what this looks like, not exactly… only that I will be showing up more and more in this space and look forward to bringing back some fun sponsorship options. (Grateful Heart will eventually make its way back but in what form, I haven’t figured out yet.) While I’ll still be working full time on my novel, and I may not post as frequently as I was pre-hiatus, it’s time…

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Changes at Ember Grey!

October 14, 2015

I spent hours yesterday (literally- 2 1/2 hours) singing THIS 90’s SONG as I wrote this post but, for the life of me, couldn’t remember who sang it (or what 99% of the lyrics were) so I just sang the only part I could remember over and over and over to myself, and then I called Christian, who was in Chicago, as he was attempting to fall asleep and proceeded to sing it to him but – again – the…

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A Blogging Community: Why You Need It & How To Find It

August 25, 2015

Hi, all 🙂 I’m continuing to catch up from my time away last week but wanted to check in to remind you that TOMORROW is the Twelve Months of Bliss recap & linkup for August’s, “A Life Inspired” challenge! I seriously cannot wait to see all of your inspiration boards. Today though: Is community within the blogging world important? How exactly do you find it? I’m answering these questions and more over at Heavens to Betsy today.  Come say hi!…

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Friday Love.

August 21, 2015

This post today is dedicated to all of the bloggers out there… (queue stadium-style echo & 80s pop song). No but seriously, this one today is for all of you! By now you have most likely seen posts pertaining to Adproval (and why they rock) and I wanted to chime in, as well as share my story and why I made the (easy) decision to make the switch to Adproval. Plus? I’ve got one fabulous giveaway to share with you!…

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The Parts We Choose to Share. (A Grateful Heart)

June 15, 2015

I don’t remember where or when I heard the term, Recovering Perfectionist, but it spoke to me enough to make me scribble it down on a loose gum wrapper in my purse and then tape it to my computer when I got home. (It has since moved into my book of quotes.) Perfection and the pressures we tend to put on ourselves has been a pretty big theme lately in blogland, on social media, and in real life conversations and…

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Why Blogging is Different from Journal Writing

June 3, 2015

I love learning more about other people’s unique creativeness as well as their creative process, and this often times includes learning how and why people journal. I have my own reasons for blogging as well as keeping a private book of thoughts, but it’s always interesting to hear from others on this topic as well. Today I’m excited to share with you Sheryl’s thoughts on the topic of Journal Writing. Sheryl, a transitions counselor – among many other things –…

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Finding Your Writing Style & Process

April 29, 2015

I love learning about other bloggers’ writing styles and process… where they get their inspiration from, why they write the way they do, etc. It’s so interesting to learn about the process of things and how it can differ from person to person, so I thought I’d share some of my blogging process with you all today, as well as a deeper look into my writing style (from my perspective).I very rarely approach a new blog post with “structure” in…

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Everyone, single file now. (A tour through blogland)

November 12, 2014

I was so excited when Tabitha from A Hundred Tiny Wishes (who is sitting pretty on my sidebar right now!) asked me to participate in the Tour Through Blogland, as I have really enjoyed following many of the other tours. It’s always fun to not only see the space a blogger is working in, but to get caught up on what they’re currently working on and what their blogging process is like. So, here we go! Please keep hands and feet inside the…

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