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Wait, are you kidding or do you really dance like that?

January 29, 2016

That’s what he said to me, you know. Christian and I had just started dating and I think I started to freestyle or something in the hallway of my condo building when, as he stared – horrified – he said, “Wait. Are you kidding or do you really dance like that?” And I’ve been scarred ever since šŸ˜‰ (What can I say? #whitegirlprobs) The truth is, I know I’m not the best dancer, but when I feel it I can’t…

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Do it #fortheblog grateful heart monday

When all you can do is laugh (at yourself).

January 11, 2016

Well, it’s Monday so let’s laugh a littleĀ (or a lot) today, shall we? Even if itĀ meansĀ confessing some really embarrassing moments, life is too short for so many serious moments, especially at the start of the week. Plus, my word this year is BIGGER and if that means I’m a bigger goof because of it, well then so be it. Are you ready for this epic blonde moment of mine?? Let me just paint you a picture here… On Friday, (you…

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Do it #fortheblog grateful heart monday twelve months of bliss

Twelve Months of Bliss, Jan.: Own It.

January 4, 2016

Alright, confession time. Did anyone else sleep ALL weekend?? You guys- other than church yesterday morning (and catching the Colts game in the afternoon), I literally slept all weekend. I’m talking like 16 hours on Saturday. I’d like to blame it on the new flannel sheets I put on our bed but really I think it’sĀ because I loooove to sleep and also BECAUSEĀ I’M OLD AND CHRISTMAS ABOUT DID ME IN. I suppose a full week of partying with family and…

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conversations w/ my husband Do it #fortheblog sometimes it's random and that's okay vlog

Conversations with my Husband: Do it #forthevlog ;)

August 28, 2015

Well, guys? I’m hoping this post today can serve as both a #loveyourselfie / no-makeup confession as well as a “I did it #fortheblog” because, well yeah- both of those things.  1. Head colds are rotten. I filmed this little diddy for you guys yesterday and while I was under the weather with this cold then, I feel like absolute death today. Just in time for the weekend! Hooray! 2. Because I was under the weather yesterday, you will note…

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beautiful places Blogger Love Linkup Do it #fortheblog EG recap

Friday Favorites, with a side of #fortheblog

May 1, 2015

Happy May!! I have been looking forward to this month for quite awhile: my brother is getting married May 16th! Plus, I am a BIG fan of summer and I feel like May is the introduction to just that. It will be my very first southern summer, I can’t wait. Everything here is already very lush and green and the skies are that really deep summer blue… it’s beautiful! This week has been a busy one at EG! So in…

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Do it #fortheblog vlog Wednesday Wishes

A Thanksgiving Vlog.

November 14, 2014

Well, I did it. I Vlogged. Partly because I was harassed by Faith (kidding, I love her), and also because Cassie from Sage the Blog did it (which totally gave me some courage), but mostly because I couldn’t have the only Vlog I shared on EG have to do with dunking special edition Oreos in wine. (Amy, I can hear you now- why not?? And you would have a point.) I digress. So here we go…. and you all are…

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blogging Do it #fortheblog

Breaktober Lessons and Reminders [ A Recap ]

November 4, 2014

Most of you know that for the month of October, I took a creative break. So what did it look like? What did I do with my time? What did I learn? Well first, we have to start at the beginning.  What did pre-breaktober blogging life look like and how would that compare to the new schedule? Write a new blog post for Monday thru Friday and if you have time, write one for Saturday and Sunday too.  Read &…

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Do it #fortheblog grateful heart monday us

A Grateful Heart (+ week-long linkup!)

September 22, 2014

  Today I am grateful for fall dates with my babe. This past Saturday, I was a guest blogger on The Girl Who Loved to Write and listed five of my most favorite fall dates. The first one I mentioned wasn’t necessarily “fall-ish” (yes, that’s a word) but is to me because Christian and I officially started dating in the fall-time, so we have some annual traditions we still continue – even if it’s just sharing chips and salsa and…

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Do it #fortheblog grateful heart monday vlog

A Grateful Heart Vlog (+ week-long linkup!)

August 25, 2014

Remember last week when I said I was grateful for the freedom of gratefulness? And I said that the awesome thing about being grateful is that it doesn’t matter how small or big or as deep or shallow as it may seem – whatever you’re grateful for – that it still counts? Alright, well with that all set up, I’m going to tell you now that today I am grateful for the Cookie Dough Oreos, Limited Edition. And no, I’m…

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