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EG recap Friday Favorites

Friday Faves!

June 12, 2015

Let’s celebrate FRIDAY & recap, shall we?! Here are a few of my Friday faves:  Song: Current jam is Fight Song by Rachel Platten. I’m declaring this as my summer anthem, sure to be blasted through open car windows and sunroof on sunny days 🙂  Blog Reads: I’m a Real Girl, by Taylor from Taylor DuVall. “We weren’t made to be perfect puppets, we were made to be real people, alive and breathing and imperfect.” // Challenge for the Day, by Kelly from…

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EG Interviews EG recap

EG Interviews: Alanna & Company

June 5, 2015

One of the things I love most about blogging are the friendships and communities so easily made and found within the blogging world. When I first started to blog, I just remember thinking how much I would appreciate having another blogger who’d been blogging for some time to bounce ideas and questions off of. When Christine and Chelsee created the Bigs & Littles blogging group as a way to connect two blogging buddies as a source to answer such questions, I felt…

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celebration EG recap Michael Bolton

My Wedding Date, Michael Bolton.

May 22, 2015

FRIDAY! We made it. And it’s a long weekend which makes today a Super Friday. Speaking of this long weekend, the Grateful Heart linkup will still be taking place on Monday of next week but with Monday being a holiday, you all are more than welcome to stop by Tuesday-Friday of next week too 😉 I’ll have a really special giveaway to share with you guys and I’ll also be announcing June’s challenge for Twelve Months of Bliss!     …

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celebration EG recap

A BIG weekend… GAH!

May 15, 2015

Happy Friday!! This weekend is a big one in my family…. my “baby” brother is getting MARRIED! I don’t know how this happened… surely he’s not old enough for marriage! 😉 For any of you big sisters out there… do you still sometimes look at your younger siblings and see them as the 10 year olds they used to be? My brother hasn’t been 10 in 18 1/2 years but he’s still my baby bro/ best Halloween present I ever got,…

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beautiful places Blogger Love Linkup Do it #fortheblog EG recap

Friday Favorites, with a side of #fortheblog

May 1, 2015

Happy May!! I have been looking forward to this month for quite awhile: my brother is getting married May 16th! Plus, I am a BIG fan of summer and I feel like May is the introduction to just that. It will be my very first southern summer, I can’t wait. Everything here is already very lush and green and the skies are that really deep summer blue… it’s beautiful! This week has been a busy one at EG! So in…

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Blogger Love Linkup EG recap my style

Friday Ramblings with a side of sass

February 20, 2015

Wow, is it finally Friday?! It’s been quite the week down here in TN, what with the 248720 inches of ice that fell for what felt like 2937652 straight days, and another storm brewing as I type this. Christian and I will most likely continue to be stuck indoors, as this city doesn’t seem to own any salt trucks or shovels. (I know. I’m incredibly dramatic & sassy today. The Chicagoan in me is all, “C’mon, Nashville! Get it together!…

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Blogger Love Linkup EG recap us

Emoji Song Blitz (and some other stuff)

January 16, 2015

Christian is still out of town so I’m keeping myself busy with blogging, more decorating, and hopefully a few trips to a coffee shop to finally start on my novel (nope! Haven’t even started yet, I just have a million emails I’ve sent to myself – full of notes.) Anyway, so with him being away, we text a lot more than we usually do. A few days ago, he came up with a game: Emoji Song Blitz. It’s SO MUCH…

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Blogger Love Linkup EG recap

There was Twitter, and Oreos, and a rock show. What more do ya need?

August 29, 2014

Happy Friday!!! I hope you guys had a great week and that you have an even better weekend. This week has been super busy for X and me but ended with quite the bang – literally. X had a show last night with his friend Jim Peterik… it was such a blast. It started with lots of rocking out (on his part) and lots of singing along (on my part), and ended with us dancing in the rain… under a…

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Blogger Love Linkup EG recap Michael Bolton

Friday Faves: Michael Bolton (duh), flowers, cookies, and YOU.

August 22, 2014

Seriously, it’s Friday?! I thought this day would never come! So here’s some random but super important information for you today… did you guys know there’s a Phil Collins Day? Yes, Phil Collins has his own DAY and parade, which is… well it’s awesome and kiiiiinda weird, but mostly awesome. Christian told me about this a few years ago and then, just this week, I read that Bill Murray is now getting his own day and parade. So of course I had…

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Blogger Love Linkup EG recap x

Party Planning w/ a side of Friday Faves (up in here).

August 1, 2014

Happy Friday, guys!!! (And happy August – GAH!) What is everyone up to this weekend?! Well let me just tell you – I am going to be partying hard this weekend. Like full on RAGING. You know, with pizza and cake and ice cream and arcade games and stuff. Christian’s official birthday is tomorrow (!!!) but we’ll be celebrating with friends tonight. I’d wanted to throw him a huge party (this is a big birthday, guys… more details in tomorrow’s…

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