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conversations w/ my husband Southern Ways vlog

Southern Ways: Vol. 4

September 9, 2015

While I may not be saying y’all (*yet), I have begun to pick up the slightest southern accent (certain words) along with “southern talking ways.” It really is crazy how it just HAPPENS but it has. We’ve been in Nashville now for a little over 8 months and it’s happening. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that I shorten everything. Example: “Babe, you wanna get in the car and go drivin’? As long as we’re lookin’ both ways, I doubt we’ll…

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conversations w/ my husband Do it #fortheblog sometimes it's random and that's okay vlog

Conversations with my Husband: Do it #forthevlog ;)

August 28, 2015

Well, guys? I’m hoping this post today can serve as both a #loveyourselfie / no-makeup confession as well as a “I did it #fortheblog” because, well yeah- both of those things.  1. Head colds are rotten. I filmed this little diddy for you guys yesterday and while I was under the weather with this cold then, I feel like absolute death today. Just in time for the weekend! Hooray! 2. Because I was under the weather yesterday, you will note…

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Chi2TN vlog

A Christmas Vlog

December 16, 2014

Do you guys know what today is?? It’s MOVING DAY. Prayers are appreciated, Lord have mercy, ha! I cannot believe it’s finally here. Just picture me doing the Raise the Roof dance by myself in our empty Chicago apartment. (What. People still Raise the Roof, they do.)  Today, I’m joining Faith and the rest of you fabulous and brave gals for The Golden Vlog Series: Christmas edition.  (Video on Vimeo) After watching this back (and convincing myself not to delete…

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Do it #fortheblog vlog Wednesday Wishes

A Thanksgiving Vlog.

November 14, 2014

Well, I did it. I Vlogged. Partly because I was harassed by Faith (kidding, I love her), and also because Cassie from Sage the Blog did it (which totally gave me some courage), but mostly because I couldn’t have the only Vlog I shared on EG have to do with dunking special edition Oreos in wine. (Amy, I can hear you now- why not?? And you would have a point.) I digress. So here we go…. and you all are…

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Do it #fortheblog grateful heart monday vlog

A Grateful Heart Vlog (+ week-long linkup!)

August 25, 2014

Remember last week when I said I was grateful for the freedom of gratefulness? And I said that the awesome thing about being grateful is that it doesn’t matter how small or big or as deep or shallow as it may seem – whatever you’re grateful for – that it still counts? Alright, well with that all set up, I’m going to tell you now that today I am grateful for the Cookie Dough Oreos, Limited Edition. And no, I’m…

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