July 11, 2016

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“What if this year we just hoped like crazy? The kind of hope that can feel scary and look embarrassing and may blow up in your face?” -Annie F. Downs.

Feeling // Hopeful 😉

Reading // Everything and anything Joan Didion. Yes, STILL. I know, I’m completely obsessed and cannot get enough of her. Joan Didion is my spirit animal.

Working on // House projects! We finally hung up curtains in our master, and I’m about to begin another painting phase (pray for me). I’ll be painting all 3 of the bathrooms and more shelves for the nursery. (And yes, I promise to share a Home Tour when I’m finished… these will be the last of the to-dos for quite awhile.)

Laughing at // Modern Family reruns… the first season is seriously THE BEST. Phil is my fave in Season 1, who’s yours?

Writing // a fun post for Wednesday! I’ll be linking up with Shay for Shay’s Stranded: 3 Famous People. Any guesses as to who my #1 pick will be??

Listening to // Lots and lots of Spotify. I love finding new artists via Spotify – I’ve found so many that are now some of my all time faves. (And it’s my go-to when I workout outside!) A few of my current faves: Old Guitar by BUNT., Drive by Glades, and Losing Sleep by John Newman. (I dare you to not move while listening to that last one!)

Music Collage July

Looking forward to // our super quick trip to Chicago later this month! It will be a whirlwind of a time (Christian has a show there) but I’m looking forward to being back in the city! (I’ll also be doing some research for my novel, which takes place in Chicago. I have a few private “tours” lined up – thanks to Christian – one of them at a large ad agency. So excited!)

Watching // I recently finished The Night Manager and it was SO GOOD. So of course now I’m craving British/Bond type shows… which I haven’t found yet. Any suggestions?? (Also, I have absolutely nothing against Tom Hiddleston and would actually love to see him as the new James Bond, BUT – #DANIELCRAIGFOREVER.) (You know, for the record.)

Instagram // New faves: Laura McKowen & Glennon Doyle Melton. So much truth & inspiration in these ladies’ feeds!

Eating // Well, not much it feels like haha. I’ve been dealing with some weird health things for quite awhile and think I finally figured out what it is: gluten allergy! I already have a dairy allergy (since childhood), now I’m pretty sure a gluten allergy, and I am – by choice – a pescatarian (going on 16 years now!) I’ve felt SO much better since cutting out gluten but DANG, that stuff is in everything! I’ve been eating lots of berries and nuts… I feel like a bird. And not in a good way, you know?

Bumming // Jack Garratt canceling his show in Nashville this fall!!!!! Insert a million tears here! I saw him last year in Nashville and was seriously floored, he is UNBELIEVABLE. So when Christian noticed he was playing here again, we bought tickets asap… only to have him cancel a few days later. We’ll be refunded but c’mon Jack! You’re killin’ me!

Remembering // Those sweet Indiana cows! There is a dairy cow farm less than a mile away from my parents’ house so I guess you could say I grew up with these spotted beauties.


Drinking // Vodka Tonics are my drink of choice in the summer!

Wanting // Our sweet babe to get here… goodness, we are so, so ready to meet our son or daughter!!

Counting down // the days until we go on our quick Florida vacay! It will be another whirlwind of a trip but something Christian and I seriously need together. We’ve forgone trips (that aren’t for work) for the last year so that we can save for the adoption but you know what? Sometimes you just need a break… a getaway… that involves rest and a new view. So we’ll be spending 2 full days at Miramar Beach in the tiniest and cutest B&B, I cannot wait. I’m already dreaming of laying on the beach with my love followed by a seafood dinner. And then I’ll be good until next year!

Grateful for // Friends. The ones that don’t just ask you how you’re doing, but ask you how your heart is doing. The ones that want the real answers. The ones that don’t just pray for you but also with you. Or send you perfect quotes – the ones they know will do exactly what they’re supposed to do: comfort. I’m grateful for friends who don’t point out that maybe you’re not as cheery as you usually are, but remind you that it’s okay. The ones that text hilarious dreams they’ve had about terrifying wannabe Presidents with bad hair, and the ones that share with you their baby’s latest blowout… not to gross you out or to make you feel like you have it good, but as if to say, “We’re both dealing with some serious and scary shit. Let’s laugh about how we got here.” (Also, I’m grateful for Pizza Perfect here in Nashville. Best [gluten free!] veggie pizza I’ve EVER HAD. I ate it 4 days ago and am still thinking about it. Sometimes it just comes down to pizza, guys. And that’s okay… especially for a Monday.)

What are you currently up to?

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  • Hope you have a super week Emily!

  • I love every single one of these. I think I’ve decided that Modern Family is my official favorite comedy. Phil is undoubtedly my favorite too. Kyle and I quote Phil lines to each other all the time! Sending you the best of luck with the gluten-free eating. I remember thinking the first few months were the hardest. Eventually, it becomes second nature! So glad it’s bringing you relief! xo

    • I was actually going to reach out to you regarding the gluten thing but then remembered you’ve blogged about it often, so I’ve been referring to those posts 😉 It hasn’t been TOO bad, mostly because I’ve just felt so much better! #worthit

  • P.S. If I were to start a Joan Didion – which one should I pick up first?

