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Eat : Homemade Salsa

December 16, 2015
Homemade Salsa 2

If you were to ask my best friends what the top 5 things about me are, one of those top five would be that I love Mexican food and the other one of those top five would be that I’m obsessed with chips and salsa. (So yes, two out of five things involve food.) Throughout my life I’ve been known to not only make chips and salsa an actual meal, but have eaten it for breakfast on multiple occasions. That whole…

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eat | drink sometimes it's random and that's okay

The Best Banana Bread (& other randomness)

October 2, 2015

Oh, guys. It’s your lucky day! I’m sharing the BEST banana bread recipe you will ever try, all thanks to My Best Gal. But FIRST, let’s get random and catch up.   I’ve had 2 dreams about Justin Bieber in the past week. This could have to do with me listening to What Do You Mean on repeat all day every day, but obviously we’re dating now. (Clearly this is becoming a problem.) (Do NOT judge me. I have no control…

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eat | drink Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: Fall Food

September 25, 2015

Remember when I used to make fun of myself and confess to you all that “I’m totally not a cook” and that “I burn noodles!”? Well, I recently decided that while all of that may still somewhat be true, it’s time to stop with the jokes and get my butt in the kitchen and JUST DO IT (#fortheblog) One of my favorite things about fall is the food. Every season has its taste and I have to say, fall is…

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eat | drink Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: Eat

July 24, 2015

Let me tell you guys something: these past few weeks have changed me. I’m a completely different person. I don’t even know who I am anymore. It all happened when I got bit. (You’re thinking I’m going to turn this into a vampire joke but I’m not. #Cullenprobs) Bit by the cooking bug, that is. (This intro is so corny, I totally feel like Phil from Modern Family.) It’s true though, I have been a cooking ninja the last two weeks,…

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Eat : Tortilla Pita Chips

April 1, 2015

This is the first Eat | Drink post of 2015 and this is such an easy one, guys! I think by now it should come as no surprise that I’m a huge chips & salsa fan. I could eat chips & salsa for literally every meal of every day and never get sick of it. (I’ve been known to even eat it for breakfast when Christian is out of town – something I thought was a secret until he left me a…

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Eat : Molasses Spice Cookies

November 25, 2014

Since we are entering a time of winter treats and yummy things to eat, I thought it was a perfect day to continue on with my Eat | Drink series. I’d asked Catherine from A Short Blonde (also my Soul Provider sponsor this past month!) to share with us one of her favorite recipes. Not only is she a fabulous cook, but she shares creations that I feel like I could actually create too (which says a lot, ok?) Thanks,…

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Eat : Cinnamon Applesauce / Spread

October 16, 2014

I know what you’re thinking. Why and how is Emily sharing a post in which she COOKS something anything. It’s weird and shocking to me too as I type this but I’ve been working on cooking more (read: simply cooking at all) and figured the crock pot is a fabulous place to start because it makes everything easy, right? You just chop up a bunch of stuff, throw it in, and let the pot do all the work. I mean, pretty much. As I stood in…

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