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Conversations with my Husband: Do it #forthevlog ;)

August 28, 2015

Well, guys? I’m hoping this post today can serve as both a #loveyourselfie / no-makeup confession as well as a “I did it #fortheblog” because, well yeah- both of those things. 

1. Head colds are rotten. I filmed this little diddy for you guys yesterday and while I was under the weather with this cold then, I feel like absolute death today. Just in time for the weekend! Hooray!
2. Because I was under the weather yesterday, you will note that my hair in this vid is CRAZY (because I literally hadn’t brushed it), I have no makeup on, my skin is in horrible shape, AND I sound like I have a giant nose. But the great news? Christian joined me in the vid, so fortunately I think HIS craziness was a distraction from my own? I’m goin’ with it.
3. Please realize that I continued with this vlog for you all, despite my conditions. Why? BECAUSE I LOVE YOU GUYS! (And because Cotton Candy Grapes??! You gotta be kiddin’ me!)
Alright, before I jump in with the video – do you guys remember when I posted this vlog about the Limited Edition Oreos? And then I proceeded to dunk my Oreos into wine because – well, it was girl night and why not, right? So you can imagine my surprise the other day when Oreo posted this ad on my Instagram:

Surely my big pile of cash from them is on the way, you know, since I GAVE them this idea. I at least feel like they should give me a free package of cookies, you know? (And also, WHY would you want thinner Oreos?? Why? The more icing in the middle the better, right?! Plus, the bigger the cookie, the more wine you can soak up, duh.)
Anyway, while I did not come up with Cotton Candy Grapes, surely I had to try them and include you all in the process… and also include my funny man of a husband. Never a dull moment 😉 
(If you’re having trouble viewing this video, click here.)
Wishing you all a great, healthy, cotton candy grape, wine-soaked Oreos filled weekend!

PS- Don’t forget to check the Twelve Months of Bliss page early next week for September’s challenge!! 🙂 If you haven’t yet linked up to August’s “A Life Inspired” – come join us here.

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