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Southern Ways: Vol. 4

September 9, 2015

While I may not be saying y’all (*yet), I have begun to pick up the slightest southern accent (certain words) along with “southern talking ways.” It really is crazy how it just HAPPENS but it has. We’ve been in Nashville now for a little over 8 months and it’s happening. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that I shorten everything. Example: “Babe, you wanna get in the car and go drivin’? As long as we’re lookin’ both ways, I doubt we’ll…

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Southern Ways Tennessee

Southern Ways: Vol. 3.

July 17, 2015

Today I’m giving you a glimpse into a situation that is far from picture perfect. I’m letting you in on the “real life” experience I’ve had this past week, because I HAVE TO TELL SOMEONE.  While I’m not an official germaphobe (although I’m pretty dang close), I am definitely a bugaphobe, a hundred times over. And no one warned me when we moved to Tennessee that ants are “a thing” here. Like, a big thing. I won’t go into details…

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Southern Ways

Southern Ways: Vol. 2

March 13, 2015

Country music is so much better when listened to in the south. I mayyyy have the biggest crush on Sam Hunt and may or may not blast his song Leave the Night On as I drive down the interstate. I once had it blasting so loud that I actually found myself embarrassed when the traffic came to a stop (the Nashville traffic topic is being held for Vol. 3) until the guy in the truck next to me tipped his…

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Chi2TN Southern Ways Tennessee

Southern Ways: Vol. 1

January 7, 2015

Well, I’ve been an official “southerner” for a little over a week and my goodness have I learned (and picked up) a lot already. It’s almost scary. But like a good kind of scary, in that my heart feels calm and genuinely happy, even with the cultural shock 😉  Things I’ve learned. People absolutely move at a slower pace here. This means walking, talking, driving, ordering food, explaining a situation, giving directions, did I say driving?? Whew! Lots of slow drivers…

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