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EG Interviews the Guy Behind the Blog x

EG Interviews: Mr. Cullen (4)

June 2, 2015

If you caught yesterday’s post, you’ll know that today Christian and I celebrate three years of marriage. I thought, what better way to celebrate my hilarious human being of a husband on this space than to interview him, once again, #fortheblog .  What is your favorite family tradition? X: Selecting Fred with you every year.  (When we were engaged, we started the tradition of naming our Christmas tree the same name every year: Fred. This year it will be Fred…

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EG Interviews grateful heart monday the Guy Behind the Blog x

EG Interviews: Mr. Cullen (A Grateful Heart)

April 27, 2015

Um, anyone else wondering how it’s the start of yet another week ALREADY?! You may have noticed from both of my Instagram and Twitter confessions that I had a totally productive completely unproductive weekend. Christian was out of town so naturally this meant I stayed in my pjs, ate toast for dinner, and watched Nicholas Sparks movies… something I’m not proud of but will tell you it was one slippery slope. You watch one Nicholas Sparks movie, you just gotta keep…

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conversations w/ my husband EG Interviews the Guy Behind the Blog x

EG Interviews: Mr. Cullen (2)

March 5, 2015

I’m back with another edition of The Guy Behind the Blog, aka: my husband 😉 I must warn you all… when I asked him these questions last night, he was in rare form. (Aka: He was totally normal = crazy like always.) He was somewhat joking while answering some questions and completely serious while answering others. To those of you who know him in real life, let’s see if you can figure out which ones he was serious about. Thanks…

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EG Interviews the Guy Behind the Blog x

EG interviews: Mr. Cullen (1)

February 5, 2015

I did it! Last week, I convinced my husband to take part in Betsy’s The Guys Behind the Blog Linkup, what a sport he is! (I told him, “Babe. Just do it. DO IT #FORTHEBLOG!” and then shook my hands dramatically in the air, so I mean how can you say no to that, right ladies?!) For all of you newer readers, please note that Christian’s nickname (given to him by friends) is X and will be used in this…

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