    • First, I would suggest reading about her and her life online… for me it made reading her essays that more interesting and enjoyable. (I just went to Wikipedia. I’d stumbled across one of her quotes somewhere and that’s how I became interested in the first place!) Then, I would say start with Slouching Towards Bethlehem (that was the 1st one I read) or The White Album. I’d say definitely do NOT start with The Year of Magical Thinking or Blue Nights. (Both are supposed to be amazing but are more personal to her and I’ve heard both are pretty sad.) Can’t wait to hear what you think!!

  • I know this isn’t pizza (and I can’t cut out pizza either), but quinoa is gluten free – and can be used in so many things. Have you tried it? At least then you would be getting some nutrients. There are a few quinoa recipes on my blog for this reason – I’m not gluten free, but I know a good amount of people who are.

    • Yes!! Love quinoa! I cook it often, instead of rice, and love that you can make so many things with it. Thank you for the reminder about the recipes on your blog.. I will def check those out!

      • You can just search for ingredients that you are looking for (like quinoa) and those recipes will pop up. I have a couscous recipe (I know it’s not gluten free), and you can sub the couscous for quinoa for another option. If you want any kind of quinoa recipe, let me know and I can create something for you too.

  • Pizza, best pizza I’ve ever eaten was in May in Southport while at the beach with friends. Modern family – Claire, absolutely Claire, probably because she reminds me a lot of myself. Good and bad 🙂 I love your thoughts on Grateful For – to be blessed with friends like that, priceless and even more priceless is being that friend. Enjoy your week Emily. I hope it is good to you!

    • Claire is my favorite too 😉 Phil wins season 1 for me but I can’t help but love Claire in the rest of them – hilarious! (They’re all amazing at their characters, aren’t they?! Such a great show.) Thank you, Michelle! Wishing you a wonderful week as well!!

  • I love Chicago, sounds like your trip will be a blast. And YES to really great friends who are just raw and open with you…the BEST!

  • Your trip will be quick you said so we will have to meet up next time 😉 And yes #DANIELCRAIGFOREVERANDEVERAMEN. Als, love, love, love, love Joan Didion. My roomie is also a writer and we basically just want to buy Joan Didion sunglasses and read her books to each other…in the spare time we don’t have. Next time you are in Chicago, join us. xox (sorry, I have been out of the loop!)

    • haha!! Yes to the JD sunglasses! If you find some, let me know 😉 I will def let you know next time I’m in Chi – X has another work trip there in Sept and I’ll prob go with! (I was just thinking about you the other day and how I’m in desperate need of catching up on your blog!) xo

  • I’m excited that you’re feeling hopeful!! I hope I know what that’s referring to!!

    I really want to watch the Night Manager too! We missed it when it aired.

    • aw! Well there is no new news on the adoption front but I’m HOPEFUL that changes soon! 🙂

      Girl YES to catching up on The Night Manager. I stayed up late one night and watched all of them – so good!

  • I like Modern Family all the way through but Lily is my absolutely favorite. She’s the sassiest and I just love her 🙂 I’m sending you good baby-receiving-vibes and hoping you guys have an amazing vacation!! That cow picture is just seriously so beautiful!

    • oh yes- Lily is SO sassy!! Hilarious. One of my all time fave episodes is when Cam is determined to “marry” her and she crashes her motorized car and gets a neck brace. I cry from laughing every time I see that one! (Thank you for the good baby-receiving-vibes 🙂 That made me smile!) xo

  • The first season of Modern Family is the best! I love Cam… but everyone is great! So sorry about the gluten-free thing. I cannot imagine how difficult it is, but hope you’re feeling much better! Sometimes you need a break, and I’m grateful the two of you are taking a trip together! Much-deserved! Keeping you two (and a sweet babe) in my prayers!

    • Cam is CLASSIC. So hilarious, he plays his part so well. Girl I AM feeling a million times better, which totally makes it worth it!! I think my skin is going thru detox (which sucks) but I feel so much better. Thank you for your prayers!! I read this from you last night and it was just what I needed 🙂

  • Season one Phil FOREVER. And I feel your pain-about two years ago I started dealing with the same kind of allergies. What helped me was going somewhere like Whole Foods and just having one really expensive trip of buying any snack/meal that I COULD have. I just tried those (most of them were gross), found a few favorites, and it helped me know what I should buy in the future. Gluten allergies suck, but your body thanks you when you listen!

    • Yes!! Unfortunately the Whole Foods is 40 minutes away from us (such a difference from the one that was literally across the street from us in Chicago). But I’ve found some things I can buy in bulk online and that has helped. I’m already feeling SO much better so it’s definitely been worth it!!

  • I cannot wait to see your home tour! I bet it’s gorgeous!

    • It’s been a work in progress but I will feel better once we finish hanging things and painting!! 🙂 Can’t wait to share!

  • I love Phil Dunphy! I mean, I’d wear a shirt that says that if they made one lol. He’s just hilarious. I love how goofy and awkward he is, but he doesn’t even know it. =)
    I’m sorry about the gluten allergy 🙁 but if you want any suggestions on products let me know. Bug has tried them all which means I have too! Thrive Market is an excellent online shop that has a ton of GF (& GMO free, organic, vegan etc) products and they deliver quickly. XO

    • haha!! I would too!!

      You know, I totally forgot that Bug was having the same problem! I will definitely be reaching out to you for some GF recipes 😉 Thank you! xoxo!