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THE Call.

July 25, 2017

The truth is, there are many calls throughout the journey of adoption. In our experience, there was the call to let us know we were accepted by the agency. And there was the call to update us on all the paperwork we needed to complete. There was the call to invite us to one of the agency get-togethers, and the call to let us know we were ready to “go live” (aka: our profile book would be shown to birth…

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It’s time.

November 28, 2016

Did today sneak up really fast for anyone else? Whoa! And um, anyone else going through dessert and carb and wine withdrawal? Like, can we just take some naps for a few days or something? Post-thanksgiving is rough! ha! Guys, I’ll tell ya right now – IT’S TIME. Like, bring on all things Christmas over here, let’s do it. I’m talking full ON, let’s get obnoxious. We got our tree yesterday and I’ll start the decorating this week, along with…

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celebration grateful heart monday inspiration

The beauty in seasons

November 21, 2016

Happy Monday, all! I’m a bit late with this today – story of my life lately, haha. But, I’ve learned over the last few months that going with the flow of life seems to be less stressful than trying to cram ALLTHETHINGS into schedules and routines that just kind of don’t always fit like they used to. I’m learning that there are a lot of things that can feel like top priorities but to really grow any of them, you…

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celebration x

7 years of celebrating him.

August 2, 2016

It’s one of my favorite days today. Today is my sweet husband’s birthday. We have celebrated 7 of his birthdays together now and every year I feel more grateful that he has chosen to spend them with me. I got to thinking about it last night and realized that often times, the longer you’re with someone and the closer you get and the more you go through together, the more it means when you celebrate each other. It’s not like…

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celebration inspiration

Why I’ll be watching the 2016 Olympics

July 15, 2016

[if you have trouble viewing this video, click HERE] Imagine me in a puddle of tears after watching this video. I hadn’t clicked on it thinking – oh, this is really just going to destroy me today. Instead, I clicked on it as I took a break from paying bills, making a million phone calls, and eating a late breakfast on a morning that said it was Friday but was sure feeling like a Monday. Truthfully, the tears started to…

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celebration Flashback Friday Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: Fourth of July Edition

July 1, 2016

HAPPY JULY!!!!!!! The Fourth of July is a big deal in my life. Like HUGE. When it comes to favorite holidays, the Fourth of July takes the cake. (And partly because yeah, cake is involved.) This started at an early age, my love for all things Fourth of July: grilling out, fireworks, family & friends, Bags (or Corn Hole, depending on where you’re from), patriotism, cocktails, swimming suits, a classic summer playlist, late nights, and did I mention fireworks? My…

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a love story celebration us

Four Years.

June 2, 2016

Today, Christian and I celebrate four years of marriage. Over six amazing years together and now four of them as Mr. and Mrs. – something we swore we’d never do. (I’m so glad we broke that promise) ūüėČ Happy 4 years, my love. Here’s to many, many more. [If you have trouble viewing this video, click here.] *Song in video: When I’m With You by Ben Rector Our love story is my favorite. You can read it here: A Love…

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celebration twelve months of bliss

One full year of bliss – we did it!

May 25, 2016

“It’s not the end. In fact, it is just the beginning.” -Unknown We did it! One full year of self discovery, pushing ourselves into new places, and remembering the importance of self-care and how to care for others. It has been quite the adventure, Twelve Months of Bliss. For those of you who took part – did you enjoy it? What was your favorite challenge? Did anyone keep a 12MofBliss journal and answer the journal questions each month? Is this…

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Bigger 2016 celebration faith personal writing

There is (still) great hope to hold onto.

March 23, 2016

I hadn’t planned on writing an Easter-related blog post, even though it’s my all time favorite day to celebrate. Truthfully, I have really enjoyed my¬†blogging break¬†and time away for more reasons than just focusing on writing my novel. I’ve found peace I didn’t even know my soul needed; it was hiding somewhere between the self-discipline and quiet, away from the noise I had¬†somehow dubbed as “normal.” In fact, earlier this week I even deactivated my personal Facebook page – something…

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Bigger 2016 celebration personal writing The Road to Love tradition


January 1, 2016

Christian and I have a NYE/New Year tradition where we both choose a word for ourselves – the word we choose¬†is a word that we pray over, journal about, and really embrace in the new year. We write our word on a rock and keep it on our desks and then at the end of the year we put the rock in a big glass bowl that sits in our home – full of all the rocks from past years.…

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