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networking Wednesday Wishes

Contemporvant Growtivation.

September 24, 2014

We’re halfway through the week already, crazy! I’m kind of counting today as my Friday though, because tomorrow I leave for The Influence Conference in Indianapolis until Sunday!!!! (Yep, heading back to Indy, haha.) I’m SO excited. This is my very first blogger conference so I don’t really have any expectations other than meeting a lot of fabulous women, getting lots of great ideas for future posts, and everything and anything God wants me to hear and see – cannot…

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beautiful places the everyday moments Wednesday Wishes

My Indiana Home.

September 17, 2014

“The new-mowed hay sends all its fragrance, from the fields I used to roam.”  – Back Home Again In Indiana Well, guys? This is my last week of staying out here in the country. It’s funny, looking back on the days leading up to my two week stay in Indiana – I’d had it all planned out. It would be relaxing and I’d get in so much alone time (which I love) and I’d be so inspired by the beauty…

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Wednesday Wishes

To change the world.

September 3, 2014

There are days when the needs of others in this world are louder than anything else that may be going on in my life. Growing up, I was always taught to be aware and to educate myself with those less fortunate, to have compassion, and to help where I can – but what do you do when your heart aches to save the whole world? To change the world? While in college, I went to Romania on a mission trip…

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Wednesday Wishes x

X: The Twitter Whisperer (+ Wednesday Wishes)

August 27, 2014

My husband has done a lot of really cool things in his life thus far. He’s toured with national touring bands, his face has been printed on t-shirts (that I wear ever so proudly, I might add), he’s produced awesome records and sound design for commercials and baby toys, and really- the list goes on and on. One thing he has NOT done though is take part in Twitter. Well guys, that all changed this past week when he randomly…

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conversations w/ my husband Wednesday Wishes

Conversations w/ my Husband & Wednesday Wishes

August 20, 2014

X: “It felt really weird being gone and away from you” me: “I know! I really missed you!!” (a few minutes later) me: “I slept really well though” X: “Oh yeah, I slept like a baby.” … because sometimes when you have two people who both hog the covers, even a King sized bed isn’t big enough.   Today I’m linking up with Anne for Wednesday Wishes! This week, I am wishing that even through the busyness and craziness that…

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Chi2TN Wednesday Wishes

Some pretty big news…

August 6, 2014

I am SO excited to finally and officially share this news with you all 🙂 Christian and I will be moving to Nashville at the end of this year!! While this has been a little dream in our hearts for some time now, things began to naturally fall into place during our last trip to TN and we feel it is now time for this next adventure.  I think with any move comes the obvious- excitement, but it’s also a bit…

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Wednesday Wishes

For you.

July 23, 2014

I had planned on sharing a different post today with you all – in my blog planner, it originally reminded me to share my Nashville recap, including another installment of Project 52, but after Monday’s Grateful Heart linkup, my post plans for today changed.  Let me just tell you right now- I was in tears for most of the evening on Monday as I read through all of your Grateful Heart posts that you linked up on here. Christian came home from spending…

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beautiful places Project 52 Wednesday Wishes

29.52 + Wednesday Wishes

July 16, 2014

Project 52: Weekly Walk. Navy Pier is beautiful, if you take away all of the screaming kids & tourists 😉 Whenever I tell someone I live in Chicago, 99% of the time, this is what I’m immediately asked: “Oh! So do you, like, go shopping and go to Navy Pier all the time?!” Um, no. Last week, though, I had a few minutes after my boating adventure and quickly walked down the pier to soak it all in. It was…

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Project 52 Wednesday Wishes

28.52 + Wednesday Wishes

July 9, 2014

Project 52: Weekly Walk. My walks last week were awesome – the best kind. One of my walks was while at my parents home in the country, and then my other “walk” was while out horseback riding with my mom. (I guess technically I wasn’t the one walking, but I think it still counts.) I wish every weekly walk could have this kind of scenery!  I thought I’d get a little materialistic this week for Wednesday Wishes linkup 😉 Truth…

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giveaway Project 52 Wednesday Wishes

27.52 + Wednesday Wishes (+ a summer giveaway!)

July 2, 2014

Project 52: Weekly Walk. We had the most perfect summer day this past weekend and I could not stop taking pictures of the sky (I told you I was obsessed!) There is nothing better than walks under blue skies, and then relaxing under a big umbrella with a cold drink in hand and friends by your side.  // Wednesday Wishes I want to thank you all so, so much for your kind words & encouragement yesterday regarding my rough start to…

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